02 AprGood Friday (2021)

What a good Friday we had! Lisa and Mimi got to spend the day together with a low key day. We checked the girls out a little early since the bus was not running, Chris had to go into the office, and we needed to run items back to the store to exchange. The girls ended up going shopping with us during the exchange and made out very well. We brought the car load back to our house then headed to The Rhoads’ house when Sara and Katie got home for our annual easter egg dying. Love traditions and getting to be part of them. Look forward to this every year.  

Lisa, Stacy, and Mimi all dyed one egg each too

Always a good time dying eggs

Sweet cousins! 

Finished products

Friday evening, we planned a neighbor’s dinner out to “Food Bar”. The girls were staying at the Talley’s with Mary and the boys were with Say-say at Tay’s house. When we arrived and Mary started showing girls tricks with whip cream we were pretty sure they were going to have a good time. Lisa was determined to get a picture this epic nigh since we neglect getting a quick snap to capture the precious time we gathered last month. The fellowship was great! We all laugh so much our bellies hurt and happy tears ran out of some eyes. None of the kids were ready for us to return but it was getting late and it was time to call it a night for an early Saturday plans we all had. Although, the three little ladies did end up with a sleep over at our house too. Glad they got some rest for their Saturday morning with horses.  

These beautiful ladies are ready for some fun with Mary Witt

Mary showed the girls the cool whip trick 

Sometimes it does not land in your mouth

The adults had a good time too! 

Love these sweet neighbors and great friends of ours!!

When we got back they littles were still having fun. The boys must have heard them having fun and came to join in it too

Spend the night fun, morning after

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