31 MarThankful for Snuggles Anytime

Last night, sweet Ivy had a nightmare and came to our room as she does normally when she has a bad dream or wakes up at night. She asked to snuggle so of course mommy said come on in and little bit climbed into our bed. We talked a couple minutes as I held her then she drifted back off to sleep in my arms snuggled up. Momma could not help but soak in the moment holding our baby girl and making everything better simply by just being there; how I wish it would make everything better for the rest of our girls lives. As I laid there taking in the moment the thoughts of nights when our girls were babies came back and how I would wake up to feed them and maybe sit there a little longer after they were finished just holding them. I treasured those moments but then they suddenly stopped suddenly. Then my thought turned to Leia and how she too use to come in when she woke up in the middle of the night or first thing in the morning but I do not remember the last time that Leia came to get us in the middle of the night or first thing in the morning; those moments too stopped suddenly and I did not know the last time was going to be the last. It got me thinking about how one time will be the last time Ivy will walk across the hall sleepy because of a bad dream or noise she hears which will happen just as unexpectedly as it did with Leia. For now though, I will hold her when she comes and treasure the moments! If Leia ever does call out in the middle of the night or come in we will welcome her too. Thankful for a snuggle from our girls anytime and this beautiful time in our life together. #they are only little once #enjoy every minute #the days are long but the years are short #love our girls

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