31 DecLast week in 2017

The day after Christmas Grandpa went and go donuts since the kids said it was tradition. Grandpa and Deedee headed home not long after breakfast while the girls played with their Christmas toys. Lisa and Chris started getting all the Christmas decorations down then went to help put Sara and Katie’s trampoline together that Mimi gave them for Christmas. The kids got to play and adults got to visit after we got it together. As we were leaving the 4 munchkins asked if we could have a 2-on-2 spend the night so Leia stayed with Katie while Ivy and Sara came to our house for a spend the night party. Our energy balls did gymnastics and had a dance party while Lisa cooked pasta for dinner. After we ate the girls got baths then we watched Hallmark movies and snuggled in the bed as the girls drifted off to sleep.   

Family time putting together Sara and Katie’s trampoline Mimi got them for Christmas

The girls loved playing on it

That night we had a two on two spend the night party. Sara an Ivy came to our house and had dance party on the beanbags while they waited on dinner

After dinner we watched Hallmark. The girls started on the beanbags but ended up snuggling on the couch 🙂 

Sweet girls fell asleep quickly after a fun day
Aunt Stacy sent a couple pictures from their spend the night fun too 

Wednesday morning Lisa woke up and found Ivy laying in bed awake very sweetly not waking up Sara so we headed to the den for some sweet snuggle time. Sara woke up almost a hour later and joined us as we finished a show then they started playing while Lisa cooked breakfast. After breakfast it was more playtime for the girls, clean up the house for Lisa, and clean out the garage for Chris. Lisa did pause long enough to figure out the cotton candy making machine for the girls to have a sweet treat. Stacy dropped Leia and Katie off to run errands. Mimi came over that afternoon to bring the stuff we forgotten on Christmas Day and to go to the movies to see “The Greatest Showman”. Mimi headed back home after the movie and Sara ended up coming back to our house for another spend the night party with us again. 

Sara slept in longer than Ivy so mommy got some sweet snuggles then started cooking breakfast when Sara woke up while the girls stretched to start their day

They played and entertained themselves for a while then we started looking at figuring out how to make cotton candy. It took longer than it should had to get it started spot Ivy FaceTimed Alicia to entertain herself but the girlies said it tasted good once we figured it out 
Having fun on the old trampoline

Sweet Sara helped make PBJs for Uncle C

Stacy dropped Katie and Ivy off to run errands and they all played. They asked Chris to help pop popcorn in Leia’s new popper but left him afterwards but he was singing and having fun waiting on it to pop Then the other monkeys came running when he let everyone know it was popping 
Mimi had texted that morning about taking the girlies to see “The Greatest Showman” so we went for a matinee. Katie had a playdate at a friends and Stacy wanted to finish up errands so they did not go but we enjoyed the show

We ran Sara home but Leia and Sara wanted another spend the night party so three of the monkeys spent the night at our house again. Blessed that they love spending time together like they do 

Thursday, the 3 little monkeys were in the den watching TV when Lisa woke up. Lisa immediately started cooking breakfast since they said the y were all hungry. Sweet Ivy went to wake daddy when breakfast was done so we got to enjoy a nice meal together before the monkeys were off and playing. The morning flew by! Lisa took the girls to Mimi’s for lunch and play while Chris went to the movie. We had planned on going ice skating at railroad park but it was so crowded when we to there we ended up just playing at the park for a little bit. Leia and Ivy went back home with Mimi that afternoon for Lisa and Chris to have a date night. Mimi took the girls to Chick-fil-a on the way home for Leia to use her gift card she won at school since it expired this week. They also went by to get a redox for a movie night. 

Love family breakfast time
Sara was the gymnastics coach; these were the only pictures of morning playtime since mommy was trying to get things done

Ivy made mommy’s heart burst with joy at the park! Mommy had to catch up when we were walking to the park and when she saw mommy a hundred yards behind the speed in which turned and ran towards mommy yelling for her and the hug …. best feeling ever!   

The rolling terrace was a fun place to play too
Our sweet girls had date with Mimi. Leia got to use her chickfila card she won at school. 

Thankful for a date night and getting to spend this life together; there is no one else I’d rather spend it with

Sweet girls got to sleep in Mimi’s bed with her

Friday our house was quite with the girlies at Mimi’s house but Chris and Lisa missed the opportunity to sleep in despite the great opportunity. After a cup of coffee Chris had to take care of a couple things at work and Lisa headed out to Mimi’s to hang out and pick up the girlies. When Lisa arrived she heard a fun game of hide-n-seek going on in the basement then the girlies hopped on their y-bikes for a spin before we headed upstairs to chill by the fire and warm up. Stacy, Sara, and Katie came as we were warming up and we all had lunch and finished watching Leap. Stacy had told Sara and Katie she would take them to the mall so Leia, Ivy, and Mimi joined them while Lisa went home to clean and see Chris. The girlies bought a few things each at the mall before Mimi took them to TCBY for a treat and movie night at Mimi’s while Lisa and Chris got a second date night in a row. 

 Little blurry but morning snuggles are so sweet

The girls breakfast pick was Donut Joes 

The girls had fun playing with with Mimi

The girlies were playing hide-n-seek in the basement with Mimi when mommy got there and riding their y-carts
Instead of coming home the girlies asked if they could go to the mall and spend the night with Mimi again since Sara and Katie were spending the night

Saturday morning the girls were excited to wake up at Mimi’s again with their cousins this time. Mimi took breakfast orders and cooked while the monkeys played then they built forts before Mimi took the girls to Target to shop. Lisa and Stacy meet them there before heading back to Mim’s house for lunch. Stacy and Mark headed to the outlets to exchange Christmas gifts while Lisa and Mimi went to take the girlies to Surge to let them get some of there energy out. They jumped, jousted, and played dodge ball or freeze ball with Mimi and aunt Lisa. After their hour was up Mimi took us home for our family date night to Texas De Brazil. While we were eating Chris came up with the idea of going to see the lights at Shaddrack since we ran out of time before Christmas. It ended up being a great idea since there was a lot less traffic and we got to take more time going through the lights. the girls loved that daddy let them drive while mommy loved snuggling with the non-driver. Afterwards we all snuggled in bed watching a movie. It was a great family date night!  

First two monkeys awake

Yummy breakfast at Mimi’s with cousins


Building forts are always fun
Our girls love selfies 

Fun at Surge! 

Family date night, dinner at Texas De Brazil and Christmas lights at Shaddrack
Looking at the lights

Snuggling with mommy

Driving with daddy

Love family date nights!

The end of 2017 is just a few hours away so we asked what was the absolute best or favorite thing that happened in 2017. Each persons personality in our family shined thorough in the answers. Leia said her favorite was all the holidays because she got to spend them all with family; she is a lot like her momma. Ivy said her favorite was today; she lives in the moment. Lisa said her favorite was all the moments spent with loved ones because people are what makes life worth living. Chris said his favorite was adding to the Gatlinburg tradition with more family from the Dobbs and Rhoads. Loved that we got to spend the last day in 2017 together with our little family. The Rhoads had plans in the evening but we got to visit Sara and Katie at their house for a hour or two at lunch before coming home to prepare dinner. Thankful for our daddy who grilled steak and lobster in the cold and that Mimi came to enjoying evening festivities with us. We ate a yummy dinner, played fun games, danced, laughed, and just enjoyed being together; a great way to end 2017. 

Thankful to get to spend NYE night together 

Yummy dinner
Fun times celebrating the end of 2017 with family
The aftermath of our poppers
The girls got to open new games for us to play 

Enjoyed getting to play games and spend time together

The girls showed us how to use their hatchimals 
We had fun with photo props 

Dance Party

More popper fun! 

25 DecChristmas Day 2017

Early morning hours, sipping coffee in the quiet house, sitting by the tree with twinkling lights is so peaceful while remembering the true meaning of Christmas. Thankful to get to spend this holiday with family. We had our traditional Christmas Day festivities. Leia woke up earlier than Ivy to join mommy in the twinkling lights which also gave us a little time to snuggle before Ivy woke up and jumped on daddy to get him up too. Grandpa and Deedee came upstairs right after Chris got up. We read about the birth of Jesus quickly before seeing what Santa had brought. Ivy was so excited she could not wait and started opening her stocking before everyone was gathered around. Leia patiently waited for everyone to join her before she started looking in her stocking. Ivy sat patiently playing and re-examined her stocking goodies while the rest of us and the girls looked through their surprises from Santa before we sorted the rest of the presents from mommy/daddy and Dee/Grandpa. After we finished opening gifts Grandpa and Deedee got to FaceTime with Adrian and Alicia while they opened their gifts from them then we FaceTime to share what Santa brought everyone. We also shared with he the kids this year our present to each other would be time together or a experience in Spain when we came to visit in March; we are looking forward our gift of time together. We headed to Mimi’s for our traditional Christmas brunch. It was yummy! The girls were chomping at the bits to open presents so as soon as the table was cleaned we headed to the den to open presents. There were lots of fun surprises, excitement, and thoughtful gifts. After presents were opened we got to spend sweet time together, take a nap, laugh, get into indoor snowball fights, watch Hallmark movies, and play with new and old toys. One negative this Christmas was Nana has missed coming over for Christmas for the first time ever. She was missed! We did not want her alone all day on Christmas so Lisa, Stacy, and the kids loaded up to go to her house to visit her for a little bit and take her Christmas gifts. While we were gone Mimi, Al, and Mark cooked fried turkey and Mimi cooked all the sides for ‘lupper’. After we ate the Rhoads group headed home while we finished a basketball game, Lisa and Mimi ran back over to Nana’s to take her a plate, and then the Comfort clan headed home for a relaxing night at home. Thankful for a relaxing Christmas Day together with family! 

Leia woke up early with Lisa and took a peak at what Cupcake left us, an open bible with the story of what Christmas is really about and a elf ornament with the ‘believe’ written on it

As mommy and Leia was sipping on coffee and hot chocolate sweet Ivy woke up and grabbed her beanbag Santa brought to sit on instead of the couch and declared she woke daddy before she came out

Daddy got a Christmas kiss then we read the story of Jesus’s birth; our Christmas tradition to remind us what it really is all about

These two were excited to get Fitbits! They have been asking for them for a year

Ivy started tearing into her stocking before everyone was over there, love the excitement of a sweet child! 

Leia patiently waited for everyone to gather around then we all started looking through our stockings

Love the girls modeling gifts and enjoying playing with their new toys 

Sweet Leia gave mommy a mommy-daughter necklace
We snapped a sweet mother-daughter picture as soon as we got to Mimi’s

Love these ladies! Wish Kelly and Alicia would have been in the picture too
Traditional Christmas brunch at Mimi’s house

Of course we took a silly picture too

The girls were excited to open up presents! Except Lisa made us open one at a time instead of a free-for-all

Sweet Sara gave Mimi a BFF stuffed animal
Ivy was not happy so they did a pouty face picture

Daddy/Uncle C shared his stocking treats and uncle Mark helped cook his favorite fried turkey
 Fun times playing with Grandpa

Selfies with mommy/aunt Lisa

Mother-daughter time is always good

We missed the group photo Christmas Eve but got one Christmas Day
And a silly shot

This was the first year Nana said she did not feel up to coming to Christmas celebrations so we took the girlies to her house to visit a little bit and give her gifts, best gift was the hugs  

Enjoying Christmas night at home with Hallmark movies, snuggles, and precious time together

24 DecChristmas Eve 2017

Thankful to get to spend this holiday with family at our traditional family Christmas Eve. We headed to Mimi’s a little earlier than we normally do and took advantage of the extra time to snap a few family photos (Chris was so excited). Mark arrived with Sara and Katie not too long after we got there and Stacy came after her half day of work; thankful her work-half is willing to work Christmas so she did not miss the Christmas Eve celebration. Kristi and Stephanie arrived with their families shortly behind Stacy and once all the family photos were taken we enjoyed lunch. Lisa and Mimi sat at the kids table since sweet Ivy wanted them to sit with her. Once the kids were done with their lunch they were ready to tear into the presents then the game of dirty Santa began. Sweet Mimi got stuff for all the kids to play with us too since they are getting bigger and wanted to play although one did get upset because she did not get what she wanted in the game. All in all it was a successful game and the fellowship was great. Kristi and Stephanie had to leave to get to church and other family functions so we pulled out the cookie decorating stuff for the four monkeys to decorate cookies for Santa before we headed to church for a candle light service to be reminded whatChristmas is really all about. We split up this year, the Rhoads headed to Fullness while the rest of us went to Mt Vernon in Gardendale. After church we headed home to get baths, eat, and get everything out for Santa’s big night.       

Morning opening the last lego advent calendar
Year family photo time at Mimi’s house; we were actually early so took a few more then normal but Lisa loved it

So blessed to have amazing moms in our life! 

Ivy loved throwing snowballs as she waited for cousins to arrive.  

Mimi got sweet snuggles from Zoe. Mimi is the baby whisperer and can put any baby to sleep  

We had fun playing dirty santa and fellowshipping! 

Love this mini me! She makes her mommy smile and loves taking selfies with mommy
Cookie decorating for Santa
Oh what fun to have indoor snowball fights 

We went to church with Mimi and Al then headed home to put the reindeer food out for Rudolph and his friends 

Santa’s cookies out and time for two hyper girls to go to bed 

Love the tradition of the girls sleeping in our room on Christmas Eve 


23 DecThe Week before Christmas

Monday morning the girls woke up excited the did not have to go to school. We snuggled on the couch until the girls got hungry then mommy went to cook while the girls kept a eye out for our friend Camille who was going to spend the day with us since her mom had to work. The girlies crafted, decorated Christmas tree cakes, and played all day.  They had a blast! That evening we went to Metro Diner for dinner. Leia and Ivy decided they should sit by each other because if they did not touch their ‘batteries’ ran out and they would power down. Love how these two girlies love each other and the special sister bond they share. 

These two monkeys put on a show for us 

There was crutch races and plenty of fun outside

Fun time decorating Christmas Tree cupcake 
Busy working on their mozaics 
These two have a special bond and make life so much fun

Tuesday, Chris had the girls in the morning while Lisa ran to a appointment then stopped off to get a pedicure with Mimi before heading home to grab the girlies while Chris got on a conference call. We headed towards the movies and decided to stop off at Christmas Tree Shop and ended up running into the Rhoads’ so we all shopped together. We had planned on meeting up at the movies to see, “Star” so switched up kiddos heading there. Everyone liked the movie! We headed home to see what daddy was doing after the movie then he took the girls on a daddy daughter date while Lisa had a night with Mimi, Kristi, Stephanie, and Stacy to celebrate Stephanie’s birthday. So blessed to have these incredible, strong women in our life. 

Movie fun and shopping with Santa-Mark 
Happy Birthday Beautiful! 

Wednesday morning we were suppose to head to our neighbors for a cookie decorating party but it did not work out so they rescheduled it for another day so we spent the morning enjoying Christmas movies and sweet family time just the four of us. The girls entertained themselves part of the time playing and hosting a hot cocoa party. We met Mimi and Mr Al at the Cantina for lunch before we headed to the Alabama Theather to watch cartoons on the big screen. Ivy said her favorite was “How the Grinch Stole Christmas” and Leia’s favorite was “Charlie Brown”. The other show we got to see was the classic, “Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer”.  Since we missed the cookie party we invited friends over for dinner and play that evening and ended up getting in bed a lot later than we planned but had a lot of fun and that is what we really planned to do during our break.  

Hot cocoa party with snacks and sister is so much fun! 

Thank you Mimi for taking us all to the Alabama Theather

Fun playing outside, waiting on a sweet friends to come play
The girls were happy to play with Katelyn. Sweet Leia and Katelyn threw a happy party for Ivy to cheer her up since none of her friends could make it to a play date 

Thursday was our planned play-date day. Ivy invitedIvy Bailey and Leia wanted Katelyn to come back over. The girls got to cut out cookies, play, have lunch, decorate the cookies they’d cut out earlier, and then play some more. Love hearing all the giggles and laughs downstairs and watching them play in the backyard. When Ivy Bailey’s mom came to get her she ended up taking Leia and Ivy back to their house too. The girls said they played with her doggy, watched Santa Paws, Leia got to play with Cole’s new Star Wars game, the girls all played with make-up, and they all played with Barbie hair. We’d discussed going to look at Christmas lights but after dinner we were all out of energy so ended up getting baths and snuggling the night away.   

We hosted our own cookie decorating party at our play-date since we will not be able to make it to the rescheduled date  
A few of the finished products

The backyard turned out great and girls are enjoying playing in it

Love the mornings when the girls wake up early and to come into mommy and daddy’s room to snuggle. Friday was a fabulous morning just for that reason. The girls snuggled for a few minutes before scurrying off to find Cupcake. Lisa joined the girls in the den to watch Santa Paws while they talked daddy into getting them donuts for breakfast. We ended up watching Santa Paws 1 and 2 before we went off to play, finished wrapping the last minute gifts that arrived, straightened the house, and got ready for our afternoon date. Sara and Katie came to hang out with the girls and our neighbor Anna while Chris, Lisa, Mimi, Al, Stacy, and Mark all headed out to the movies and dinner. It was a great time by everyone! The girls said they loved playing with Anna and want her to keep them again next time we have somewhere to go. We got back home and brought the girlies dinner then after they ate, they all decided to go to Mimi’s for a spend the night party. on the way to Mimi’s house they went looking at Christmas lights and ran into Santa and Mrs Claus. Of course the girls talked Mimi into throwing in a treat and movie among the mix of fun they had that evening.     

Morning popcorn treat and Friday morning craft painting nutcrackers 

While mommy and daddy went on a date with Mimi, Al, Stacy, and Mark the girlies got to play with Anna then we brought dinner sampler back for the girls 

Mimi ended up taking all the back to her house for a spend the night party. They drove by to see some Christmas lights and ended up seeing Santa and Mrs Claus too

Fun at Mimi’s with cousins modeling, doing hair, and movie night. 

Saturday morning Lisa woke up early and headed to Mimi’s to join the girls for breakfast. We got to chill out for a little bit and have a girls game of LCR. Lisa, Leia, Ivy, and Katie headed home early to meet Grandpa and Deedee at our house for them to go to Surge for a little fun. Love the pictures Deedee took and sent to us. That afternoon the girlies were invited to Elliot’s birthday party. It was a small party but fun. When we got back home Deedee had dinner ready to us. It was nice to just have a little time to visit; thankful to have them here with us. That evening there was laughter, snuggles, Olaf Christmas show, and the girls declared it the best night ever when they asked if they could sleep in mommy and daddy’s room and were told yes. This is one of my favorite seasons in life!

Morning fun at Mimi’s 
So happy Deedee and Grandpa are here! 
Fun at Surge with Deedee and Grandpa

Afternoon and evening fun
The girls were so excited to sleep in our room. Mommy and daddy loves it too!  





17 DecWeekend Fun as Christmas Break Begins

Friday was the last day of school for the girls and work for mommy and daddy for 2017. The girls celebrated with a spend the night party at Mimi’s house while Lisa and Chris opted for a low key night in with Hallmark movies and dinner in since it was chilly outside. The girlies ordered pizza in at Mimi’s house, decorated gingerbread houses, played games, and had a movies night. 

Our date night

Girls spend the night fun at Mimi’s

Fun times decorating gingerbread houses and eating pizza

Girls just want to have fun and snuggle

Saturday the girls were busy! They started waking up at 6 and everyone was up by 7. Mimi fixed her “breakfast buffet” for the girlies then they went to visit Nana before heading to Surge to get some energy out. Lisa had woke up early too and cleaned the house so we could just enjoy some sweet family time throughout the week since both Lisa and Chris are off work until the new year. Chris and Lisa arrived at Mimi’s for a late lunch then we all headed to Christmas in the Cavern at Rickwood Cavern which happened to be where Mimi and Papa met. The decorations were great and girls got to see Santa then Chris and Mark headed to see the new Starwars movie while the rest of us stayed to play at the park before heading back

Saturday, the girlies went to visit Nana 

Mimi took the girls to Surge for fun Saturday morning
Saturday afternoon we all went to Christmas in the Cavern 

The girlies with Santa’s helper

The girls loved telling Santa their secrets  

We stopped for a quick photo op on the way out of the cavern

Fun at the park before heading home

The eight year olds went to see Starwars with their daddies

Sunday, we went to church then came back home for family time. We ended up putting a temporary dye in the girlies hair that our elf brought them before Lisa took Ivy to MaeMae’s birthday party and Chris took Leia to see Starwars again. Ivy’s party ended earlier than the movie so Lisa and Ivy to bake cookies, snuggle, and watch a show till daddy and Leia got home. Ivy and mommy were coloring when they got home so after we finished dinner the three girlies finished coloring before we had sweet family time. 

Building forts in the house is always a good time and wheel-barrel races in the house were great way to pass time as we waited for the dye to set
Girls loved their hair results

Fun times at the MaeMae’s party and loved getting to see Gloria since she moved
Chris’s third time and Leia’s second time seeing Star Wars in the movie theater

Mommy enjoyed baking, coloring, and snuggling with Ivy on our date then enjoyed coloring with both our princesses after they got home 

14 DecSchool Christmas Parties (2017)

We love Christmas parties! Blessed Lisa got to go to both of the girls parties this year. Leia’s was a 9:30 in the morning and Ivy’s was at 12:30 in the afternoon. The parties were great! Lisa had bought games to use at both parties both of the girls got to use. Leia got to play bingo, make plate Christmas trees, and gum-balll ornaments then ended the party with Christmas carols from a mariachi band. The band went by Ivy’s class about a hour before the party before they went to recess and music. When they returned from music we started their party making reindeer thumb print 

Leia Class party

Sweet friends
Lots of fun with our big girl!

The mariachi band came in while they were getting ready for recess for a special treat
Ivy Class Party Picture

 Ivy Class party fun! 

Of course these monkeys wanted a silly pose too! 

10 DecShades Mountain Christmas Alleluia Program

The Comfort clan went to watch Shades Mountain Baptist church Christmas Alleluia program this year. Our Sara was part of the children’s choir and dance program along with multiple of the girls friends. Leia said she wants to start going to choir on Wednesday nights so she can be in the next one.  The program was great! Wonderful music and dancing with the story of Christ Jesus our Lord. 

Sara singing on the big screen

Sara dancing on stage

09 DecFirst Snow Day in 2nd Grade and Kindergarten

We had the most amazing snow day ever! School was delayed the night before so we knew we could sleep in a little but of course we were up at 6:40 getting dressed as we looked outside and there was a dusting of snow on the ground with more falling. We played outside jumping on our trampoline, throwing snow balls, making snow angles, and playing on our swing set for a hour or so before we decided to head in for breakfast. As soon as breakfast was over we headed back out and walked down to AlexAnn’s house to play there with them. Once everyone was nice and chilled we grabbed hot coco from our house and took it down since all the kids were nice and warm in their house already. After we warmed up Leia and Ivy were ready to go back and play some more but the other kiddos were not so we walked back towards our house and asked Emma and Maddie to join us. they came out and our epic snow ball fight with the Comfort and Faulkners began. Chris got the brunt of it until Julie and Lisa decided to jump and they took full advantage of us pinned in while we were just wanting to have a little fun like the kids. Leia and Ivy had ventured over to the Stewarts while we were battling it out and found a fun hill to sled down. Leia got chilled and headed in to warm up while Lisa and Ivy stayed out to play with Mallie and take to Mr Sean. Hungry drove us inside more than the cold. The girls requested breakfast for lunch so we had eggs, bacon, and pancakes before heading back outside again. Everyone else still was in so we sled just the three of us before we went to the vacant house and used their snow to make a big snowman. Leia got concerned we were not suppose to be using their snow so she would not help mommy and Ivy but we were happy with our final result. AlexAnn came down to play shortly after that then we walked down to AlexAnn’s house and helped build another snowman. This snowman was a big one! Lisa came up with putting the middle ball on a board to lift is since it was falling apart when we tried lifting it and using spray paint for buttons. During the lifting sweet Ivy was injured so she would not come back to see the final product or get a picture; she snuggled inside with Holly’s mom. The snowman ended up being 5′-7″ tall, unsure about the weight but it was heavy. Chris walked down to join us as we were completing it and we ended up in a snowball fight with the Talley’s and Pricket’s. There is a theme, if Chris is out there was a snowball fight. We went into the Talley’s to warm up and Chris to look at their internet range then headed back to our house for coffee, tea, hot chocolate, and treat time. Great day and evening of family time and fellowship with neighbors.  

We woke up to a little dusting and fresh snow falling
Of course we headed straight out as soon we woke and could get on warm clothes
First stop, trampoline to jump in the snow! 
Mommy got on to jump too 🙂
 Fun to slide in the snow too
The snow was coming down good while we were out so the girls tried to catch the falling snow on their tongues  

The house looked pretty in the snow

The snow sticks better to plastic toys 
Daddy came out to join us after he got dressed and ready too

Our first snowman of the day and daddy enjoying watching his 3 girls run around in the snow
The girls stayed out in our new backyard a few minutes when mommy headed in to start cooking breakfast and we sit out bowls so we could make snow cream
Mommy was not done cooking when the girlies cam in to warm up and dream there’d be enough snow to sled while daddy sat on the front porch watching the snow fall

Warming/drying the winter gear 

After breakfast we headed back outside and the ground had a lot more snow
Hey mom can we swing in the snow? 

We heard a sweet neighbor who we’d texted come out and walked down to visit the Talley’s 
Leia slid down to clear the snow

then Leia cleaned it off so AlexAnn and Ivy would slid
Sweet girls! 
Snow ball fight

Lisa’s second snow man of the day … the girls asked to make it but they did not want to roll snowballs
Instead they were making snow angles
We headed in to warm up  
Thankful Chris brought hot chocolate down for the kiddos from our house

And a quick snack to energize then the Comfort girls were back out playing in the winter wonder land 

We tried sledding at our house but it really did not work
So mommy drug them one at a time on the sled
Leia walked next door to see if Emma and Maddie could come out and play

Which turned into a snowball fight when Chris came out to join us again

Ivy escaped the snow balls but wanted us to throw them at her as she stood in the window

Chris was trying to get in trouble throwing snow at Lisa 😉
Our winter wonderland
Jon and Julie joined in the snowball fight
Ivy came back out to join in on the fun and loved that our neighbors, Katie and Sean ventured down to see what in the world was going on during our snowball war
I think the girls won


During the snow ball fight Leia and Ivy ventured over to Livy and Mallie’s house and found a fun hill to sled down
Snow angle fun with Ivy after Leia followed Chris inside
When Lisa came in she found Chris snuggled up watching Hallmark without us; he is a closet Hallmark movie watcher and only says he watches them just for his girls. Of course Lisa wanted to see how much snow we had even though another half a inch was falling  
After the girls warmed up Lisa took them back outside to sled some more and take a picture with our neighbor’s snowman


All the girls started on the third snowman but Leia got concerned we were using the vacant house’s snow and abandoed us before the first ball was rolled so Lisa and Ivy finished it
However, Leia ventured down to the Talley’s and was helping Jack with a big snow ball 
Sweet Ivy need up snuggling with Mrs Holly’s mom while we finished the big snowman after she ran into the board we were using to lift the snowballs up 

Snowman turned into a group effort to build a 5’`7″ tall snowman and lift the snowballs up
Love in the winter wonderland
Thankful for these great neighbors

That evening we all ventured back to our house for coffee, hot chocolate, treats, and snow cream 

Saturday, Ivy was ready to enjoy the snow again!
Sweet Leia just wanted to chill inside. Ivy was adaptable and played inside too. 
Since the roads were clear we had a family dinner that evening at the house complete with a show by some of the little princesses

07 DecSara and Katie’s School Programs

What a great week! Programs, playing, family movie time, and more… Loving this season in life!  

Sweet girls playing with Leia’s birthday present before gymnastics 

Lisa worked from home one day this week so she could take her lunch break to see cousin Sara in her 4th grade Christmas musical. Sara’s fan club actually went on the day they presented to the 5th grade students instead of to the parents since Katie’s and Sara’s programs were scheduled for the same day, same time. Impressed with the music teacher at central working with the number of kids she had and showcasing their talents. Kids were given the chance to sing solos, dance, and participate in speaking parts throughout the program. Sara got to be a angle in the program too so got up on stage for two songs to shine. So glad we were able to go see such a great program!   

Sara and the rest of the 4th grade put on a great program! 

Had to capture Sara’s sweet daddy joining the kids on the floor to get a closer, better picture of his baby girl. 
I got to give sweet Sara a hug and quick selfie when we were being dismissed and she was on the way back to the bleachers for instructions 

VHEW’s third grade put on their program too this week. Leia and Ivy get to go see it with their class. Mimi got to school early and was able to have lunch with Leia and somehow her teacher let her stay longer to have lunch with Katie too and go back to the program with Mimi, Lisa, Mark and Stacy. Katie’s class was the narrator class again this year and she did a great job speaking. After the performance, Ivy and Leia got checked out too and Mimi took the girlies to Yogurt Mountain before we went to gymnastics.  

Leia loved having Mimi at lunch with her! Lisa and Stacy joined in the fun later and Leia got to stay to eat with Katie too. Leia said it was the best lunch this year. 
Katie’s program was a sweet one too

Our sweet neighbor, AlexAnn perform too. We snapped a few pictures for her momma since we had front row seats. Their song was one of our favorites 
Leia loved getting to watch the program again in the afternoon, getting a front row seat, and seeing Katie after it




06 DecChristmas Party at Mimi’s

The Dobbs annual ladies Christmas party was earlier this year than normal but still so much fun. There was 17 ladies that gathered together for a time of cheer. Thankful for each one of these ladies in our lives, their friendship, and joy we share together. 

 Ready for the party to begin

We all enjoy getting to play a little round of dirty santa with sweet ladies and take home fun surprises
Love getting yearly group pictures with ladies that have impacted our lives, prayed with and for us, and bring so much joy to our lives