14 OctGirls Trip to Great Wolf Lodge

The girls had October 12th out of school instead of on Columbus day so we decided to take a little girls trip since the dads had work. Lisa, Stacy, Mimi, and the 4 little munchkins headed to LaGrange Georgia to explore Great Wolfe Lodge. It was a great trip! We played in the water park, climbed on the rock wall, explored the ropes course, played putt-putt, made a few strikes and spares in GWL bowling, won prices in the arcade, trick or treated in the lodge, enjoyed relaxing with morning yoga, and played their magical quest game. It was a fun filled 48 hours with some of our favorite ladies. 

Water Park fun 
Our first ride of the day 
The girls loved the leap pads

Stacy and Lisa rode down together and at the bottom Stacy fell out of the raft

Sara held Lisa to her word that she would ride the tornado even though Lisa was not thrilled about it but this one was much better than the one in NC so then Stacy rode it too

I am not sure how many times we rode the slides but there were 87 steps each time we did so everyone was getting a good leg workout

We were racing down the double tubes





Dinner in the water park

Swinging in the trees (aka ropes course). The big girls started and after watching them a few times Ivy decided she wanted to try too but she had to have a adult so Lisa got to swing with the little monkeys. It was fun! Thankful we did it when we did because they shut it down for a safety check the rest of the weekend
Using their muscles to get up the rock wall
Who all got hole in ones? 😉 No one kept score but everyone had fun practicing their putting
Ivy thought it was fun to swim in the pond on the putt putt course. 
 Every afternoon they had trick or treating in the lodge

There is a first time for everything, Lisa beat Mimi on the TenPaw bowling lane (it was not real bowling or Mimi would have won)    


We paused the game to get a mommy-daughter pic with each of the little munchkins
Final scores
Magic Quest

Arcade and treats …. what more could a girl want
Sweet, sweet snuggles! Love them!!
Breakfast in the room

Panning for gems

Morning yoga
Thankful for a fun couple nights with these girlies

08 OctSeptember wrap-up/First of October 2018

Blessed to get to have a lunch break with our girlies one Thursday afternoon

The girls put on a mini show at in their hiphop dance class. It maybe the last one of the year since both of them are saying they do not want to continue taking dance but they did great! Mommy took a video since daddy was out of town

Leia asked if we would get her some books but I think she tricked us. They came with more than books but the girlies are enjoying using the head lamp

Friday afternoons are great for sister dates

They are good for playdates with friends too. A afternoon full of friend, crafts, snacks, and play … life is great



Busy Saturday preparing for our block party

Aunt Kelly came in town for 4 or 5 days so we had to head to Newnan to see her while she was here. It was a very short and sweet trip. We left after our block party Saturday which had us arriving in Newnan at 11pm. We did not get to see Kelly that evening with the jet lag but were happy to see Gigi, Deedee, and Grandpa. Loved getting to hang out and visit with them all for a little bit! 

These two monkeys went straight to snuggles when we arrived

Sunday morning they were excited to facetime Adrian and Alicia. As we were driving over Leia kept saying it would so fun if we were surprising them and their cousins would have been there too. Next time aunt Kelly comes she will be bring them and uncle Diego. 
It was a great day to have lunch outside 

Deedee has so many beautiful butterflies in her yard! 

Before aunt Kelly went to work and we headed home Lisa requested a few family pictures


Daddy traveled 3 weeks in a row so the girls slept with mommy in the middle. Not sure how mommy fit sometimes but all the snuggles are sweet. A little funny that happened one night after daddy got home was when Leia woke up to go to the restroom then climbed back in our bed pushing Chris over a little and zonked out; guess she thought he was in her spot. After belly laughs mommy got up and carried our sweet Leia back to her bed so daddy would have room to sleep 


Just another day after school. We got to pick up Sara and Katie too since Stacy was working late and they did not want to stay at aftercare. All four got their homework done then grabbed boardgames. Mommy’s heart was happy that they went for those over electronics!

The girlies were excited to sleep in the den for a change of pace

Mimi took the four grand-girls shopping for their halloween costumes. We have a huntress, cheerleader, butterfly, and snow princess this year. 

The girlies had fun redecorating their rooms

Chief Leia cooked dinner for the family one evening. She did a great job using the kids cooking subscription we had gotten the girls for 6 months. 

23 SepWeekend fun: Gigi came to visit

We were so excited that Gigi got to come visit and see our house. It is the first time she has come over since we bought this house. We loved having her, Deedee and Grandpa! They could not get here fast enough. The girlies thought Gigi, Deedee, and Grandpa should have come Friday after school so on Friday night to keep mommy and daddy sane from asking how much longer Leia got to spend the night with Mimi while Ivy went to a birthday party then had Ivy spend the night. It was a fun night for the girlies but they said Saturday was the best getting to visit with Gigi. Mimi and the Rhoads wanted to see her too and Deedee needed to try patterns on the Rhoads girls so we decided to have everyone over to watch the Alabama game and golf tournament. It was fun getting to fellowship together; sports is made just to fellowship in Lisa’s mind ;). So a great day and weekend visiting! Wish we could have visited longer; thankful next weekend we will get to visit too since we are going to go visit everyone in Newnan when Kelly makes a quick visit. 

These two monkeys put themselves to bed early but um that may have been a mistake because they woke up and was playing in bed at 5:15 the next morning

These two need some makeup lessons … it was not fun getting this off of their pretty little faces

Meet blue face Ivy and purple face Ivy

Love how these two have kindred spirits and always make everyone laugh when they get together 

So excited Gigi arrived! 
Leia enjoyed showing them her website she is doing for school … we have said she is Chris’s daughter right

Made me smile watching these two play Zingo … of course Ivy may change the rules to ensure she wins (she might have gotten that from her Papa)

We had Mimi and the Rhoads over to watch the game with us so they could visit with Gigi too

We did snap a picture of Gigi with Sara and Katie before they left then we visited on the front porch while our girlies played with the neighbors a little while until it was bedtime
Morning coffee or whip cream for Ivy

We felt so blessed to get to spend time with Gigi, Deedee, and Grandpa this weekend!

18 SepKeeping it even: lunch with Leia, ice cream party with Ivy

Lisa got to have lunch with Leia 

then go to ice cream party with Ivy and her class
So thankful for this season of life where it is fun to hang out with mommy and I get to know the girls friends 🙂

Ivy is going to have such a great year! Her teacher is fun and teaches where the kids do not even realize they are learning. 

Sweet Leia’s glasses finally arrived …. she was so excited and said they were going to help her read better 🙂

16 SepWeekend fun

Ivy had her first girl scout meeting. She said she LOVED it :). I think both girlies have met some fun, awesome girls. Praying blessings over each of their new friendships. 

Sara and Katie were staying with Mimi since Stacy and Mark went to the beach but before they headed to Gardendale we all went for a afternoon treat

We found out one of Leia’s sweet classmates lives around the corner so we got to have a impromptu play date  

AlexAnn and Max showed up while Anna Clarie was here since they were hanging out with us for the evening

What a fun evening! 

The evening turned into a spend the night party with AlexAnn 

Saturday, we met back up with Mimi to paint pumpkins and play at Chuckecheese before we went to the Talley’s to cheer on the Bama boys

12 SepIvy’s 1st Fieldtrip in 1st Grade – Art Museum

Ivy had her first field trip in 1st grade to the Art Museum. Lisa was surprised  when we got there that she and another mom had a group to themselves with no faculty with us. Our group was a missed mashed group of 3 classes but we figured out everyone’s names pretty easy with the help of the name tags. It was not the best field trip for first graders as most of our group asked if they could go back to school yet when we still had a hour left; the whole thing was less than 3 hours. We did have the security guards asking us to step away from art quite a bit and the guide that just wanted the kids to sit and listen but the moms let them touch the rock that said you could touch and eventually got the guide to let each of the kids have a turn with the laser pointer. Ivy was excited mommy got to go and Lisa enjoyed seeing Ivy interact with a few kids from her class. Love getting to spend anytime with our baby girl. 



Group shot of Ivy’s class

12 SepChris’s new toy

Chris got a late birthday present for Ivy’s birthday and got to build a computer for his masters degree

He enjoyed showing it to our girlies too

09 SepIvy’s Birthday Weekend

Where has seven years gone?!? Ivy is growing up quick. There is no more baby-ish ways about our little firecracker. She is energetic, sweet, stubborn, little girl that adds so much delight, fun, and love to our little family. We were blessed God chose us to be her family seven years ago and pray blessings over her all the days of her life. May she know God’s love and share it with others all the days of her life. 

Saturday she celebrated big with friends and family at Mimi’s pool
Hope Ivy’s birthday wish comes true

Thankful we get to celebrate our sweet little girls birthday with her
Ivy was so excited to get to open her presents from her sweet friends 

As Ivy’s friends left we tried to get pictures of Ivy with all of her sweet friends that came to celebrate Ivy’s big day with her


She got a couple awesome family gifts too

So thankful Ivy has a sweet group of friends and family to celebrate her big day

Thank you Grandpa and Deedee for letting Ivy pick out a bike for her birthday! She was excited to get to pick out one that she wanted and that no one else has ridden.
Sweet sisters having fun with a few of the new toys after Ivy wrote her thank you notes

One of Ivy’s birthday wishes was to do whatever she wanted on her birthday. We tried not to make any suggestions so she would not have any outside influences since she said she never gets to pick what we do all by herself. It ended up that we had a home day; I guess the constant on the go with school and extracurricular activities caught up with her. That evening as we tucked her in she said she had a great birthday. 🙂 

Good morning birthday girl! Mommy went into their room when she heard the monkeys to sing happy birthday day to our birthday girl. Mommy did not wake up daddy since Ivy said she wanted to wake him up
Ivy was excited to wake Chris up as soon as she woke up (mommy normally makes her wait until at least 8) then she was itching to open her presents 
Sunday morning Ivy requested chocolate chip pancakes
The girlies enjoyed playing with the new toys

We have a chef and a doctor
Birthday snuggles and tickles are always fun
Enjoyed lunch with family

Our birthday girl enjoyed playing with neighbors too

Good night birthday girl 

06 SepNew Glasses for Leia

Our sweet, kind, beautiful Leia is getting glasses. When we were reading with her we noticed her moving the book closer and farther away so daddy let her try his readers and she said it was better so mommy took her to the eye doctor and sure enough she needed some glasses. Hoping she will like reading more when she can see the words clearer. 
Of course when your at the eye doctor so long that you miss your lunch you get a special lunch to anywhere of your choice

01 SepLabor Day Weekend

Roll Tide, football season kicked off. Our Bama boys pulled off a win of 51-14 against Louisville but we won with great neighbors and enjoyed watching the game and fellowshipping during the game

Could you see the elephant in the clouds? We could 🙂

The tooth fairy got to come visit the night of the first Bama game too. Leia lost her 14th tooth not long after everyone left. 

Sunday, daddy studied while mommy, Leia and Ivy went to swim and play at Mimi’s house. We ended up spending the night and daddy did school work so he could catch up/get ahead 

Sweet Monday morning snuggles on Labor Day
The girls got to pick what they wanted to do on their morning off of school …
Thankful for sweet time with Mimi. The Rhoads came over to grill out with us and the kiddos enjoyed playing before we headed home to see daddy since he said his brain was fried and needed a break from all his studying 
This little monkey is always up for picture

Leia on the other hand has to be in the mood. She said she did not want a picture but decided she could get in it to block mommy