14 SepSpend the night fun

Friday night our girls were suppose to go to Alex Ann’s to spend the night while mommy and daddy went on a date but Alex got sick on the way to school so our plans changed. Mommy went to lunch with the girlies to tell them the news and see what they wanted to do instead. The news was not well received by everyone but Leia asked if they could have spend the night guest instead. Unfortunately, Leia’s friends either had family in town, were sick, or other plans but Ivy’s sweet friend Evelyn could come. Ivy and Evie had a great time! Leia was a little sad but cheered up when she got to paint daddy’s nails, played with sister and her friend, and have a sleep over in mommy and daddy’s room.  

Lunch with our girls

Evie arrived and Ivy said it’s time for fun

Dance party with lots of laughter 

Late night play room fun and game time these girls had a good time

Daddy to the rescue to cheer up Leia since her friends got sick and could not come. He was not a fan of the polish choice but a good sport while the girlies were there

The eight year olds joined in the paint party too
Piillow fight before bed time and morning chill time after playing, donuts and more 

09 SepIvy’s 8th Birthday

There will never be enough words to describe how much we love our sweet Ivy! She is our cuddly snuggler, go with the flow, fun loving, happy-go-lucky, witty and silly, sweet as a pie, gymnastic loving, and energetic kiddo. She brings so much joy to our little family and her smile can light up a room. We are thankful to call her ours. We pray blessings on your this year and you follow the plans God has designed just for you, sweet Ivy. Happy 8th Birthday!!! 

Mommy and daddy always try to stay home a little later on birthdays to have a family breakfast together and celebrate together 

Ivy was all smiles with her special order, a smiley face pancake for her 8th birthday breakfast 
After breakfast Ivy opened a few presents before school

Love how she pauses to play as she opens things 

Mommy checked her out for a special time together just before her lunch time. She picked lunch at Arby”s and to get a pedicure then wanted to go home to play with a few of her new toys  

Mimi and aunt Stacy surprised her with a balloon at the pedicure place then hung out with us at our house before the other girls got out of school

Ivy met up with cousins at the Roll Up ice cream place for a treat
Chris was home when we got back so she opened the rest of her presents 

Then played with them all

Ivy picked seafood for her birthday dinner and liked to steal Chris’s crab legs and shrimp

The treated her to a special dessert and then she drove us home

She got to see one of her favorite pups too on her birthday 

Then we snuggled up and had a little family time celebrating the end of sweet Ivy’s 8th birthday   

07 SepIvy’s 8th Birthday Party

All smiles on our way to swim at Mimi’s for Ivy’s party 

Of course the girls are super silly and goofy too

This girls is always up for some fun! We pray year eight is great for her! 

We are all ready to celebrate Ivy’s turning eight and waiting on friends to arrive

Swimming with friends and family

Birthday lunch, sweets, and treats to gives everyone energy for more fun

PiƱatas are full of fun party treats
Cousin Katie arrived after a long, hot soccer game and was in a sad face mood so everyone joined in … love that she had to grin, you can’t be sad at a party 

This girl got a stash of sweet gifts but the best gift was the time friends took to spend celebrating with her

What a sweet group to celebrate with! 

As people left we attempted to get pictures with each special friend but mommy missed most but so thankful there were so many that came to celebrate with our birthday girl

Rocker bikes to help get rid of the last of the sugar energy before Adrian and Alicia headed home

05 SepGirls Started Baton

Lisa went to lunch with the girls since they would be staying late and Katie joined us this time. Blessed to get to have this time with them and loved getting to talk and hear about their mornings 

Our girls started a new hobby, baton. Both said it was awesome and are looking forward to twirling at a Samford football and basketball game

02 SepLabor Day Weekend

Friday we had family time at VHEW. It was Chris’s final AWS day for a little while since SNC decided they were not going to allow them again; maybe he will get them back again soon. The girls had asked for him to come to lunch so we decided we join our sweet girls on his final AWS day. Thankful their lunches overlap now. That afternoon Chris got to play a round of golf to finish off his last free day with a little more fun. 

Football Saturday finally arrived. We invited the neighbors over that were not traveling on the long weekend over for some fellowship and season opener, Roll Tide
Thankful during the fame these littles had fun playmates 

We had missed our game time on fun family Friday night but made it up Saturday night after neighbors left playing Spinner and Sunday morning playing the game Leia created. So blessed to have our sweet little family time together!  

Sunday night the girlies got to spend the night with Mimi since they were out of school on Monday while mommy and daddy went a date. Glad the girlies had fun and mommy/daddy got to enjoy the evening lingering over dinner and talking. 
Monday was a relaxing morning. While the girls were up early playing at Mimi’s, Chris took advantage of it and slept till 10. Unfortunately, Lisa is programmed to get up so she was up early but chilled on the back porch and got a little work done too. We joined the kids and Rhoads at Mimi’s for a little family time and fun at lunch then had a chill out evening at home. 



28 AugJust a few happenings the last part of August 2019

Daddy told mommy one day not to go into the office since he went shopping and bought a TV during his lunch break. She thought he was joking but turns out it was not a joke. Of course he hung it in time before football season started and he headed out of town; now we have a big TV on the porch too. Leia is loving it and staying outside on the porch more with mommy. 

Before football in the south kicks off our Sunday School decided to have a fellowship. We did not realize how many couples in our class had kids our girls ages. That water was COLD but it did not stop the kids. Thankful the girls had fun at mommy/daddy’s Sunday School fellowship and we got to know a few more couples from our class. 
Sunday morning daddy grabbed donuts for a treat while mommy cooked eggs and bacon for breakfast since he was heading out of town for the week. Love our breakfast on the porch on a nice summer morning before the girls headed to church and daddy headed to the airport.

Ivy’s Tuesday milestone …. she did her back handspring all by her self. She was so excited!! She has almost had this for a while but her mental block would stop her and she finally got beyond it. There is no holding her back now. Next goal back tuck 
While daddy was gone we girls said “oops”!  Lesson learned, those heat lamps get pretty hot, should not be turned on until placed back on the cage, and they can burn wood since the wood was smoking by the time we got home from work and school. Counting our blessings we did not catch the house on fire! Also, thankful God kept mommy and daddy calm upon discovering this ‘oops moment’, reminding us we all make mistakes, furniture can be replaced, and we will look back on this as a family story that binds us together one day.    



23 AugAugust birthdays

Stacy turned the big 40 this year and stretched her celebrations out big time. She and Mark went to Exuma in May for both their 40th birthdays trip. Friday before her birthday Mark surprised her by getting tickets to “Little Big Town” concert in Tuscaloosa with their friends. Wednesday before her birthday Mark took her to dinner while Mimi and Sara decorated the house for Stacy’s day. Thursday on her birthday, Mimi and Lisa went with Stacy to get pedicures and lunch. We hope you had a great time celebrating your birthday aunt Stacy!

Our girlies had fun playdates that afternoon with a stop by the Rollup Ice-cream place on the way home

Just a day after Stacy’s 40th would have been Papa’s 65th. he would be on medicare now and nearing retirement. How I miss him. I wonder what kind of celebration we would have had for his big day. I imagine we would have had a blow out for it this year. We still all got together to grill out, girls play in the pool, and we fellowship while reminiscing about some of the good times we all had together.

Our littles got to spend the night with Mimi too, make slime, and have a night of fun 

21 AugSweet Lunch Dates

Sweet Ivy has been asking mommy since the first day of school to come have lunch with her. The school ask for the first week or two not to have visitors to help the kids get back into their routine but some of her friends have had guests this week so mommy told her I would try my hardest to get up there this week. Wednesday, Lisa had training downtown that was dismissed a little after 11 so she headed straight to the school to make it to lunch with her mini-me. Ivy beat Lisa’s arrival to lunch by 2 minutes but mommy heart leaped for joy hearing her gasp in excited as she walked in the lunchroom. It was fun sitting there visiting and hearing about what had happened so far during the day. Katie-bug came in about 10 minutes later but said she wanted to sit with her friends instead of with us but we still gave her the crunch bar for her surprise we brought; Katie is just a year ahead of Leia so it was a good reminder to treasure our girlies asking us to come have lunch and go frequently when asked. Leia walked in about 5 minutes after Katie and plopped down to join us. She questioned why Katie was not there then said she may want to split her lunch between us and friends which mommy nodded, smiled, and said whatever you want to do that she was welcome to go to her table instead of sitting with us now; hoping the smile and offer hid her sadness that a phase of Leia wanting mommy around could be slowly ending. Leia said no that she wanted to have some time with mommy and Ivy so the Comfort trio enjoyed the 10 minute of lunch overlapped. The girls shared their lunches and stories of the day so far. One question mommy always asks is what is the best part of the day so far, today Ivy said her best part of the day was mommy coming to lunch and Leia said it was science experiment. Ivy headed back to class which left mommy and Leia for someone on one time. Mommy told Leia if she wanted to go sit with her friends she could but she said she had changed her mind and continued chatting away then when her class lined up she jumped in with them to go back to class. Lord, I pray they both have an incredible year.      

18 AugVisiting Gigi and our Newnan Family in GA

The girls were super excited to get checked out the first full week of school to go to Newnan to visit Gigi and the rest of our family there. The drive over seemed to be quick since we made it without any pitstops; Chris had to be shocked. Grandpa, Deedee and Gigi greeted us are we arrived then the girls were off to play while the adults got to visit a little bit. Kelly brought the kids over a little later then we ran to Target to get slime supplies while Leia stayed to play basketball with Adrian. Grandpa and Deedee fixed dinner for everyone then afterwards the kids started making their slime. It was the first time Lisa had every been around slime making. It was not as messy as she thought it would be but we still have a strict rule not to take it out of the container near carpet. Once we were done with slime the kids went with Grandpa and Deedee frog hunting; shocked Leia and Ivy went but even more shocked Ivy caught one. After a fun evening it was time for baths and bed after the first full week of school.  

Our girlies were glad to be out of the car and ready for some fun

Aunt Kelly always has fun ideas so we made slime. First time for Lisa to do it. 

Just visiting

The kids went frog hunting and this little angel caught her very first frog 

Saturday was a day packed with fun! Good thing we got a yummy breakfast to give us energy for the day ahead. We played at the house for a little bit and the girls got to paint cool pottery with Deedee in her craft room before she went to pick up Alicia to go to Bubbles and Brushes. Gigi and Lisa joined them later to see the master pieces they were creating. Then we picked Chris back up to meet up with Kelly and Diego for lunch and coffee at their house while the kids went to Sky Zone with Grandpa and Deedee. We were told Leia was great at dodging balls in the dodge ball game but we might need to work on the throwing but she was the champion in a few games. After their time was up we met back up at the house. The kids enjoyed time outside even though it was a hot afternoon once most the yard was shaded. Kelly picked up Adrian and Alicia about 7:30 then our girls got baths for us to head home but before we left we all enjoyed a taste ice cream treat together.  Thankful for a fun time with our family! 

Food and fellowship a great way to start the day
Deedee let the girlies paint pottery that she had gotten from Dawn’s aunt Barbara

Then Deedee took them to one of their favorite spots, Bubbles and Brushes for them to create another master piece

Chris and Lisa got to hang out with Gigi, Kelly, and Diego while Grandpa and Deedee took the 4 grandkids to Sky Zone

When we all got back to Grandpa and Deedee’s house the kids were back outside catching butterflies and playing basketball

Ice Cream treat before heading home

Sunday, we woke up to go to church then to the pet store before heading home to relax and do homework before we picked up a friend for each of the girls to take swimming at Mimi’s pool. We were about 25 minutes later getting back than what we had told their parents but the kids all were having so much fun it was hard to pull them away. Thankful for a fun weekend and the sweet memories made. 

After church we went to get Buddy more food and Ivy got to hold a bunny for the “very first time in her whole life”

Fun times in the pool with friends. Can you tell which two asked for their picture to be taken

15 AugFirst full week back a school

Monday the girlies  spent the first afternoon at After the Bell. Praying they have a great year this year and enjoy seeing friends that were rezoned up there. 

Thankful Tuesday Mimi could take girlies to gymnastics and to get a yummy treat since Lisa had a appointment
Both girlies had fun playdates on Wednesday so then had a kick off party at church with bounces and popsicles

Thursday mommy went to school for the teacher parent meeting. Ivy’s teacher showed us a couple things they had done but Leia’s teacher only reviewed a slide show presentation but gave us sticky notes to leave a message behind

Friday we checked the girls out to head to Newnan a little early.