08 DecChristmas by Candle Light at Shades Mountain Baptist Church

Thankful to get to go to church today to a Christmas by Candlelight service with our family. Children choir, youth choir, adult choir, and a host of musicians put on a great show! Sara sang with the children choir and in an ensemble for Away in a Manger. We enjoyed sweet fellowship afterwards as we went to grab lupper after the performance. What a sweet Sunday we had today with family and worshipping our God! 

08 DecFamily Ginger Bead Cookie Decorating

Our elf, Cupcake brought us a family cookie decorating set. It was delightful to hear the sound of joy in the air as laughter drowned out the Christmas music. We all loved getting so spend a little time the 4 of us together with no thought of work or school pre-occupying our minds and focusing on sweet time together. Blessed to spend a little time together this morning focusing on our little family.

Can you guess who’s is whose before looking any farther

Family fun decorating … we love our family!! 
We may not be perfect but we fit perfectly together


Daddy showed the girls what he did on the photo editor but they used their decorating talents to write their names with icing

Our little gingerbread family
Our expanded gingerbread family

07 DecMom’s Night Out

Lisa joined some mom friends at a moms night out this evening at Do It Yourself Pottery. It is the first time any of the moms had had gone without the girlies. We were all a little lost at first looking for things for the kids to do but then all settled on items that complemented things the kids had painted at home, painted items for our kids, or started a craft to bring the kids back for hand prints the next day. Love that you can take the momma’s out for the night but never can take the momma our of the mom. It was a fun night out with some fabulous ladies. While Lisa was out Chris finished up his last project for the semester and the girls went down to play with Alex Ann then ended up having dinner and hanging out until bedtime. Lisa was thankful to get home to give good night kisses before the girls fell asleep. Love having a moms night out but love coming home to sweet girls and Chris more. 

06 DecCirque Dreams Holidaze Show

Each year we try to take in a holiday show to get us in the festive mood. Mimi treated us to Cirque Dreams Holidaze Show this year and it did not disappoint. We started the evening at our house ordering in pizza since there was not a restaurant nearby that was taking reservations and it was nice to let the kids play and spending time next to the fireplace before leaving. We arrived a little early with the parking craziness going on downtown since they are redoing a few of the big parking lots but entertained ourselves easily spending sweet time together. The show was fantastic! The best part though is sharing the memory and experiencing it all together. 

Dinner beforehand

Photo ops before the show 🙂 

A couple of the cast members were roaming around so we took advantage to grab a quick picture with our fabulous four
Thank you Mimi for the sweet memory

04 DecLadies Christmas Party at Mimi’s (2019)

Our annual tradition of gathering ladies that were influential in our lives as Stacy and I grew up was early in December this year. We had planned on Lisa and Stacy going to Mimi’s early to help set up but life happened and we were not able to get there until 4:30 but still got to help a little. Thankful Mimi did all the heavy lifting. We all had a great time laughing and fellowshipping together. Blessed to get to get to spend time with each one of these ladies! 

Ready for the party

LeighAnn opened more gifts than anyone as she loved the unknown and did not steal gifts but everyone stole them from her
Lovely Ladies to spend the evening with

03 DecPapa’s 7th Heavenly Birthday

Papa gained his wings 7 years ago today. It seems unreal that so much life has happened since he went to his heavenly home. Then on the other hand it feels like he was here with us not too long ago. Yet when we see pictures with how much our little ones have grown it is a reminder of how long it has really been. Leia was 3 and Ivy was 1 when Papa disappeared from our pictures but never from our hearts. I praise God that we will be together again in Heaven. We still miss our Papa that supported and loved his girls with all his heart every day. His influence in our family is felt and missed every day of our lives.

Mimi had a “God Wink” the morning that marked 7 years as I’ll be Home for Christmas started playing unexpectedly on Alexa as her wake up call. There was not much said between us about Papa that day. Both Lisa and Stacy had to work but Mimi spent the day with a friend then came out to go to dinner with he family. Stacy unfortunately got caught at work and Chris did not feel 100% so there was just 7 of us that were able to gather together but we carried the love we have for each other and the memories we shared in our hearts weather we are near or far from one another. 

The last picture of Papa with Santa and our girls. I wish I could go back to that day and let hime add his voice to Leia’s build a bear and buy the professional picture. I treasure all the memories we shared more now in hindsight than I did when Papa was with us. Forgive quick and love big … you never know when God will call his child back home and you will be left with memories until you are called home too

02 DecLeia turns TEN

How did time go so quick since our Princess Leia graced us with her beautiful smile?!? She turned 10 and we celebrated big time. She talked her sister into opening up one gift on her birthday eve; Ivy bought her a bracelet with her own money. They chatted the evening away as she went to bed for the last time as a 9 year old. Mommy had to go wake her up on big day as daddy went to pick up her breakfast pick. She woke up to breakfast of choice: donuts, bacon, and eggs. Then opted to open her presents from mommy, daddy, and sissy next since she got 10 gifts for 10 years; Leia even let Ivy open some of her gifts. Mommy headed to work while daddy took the girlies to school but Leia got checked out at lunch for some special one on on time with mommy.

Leia’s 10 gifts were: 
1. Happy Birthday yard sign
2. $100 cash
3. Engineering book
4. Joke book
5. Barbie unicorn she’s been eyeing that we bought to give to a sweet friend
6. Purple tactical vest for family nerf gun fights 
7. Squishes
8. Blanket
9. Necklace 
10. Lego Land trip to be redeemed after Christmas

Leia chose to pick up lunch at Zaxbys to go home to eat and watch one 30 minute show before heading to Chuck-e-Cheese. We each got a 45 minute card to play together. It was fun that we were the only two playing. We played side by side for more of our time. Even when we didn’t we were talking to each other. It was so much fun and special to get some one on one time together. We won almost 3,000 tickets and Leia elected to get a finger monkey to remember our time together instead of saving them. We called Mimi on our way home to see if she wanted to meet us at our house. 

Mimi came over and Leia elected to go ahead open her gifts. Mimi has a 10th birthday tradition to give each grand daughter a real ring of their choice, 100 dollars, and couple toys of choice. Not long after opening her gifts Leia asked Mimi to go get sissy. These two sisters have such a special bond and they went into their own little world playing with Leia’s new Barbie set and bringing up old sets. As they were playing Daddy came home early to see his birthday girl. Not long after he arrived Grandpa and Deedee came too. Of course, Leia was ready for open their gift too when they arrived. Deedee made her a beautiful card with $100 and measured her for a princess dress she asked Deedee to make. We all visited as the Rhoads arrived. Leia did not disappoint and immediately opened her surprise from them too, a lego set and $10 for her 10th birthday. 

We all enjoyed just being together, fellowshipping. We catered in Leia’s favorite meal, Moe’s that night per her request. After everyone enjoyed a yummy meal we sang Happy Birthday to our birthday girl. We had brownies and ice-cream cake for treats then hung out a little more before Mimi and the Rhoad’s headed home. The girls snuggled with Grandpa a little bit and before we knew it, it was time to go to bed and end our day of celebrating Princess Leia. 

 Sisters are sweet and they both have power bracelets now

These girls were ready to party instead of going to bed on Leia’s last night as a 9 year old
Good morning to our birthday girl: Ivy sang her Happy birthday

Our elf, Cupcake’s surprise for Leia

Leia opened her first gift to look outside

Morning breakfast singing happy birthday to our girl

Present time opening the rest of her gifts. Ivy gave her a special Happy Birthday song too

Leia liked walking around her sign when we came home for lunch too

 Special one on one time at Chuck-e-Cheese fun with my girl

Mimi came to celebrate with us too 

Deedee and Grandpa card had the prettiest girl on it! 
Opening her gift from the Rhoads

Leia’s favorite catered in and ice-cream cake for treat


Leia and Ivy had fun with grandpa and Deedee before bedtime

01 DecHigh Noon Tea – Comfort Style

Since we went to Chicago the girls have been asking to do a High Noon Tea for their friends. We decided to do it mother-daughter style. Unfortunately several people had to cancel due to illnesses so it ended up being mainly Leia’s friend so we decided to double it as a birthday bash last minute. Ivy asked if we could do it again with her sweet friends when they are in town and everyone is well. 

Ready for tea

Friends arrived

Toasting a good time
Singing happy birrhday to our girl

Crafting with friends 

Photo Op 

28 NovThanksgiving 2019

Thanksgiving this year was a very low key, lots of food, and family fun time. There was the small crowd with being just the Rhoads’, Comfort’s, and Mimi. We spent the morning at home chilling out watching Christmas hallmark movie and enjoying a late breakfast. Chris worked on school a little too before we headed to Mimi’s about 11. We joined in on another Hallmark movie while the kids headed upstairs and to the basement playing. Mimi fried the turkeys and threw the sides into the oven. We late lupper that afternoon then the boys turned on the football game while the ladies all went outside. The adult girls enjoyed time in the swing talkeing while the little played in the cars. We all went back inside when it started to cool off for a game of Spinner before we all chilled out in the den a little bit before heading home for the evening to get ready for our elf, Cupcake return. 
Ivy’s Post:
It was just Mimi, Mark Stacy, Sara, Katie, Lisa, Leia, Ivy, and Chris. We had a great meal. after Thanksgiving are elf comes.  we love doing stuff with are family.

This year mommy, Leia , and Ivy went and made hand print turkeys. Loved how they turned out! Now daddy needs to go make one so we have a family of turkeys. 

Cupcake returned. The girls were so excited. Loved watching Ivy read her books. 

Morning snuggles are the sweetest

Sweet Ivy had fun molding putty into different shapes

On the way to Mimi’s Chris decided he need a neck brace following the crash 

Thanksgiving at Mim’s 

Photo op before eating 

Mimi makes the best fried turkey
Thankful to have Mimi’s new oven to cook a yummy meal in this year
Family is a blessing …. missing those that were not with us today
After dinner the girls had fun playing 
Love that Ivy wanted to help do the blog this year for Thanksgiving after looking at all the books recently 

27 NovLittle Moments in November (11/16/19 – 11/27/19)

Saturday we had a much desired home day per the girls request. Daddy did a lot of school trying to finish up a class for the semester while mommy got to play with the girls; mommy had more fun ;). Daddy did get one class finished though so now he only had one more to go. Mommy focused on time with girls and tried to stay off electronics so we only took a pic when they piled on mommy since Mimi had texted asking what we were doing. The day was full of fun though! So thankful for these days with the girls and the laughs heard through the house.  

Sunday morning fun with the girls while mommy cooked and daddy slept. These are my favorite days when everyone gets to catch up on their rest, everyone is home and the house is full of joy…so blessed

Sunday afternoon, Leia was suppose to be going to a friends but as they were getting in the car to come get Leia they realized they had a fever so her playdate was cancelled and daddy chilled out with her at home while Ivy and mommy went to visit Mimi. Ivy ended up playing in leaves. She started gathering them with trash bags to create a pile. After watching her dump one bag and start the other mommy grabbed a rake to help our sweet girl get the pile she wanted. She ended up taking the rake herself and had a blast jumping in her big leaf pile. She is so full of joy and shares it with everyone she comes encounters.  

On our way to Mimi’s Ivy had saw that a pop-up fair came and really wanted to do the trampoline. On the way back home we ceased the moment for a little fun mommy-daughter time. Although as we were leaving she did said that it looked more fun from the road than it was since she only wanted to stay on the trampoline 20 SECONDS, the carousal was struggling to go, and the rides looked shaky; mommy was thankful she did not want to do any big rides there.  

Wednesday Leia got invited to go to a movie with a sweet friend, Grayson since they did not get to play over the weekend. Leia said the movie was good and she had a great time. Mommy knew Ivy would be at aftercare so she got off a little early to have a little one-on-one with Ivy. Ivy requested to go get ice-cream, buy cans for school, play at Chuck-e-Cheese, and  cook breakfast for dinner together. We ended up buying 272 cans for their school food drive and won over 2,000 tickets at Chuck-e-Cheese. Ivy did an amazing job cooking the chocolate chip pancakes all by herself while mommy folded clothes and cooked the bacon and eggs. She probably could have cooked everything by herself but it is fun to have a mommy-daughter cook time.  

Thankful to have lunch with my girls a week before Thanksgiving. Ivy asks almost everyday she knows mommy is not working if mommy will come have lunch with her today. Leia takes as many opportunities as she can to cease the moment and go because we are fully aware one day she will not ask like she does now and mommy does not want to regret not going one day

Aunt Stacy asked Lisa to come sub with a Bunko group Thursday evening. Daddy got a double date with his little girls that evening and got to tuck them in bed. When mommy got home and went to check on the girls  it was hard to find Leia with all the stuffed animals on the bed; that might have been how mommy slept when she was a little girl too

Friday nights we try to have a fun family night. The weekend begins and it is time to regroup, rest, and relax. This weekend we had planned to have sweet family friends over for family game night but our baby girl spiked a fever so we had to cancel our plans and go into momma snuggles and TLC mode.  We snuggled and rested, mommy got a ear ache, Ivy entertained us all, and when Leia got some energy she joined her sister torturing her daddy. In sickness and in health, spending time together is wonderful. 
Doctor Ivy made her own stethoscope to check on sissy, mommy, and daddy; of course her checking on daddy turned into torturing him 

Leia got some energy so joined her torturing daddy while mommy laughed then Leia decided she was all better so should put on footy PJs even though she felt like a hot box with a fever. 

Saturday, we canceled the family lunch at Mimi’s since Leia had a fever Friday night and baby K was diagnosed with double ear infection, RSV, and HFAM. We did not want to share germs with Thanksgiving going up this week but our girls had fun playing in the house and Ivy had fun jumping on the trampoline in the rain. 

Leia’s fever broke early morning but we still left her home resting when we went to Mimi’s for decorate her tree. Katie hung in with Lisa to decorate it all while Ivy wondered back and forth and Sara hung in through one of the three boxes of ornaments
Mommy blew the driveway off and made Ivy a leaf pile to jump in at home too

We joined some friends to see Frozen II and just put Leia on the end of the aisle to keep her separated from the other littles. 

Sunday morning Leia spiked another fever so we had a home day but when she felt good she was all about playing with sissy
Ivy was thankful to get to the movies with Mimi, Sara, and aunt Stacy then hung out with Sara and a neighbor afterwards while Leia stayed home to chill out with mommy and rest a little more


Monday and Tuesday was a work and school day although Leia still was feverish so Mimi came to stay with her. Lisa worked late on Tuesday to make sure she was off on Wednesday. Chris worked from home Tuesday and picked the girls up right when they arrived to aftercare then took the girlies on a date to Steak and Shake
On Wednesday, Leia still had no energy and Katie had come down with the flu on Tuesday so Chris took the well kids to Urban Air to jump off a little energy and have a little fun. They ended up coming back here and playing until bedtime both thankful to have a well playmate 

Blessed to have sweet friends over for PJs and pancakes Wednesday since we were out of school