08 AprFun week

This week was a good week for non work days even though the girlies had ACAP testing all week at school. The girls had fun at the ranch on Tuesday. they are learning so much and becoming pros with the horses. Thursday they had friends come home with them. Love watching them enjoy time with friends and pray our house will be one where they want to hang out frequently. 

Fun at the ranch

The girls love having friends come home with them!

Mommy loving the afternoon walks and rides with the girlies!

04 AprEaster 2021

Easter and Christmas are two of our family holidays. Christmas is when we celebrate Jesus coming to earth for 33 short years to teach about his Father and change the world. Easter is the day He created a way for us to come to God and live in Heaven when our time is done on this earth. These two holidays both represent a way God’s plan allows us live for eternity in Heaven. Thank you Lord for your grace and mercy for each of these days. Jesus, thank you for your obedience to your Father. 
Last year, Easter was the first major holiday that was impacted in the Covid pandemic. Many families did not gather together. Although our little family still elected to get together with Mimi and the Rhoads’, we did not have Kristi and Stephanie with their families over as we traditionally do. This year though, we were able to resume our family tradition and we all got to enjoy lunch, egg hunts, and sweet fellowship together. Of course, we missed our dads that God called home but so thankful for this day knowing that we will see them again. 
Not only did our family return to a little normalize, looking on FaceBook it seemed several other families did too. Facebook was flooded with of families reuniting, some of which mentioned it was the first time seeing each other in over a year. There was so much joy captured in the pictures of family reuniting. Thinking about the reunions got me thinking about the reunions we will have with brothers and sisters that have in Heaven, all because of the holiday that we celebrated today. Jesus is Alive! 
The girls were excited to open their Easter baskets first thing

Ivy was super excited about her new apple watch

Leia liked her and her Popitz 

Ivy celebrated and danced all over the house
Yummy homemade cinnamon rolls for breakfast

Before we left home we took pics for a neighbor so got a quick one of us fours too
Mommy had a favorite egg … remembering she thought this incase we get eye rolls when she is a teenager

Of course we took the opportunity for photo ops at Mimi’s when we arrived too

Sweet Mimi gave the girlies their Easter basket too

Love that Stacy always makes sure we get a group photo

It might be chaos sometimes with so may strong willed individuals

But thankful for each person in the picuture and that we get to call them not only family but a friend

Food was yummy but the fellowship was the best! Thankful we all were able to get together this year

Egg hunt fun … Sweet Leia decided this year she wanted to hide them with the grownups and help the littles find them

Grown ups found a shady spot

Ivy loves little ones!!!
Evening walk with my girl after we got home. Loved she said, “mommy, we walk the same”. Mommy loves walking the same with her and tries to match her pace and speed so we can go together and mommy can lead by example. 

02 AprGood Friday (2021)

What a good Friday we had! Lisa and Mimi got to spend the day together with a low key day. We checked the girls out a little early since the bus was not running, Chris had to go into the office, and we needed to run items back to the store to exchange. The girls ended up going shopping with us during the exchange and made out very well. We brought the car load back to our house then headed to The Rhoads’ house when Sara and Katie got home for our annual easter egg dying. Love traditions and getting to be part of them. Look forward to this every year.  

Lisa, Stacy, and Mimi all dyed one egg each too

Always a good time dying eggs

Sweet cousins! 

Finished products

Friday evening, we planned a neighbor’s dinner out to “Food Bar”. The girls were staying at the Talley’s with Mary and the boys were with Say-say at Tay’s house. When we arrived and Mary started showing girls tricks with whip cream we were pretty sure they were going to have a good time. Lisa was determined to get a picture this epic nigh since we neglect getting a quick snap to capture the precious time we gathered last month. The fellowship was great! We all laugh so much our bellies hurt and happy tears ran out of some eyes. None of the kids were ready for us to return but it was getting late and it was time to call it a night for an early Saturday plans we all had. Although, the three little ladies did end up with a sleep over at our house too. Glad they got some rest for their Saturday morning with horses.  

These beautiful ladies are ready for some fun with Mary Witt

Mary showed the girls the cool whip trick 

Sometimes it does not land in your mouth

The adults had a good time too! 

Love these sweet neighbors and great friends of ours!!

When we got back they littles were still having fun. The boys must have heard them having fun and came to join in it too

Spend the night fun, morning after

31 MarThankful for Snuggles Anytime

Last night, sweet Ivy had a nightmare and came to our room as she does normally when she has a bad dream or wakes up at night. She asked to snuggle so of course mommy said come on in and little bit climbed into our bed. We talked a couple minutes as I held her then she drifted back off to sleep in my arms snuggled up. Momma could not help but soak in the moment holding our baby girl and making everything better simply by just being there; how I wish it would make everything better for the rest of our girls lives. As I laid there taking in the moment the thoughts of nights when our girls were babies came back and how I would wake up to feed them and maybe sit there a little longer after they were finished just holding them. I treasured those moments but then they suddenly stopped suddenly. Then my thought turned to Leia and how she too use to come in when she woke up in the middle of the night or first thing in the morning but I do not remember the last time that Leia came to get us in the middle of the night or first thing in the morning; those moments too stopped suddenly and I did not know the last time was going to be the last. It got me thinking about how one time will be the last time Ivy will walk across the hall sleepy because of a bad dream or noise she hears which will happen just as unexpectedly as it did with Leia. For now though, I will hold her when she comes and treasure the moments! If Leia ever does call out in the middle of the night or come in we will welcome her too. Thankful for a snuggle from our girls anytime and this beautiful time in our life together. #they are only little once #enjoy every minute #the days are long but the years are short #love our girls

28 MarWeekend in Newnan

Friday afternoon we arrived just before Deedee got back from taking Alicia to her horse back lesson and Grandpa got back from fishing with Adrian. It gave us just enough time to take our bags in the house then they got back home. We all were excited to see Deedee and Grandpa since we had not saw them in several weeks. The girls were just as excited to see Alicia as they were when we saw them in CO too. It was a low key evening, cooking in, and sweet fellowship. Dinner was fantastic! Grandpa grilled chicken while Deedee roasted brussel sprouts, baked yummy fries, and made the best salad. After dinner the girls heading off to play but came back when Deedee lit their fire bit to do s’mores. Kelly and Adrian came by as we were finishing the s’mores to visit a little too. Grandpa took Adrian and the little sisters frog hunting but they headed home at nine so our girls got a bath and we all called it a night. 

S’mores with Deedee are the best

Saturday morning, the girls said Deedee fixed them breakfast, they played basketball, crafted, and got to play the rug game all before Lisa got up. We sat outside with tea when Lisa got up for a few minutes then it was back to crafting and playing. Chris, Lisa, and the girls headed to Diego and Kelly’s to see all the renovations they have been doing since they returned from Spain. The basement was gorgeous as as the tables and cabinets; they have done a lot of work. We all went out to lunch for salads and asian bowls then before we knew it the little girls needed to head to get ready for their horseback lesson. The girls had quite a crowd to watch them and loved every minute of it. Kelly and the kids came back to Deedee and Grandpa’s to hang out with us and have dinner before we headed to “The Legend” to see the Descendant play. We all enjoyed the play and was thankful it was nice weather since it was outside. It was a great day full of fun! 

These girls love horses and skiing and got to do both in the past two weeks together #cousinsmakelifelongfriends

The girl’s cheering crownd

All mounted up

After the lesson they got to groom the horses and give them treata
Even the boys got in on the fun at the ranch

Sunday morning, as Lisa walked down the stairs she smelled the cinnamon rolls and bacon Deedee cooked the girls. We sat outside and enjoyed our tea while the girls watched their morning shows. Chris surfaced a little later and made coffee while Deedee took the girls upstairs to craft. Once they were done crafting with Deedee we all went to “Leia and Ivy’s Cafe” for the rude waitress to serve the guys while the ladies get the sweet ones. We headed back downstairs and visited a little longer before getting on the road to head home. It was a great weekend! It had been too long since we had gone to visit in GA. 

We always have a fun time at Grandpa and Deedee’s

We did make a quick stop at Buccee’s on the way home in case the girls classmates were talking about it since looking at facebook it looked like quite a few ventured there over spring break. Leia was not impressed with it but Ivy seemed to enjoy it. We stopped by Habeneros as well to see the Talley’s before making it back to our house. Once we got the car unloaded we went to the Rhoads to help finish up the gazebo they had been working on all weekend. Before we knew it, it was time to head back home and get ready for school and work weeks to begin again but the girls started the last 9 weeks of this year. 

26 MarSpring Break 2021

Like 2020 this was a low key break with lots of R&R time except for Monday since we had a long travel Day from coming off our first plane trip in over a year, skiing in CO with the Requena-Comfort’s on Monday. We made it home not long before midnight Monday night. Needless to say, Tuesday morning we all slept in a little (even our early riser, Leia). Mommy and daddy had to work on Tuesday too so the girlies entertained themselves at the house and horse back riding was cancelled for spring break. We did have a movie night that evening but did not leave the house that day so it was a pajama day. Wednesday morning the adults had to work again so the little ladies chilled out in the morning but the three Comfort ladies headed to Mimi’s just after lunch Wednesday to ride the golf cart and enjoy sweet time with Mimi as we had a girls spend the night party. Thursday, we hung out at Mimi’s and the Rhoads’ ladies came to visit too. We headed home that afternoon once the storms passed. Sara and Katie came to hang out a little longer at our house then Mark picked them up just before dinner. That evening we chilled out with Chris and had another family movie night. Friday, Chris and Lisa were back at work but we loaded up to head to Newnan just after lunch for fun weekend there.  It was not a spring break full of excitement and on the go but it was one where we all caught up from the vacation the week before, spent time together in the evenings, and reenergized to finish the school year off strong. 

There were not a lot of pictures taken the week of Spring Break since most of it was spent at home with R&R and pajamas time but we did snap a couple pictures in the golf cart and at Mimi’s Wednesday
Morning snuggles and sweet time together is the best! 

22 MarSki Tip: Steamboat, CO (2021)

Twenty four hours after we thought we would be heading to the airport we were finally on our way. Mimi dropped us off a little after 5am for our vacation to start. We paid for early bird check in but did not get it so we’re thankful to get two sets of two seats together. Ivy wanted to sit with Chris and Leia with Lisa so it worked out. Apparently, Ivy was little miss talkative though and did not let Chris rest like she usually does while Leia entertained herself and Lisa rest for a few minutes.

On our way
We arrived!

We had scheduled to pick up the car at 2:30 when we were suppose to land but Chris had gotten us on a earlier flight so we were thankful to get a rental car when we arrived without delay. We did not luck out with the hotel and get a room right away but found Apres Burger Bistro for lunch to fill our bellies after flying all morning. Chris, nor Leia was impressed with there burger and the server was struggling getting our meal to us correctly. It had a 4.75 star review but think we would have given it 3. Afterwards, we picked up waters at the store then were able to head back to get our room. 

These girlies were excited to walk on the snow at lunch and Ivy loved serving the water

Chris said he was exhausted when we arrived so he laid down while Lisa unpacked and the girls went between entertaining themselves with their iPads and helping Lisa. Once everything was put away and organized somewhat mommy asked the girls if they wanted to get their swimsuits and find the pool to give daddy a little more time to sleep. Of course, they were in on that plan and we headed to the pool/hot tub for an hour and a half. The time had come we needed to wake Chris up so we could make it to our appointment to pick up our ski rental.

View from our room

We entertained ourselves after we took the luggage up and unpacked

These girls love a pool! 

The ski lodge is less than a mile from our hotel so only takes 3 minutes to get there. It was quite confusing getting to the rental place from where Chris dropped us off to go find a parking space. Thankfully Ivy spotted aunt Kelly and uncle Diego who just had finished skiing so they helped us find the correct location. They headed back to shower while we got our rentals so we could meet up later. It was quicker than we expected at the rental place so we got back to the hotel a few minutes after the Requena-Comfort’s. We changed our dinner plans to go to a Mexican place do we could go earlier and have more flexibility and get walk around down town too.

The town is quaint and fun. Kelly put our name on the wait list at the restaurant so we could explore while we waited. We walked along the river and in a couple shops. There was a neat gallery with all types of horse statues and paintings which was right up our girl’s alley. Kelly got a text it was time to sit so we headed back to Salt and Lime for some yummy food and the fellowship was even better. It was fabulous! It’d been a long travel day so we headed back to the room to call it a night and get ready for our lesson the next day.

Beautiful river near town to walk beside as we waited for dinner

These two showed us how to mount a horse while we were walking around town

Belated Birthday Dinner celebration

Friday we woke up and Chris said he was not feeling up to skiing so we had a girls day skiing. Leia started off strong. Ivy was a little out of control. Lisa remembered nothing from last year and almost wanted to throw in the towel; well she might have told the instructor to take the girls and she was going to take a break so … but after the girls did a run momma rejoined the group and we went to a easy green. It was much better than the magic carpet or bunny hill! So many people makes Lisa anxious and unable to ski or focus. We skied the lower preview, upper preview (X3), an unnamed trail, Kristy Peak Express, and Sitzback. Lisa knew when she had finished that she was done and told the girls they could go with Alicia and Adrian while she enjoyed the base of the mountain. However, by the time we got to the bottom of the last slope both girls were saying they were done too. We did run into their cousins though, got to say hi, and give them our locker we’d rented for the day as they were getting started skiing for the day/night and we were heading out.

Mommy got all three of our boots buckled and us to the meeting spot on time. By the time we met the instructor mom felt felt like she had already done a long workout #novicetoskiing 

First lift of the day with Emma, our coach 

She took us down a 3.5 mile green right before our time was up that proved challenging for us as we all three fell once on the run but it fun. There are very few pictures since mommy is not experienced at skiing and really was just trying to stay upright but we did get this one when we stopped to rest on the long run. 
As we finished up with the instructor we saw the Requena-Comfort crew. We all had said we were done for the day so we did not get to ski any with them but got to share a locker with them for the day. The girls also got to take a break with Diego while Lisa and Kelly went to store our rentals and get the girls regular boots since one of them was saying they could not walk in the ski boots

Ivy declared she only wanted to go home (aka the room) so we ran by to drop her and our stuff off since Chris was in the room laying down. Leia and Lisa went to the store to get goggles we had forgotten and pick up lunch at Hypnotic Chicken. Once we finished eating the Comfort ladies headed downstairs to the game room, fitness room, and pool/hot tub for the afternoon entertainment. Even momma got in the cold pool; she is not sure why anyone would want that over the hot tub. Once we were all prunes we headed up to shower.

Poor Chris was in bed all day

We did not want to disturb him so we entertained ourselves in the game room, fitness room, and pool


Chris had made a reservation that we’d cancelled the previous night and rescheduled at a place called Elevated. However, he still was not feeling like doing much when we returned so the Comfort ladies decided they would still go since we did not want to cancel on them two nights in a row. The restaurant looked nice but we might should have been concerned when we were the only ones in there. Plus, we declared it was weird not having Chris with us. We ordered and the food looked good but fell flat when we tasted it so none of us ate our meal. We heard them send staff home so they were not expecting a busy night. By the time we were leaving Lisa had a headache, Ivy was asking to go bed, and Leia was indifferent to what we did so we headed back and called it an early night.

We love a good card game to entertain ourselves before time to leave for a rsvp

Girls dinner

Saturday morning, Chris woke up with us and seemed to be normal (if we can really call him normal). He had not eaten on Friday so asked about going out for breakfast. We found a yummy looking breakfast at Winona’s. It turned out it was fabulous! Ivy was happy with her chocolate chip pancakes. Leia loved her huge, bigger than her head cinnamon roll. Lisa got an excellent California Huevos and Chris enjoyed his French toast. When we finished it was still pretty early and not much downtown was open so we headed back to the room to pass time before tubing. Ivy and Lisa entertained themselves playing cards while Chris and Leia entertained themselves with iPhones while we waited.

Look at all the yummy stuff in the the case

This one cracked us up sayign the new card deck was not in order

Cards are always fun to pass the time while we wait

Finally it was time to go. We drove up to Saddleback Ranch taking in gorgeous scenery to get tubing tickets. It was such a great time! There were two runs open when we arrived and one more opened while we were there. The green run allowed us to link arms with each other which was Ivy and Lisa’s favorite because we were able to do it together. The black run was bumpy and fun which was Leia and Ivy’s favorites. The blue run that opened later was fast which was another of Lisa and Leia’s favorites because of the speed. Hmmm, we all had two favorites but tons of fun on all the runs. The time went by quick as the old saying goes, “time flies when you are having fun.” 

The tubing gang

The conveyor that pulled us up 

Sweet girls

Fun time!!

Loved tubing down together

The adult-kids had as much fun as the little kids

We are like wine and get better with time

Love creating memories together

Anji (Kelly’s friend that met us) recommended a lunch spot was called Sun Pies which was a fabulous recommendation. There was both beautiful views and great food but the fellowship was the best. We enjoyed the laughter with friends and family but was getting a little too much sun. Plus, we needed to get back to our hotel for our pickup to go to the hot springs so had to call it a wrap. On the way out though our girls did get to run by the candy store they spotted on the way in and asked go too.

Loved this sign at our lunch spot

The ride to the Hot Springs that afternoon was another gorgeous ride up. We could see being iffy to drive ourselves if it were icy and not 61 degrees. The sight of the springs were breath taking. There were cold springs and several hot springs that ranged in temperatures. We all explored all the warmer/hot ones. The ladies all at least got to our waist in the cold water but quickly returned to the warmer pools. There was excitement not long before we were going to leave with a lady who fainted. We were able to share water and snacks with her when she came too before we left but it was a scary situation for a few minutes not knowing what was happening that left an impression in our kids minds since they talked about it a few times.

Excited to soak sore muscles in the hot springs and have some fun too


That evening, the Comfort ladies joined the Requena-Comforts and Wood’s on the mountain to ride the coaster and take in the views of the city at night. Chris said he was tired and opted to rest up for the next day. Ivy was not quite tall enough to ride by herself so all the kids and Lisa got unlimited ride tickets while the other adults got one time ride tickets. Ivy got her money worth by riding twice but got too cold after that while Leia rode it 6 times with the other kiddos. Lisa and Ivy made their way to Timber and Torch to join the other adults but would take breaks from the adult time to go throw snow or ice balls. We ordered food and ate when the coaster closed then Leia requested to head back since she was tired so we left the rest of the party animals to call it a night.

Coaster ride at night gave some incredible views

Sweet Ivy was too short to ride by herself so she rode with mommy and aunt Kelly

Snowball fight! Ivy is our energizer bunny

Diego got the calm, mommy got the snow balls

Sunday morning was not quite as an early of start for our ski day as the first day but we excited Chris was joining us. We arrived about 8:30 and got ready then hit the lower and upper preview slopes. Chris made a couple runs then decided he was done skiing so went and got coffee and enjoyed the views while Lisa and the girls skied a few more runs. Kelly and Alicia joined us after we had been skiing a couple hours. We did the preview slope one more time then headed up to Sitzback that took all three of us out the first day. We all made it past the point that we did the first time without falling and the girlies made it all the way to the bottom without falling. Kelly did the run again looking for the girls while Lisa took a break with Chris to get coffee too. By the time we all regrouped It was lunch time so when everyone made it back to the base we all grabbed something to reenergize.

This Alabama girl was so excited to see snow she made a snow angel in the parking lot before we headed up to the slopes

Our one run together

Chris took a break so Lisa headed back up with the girlies
Then we let these two go up and down just the two of them while mommy checked on daddy
We were happy to see Kelly and Alicia when they came to ski with us

After lunch we rode the gondola up to the top together. Diego and Kelly took the 4 kids on a 4.5 mile ride down called ‘why not’ while Lisa and Chris rode the gondola back down and took care of getting refunds on lift tickets and rentals since we were not able to ski one of the days due to flight interruptions. Once the business was taken care of Lisa wanted to ski a run or two. As she was walking that way Kelly texted to say they were down and Ivy was done but Leia wanted to go again. Kelly and Diego took Leia while Lisa tried to talk Ivy into a short run but she refused. Thankfully, sweet Alicia agreed to go ski with Lisa while Adrian and Ivy threw snow balls at each other. We skied a short run then Alicia and Lisa joined the snowball fight. Lisa asked Ivy if she wanted to get the ski boots off but instead she decided to ski another run or two so that is what we all did. Happy, that all of us ended the ski portion of the trip without a fall before heading back to the hotel.

 Gondola Ride

We took in the beautiful view

Then got a quick selfie before we headed down to take care of business

Aunt Kelly and Tio Diego got some pictures of their ski time with the littles


Sweet Alicia and Lisa got to ski a run just the two of us to make sure Lisa did not end the trip on a fall while Adrian and Ivy threw snow balls. Of course, we joined in the fun when we got back from the run

Ivy decided to go one more time too so Lisa got to ski with the three kiddos on her and Ivy’s last run of the trip

Kelly and the kids joined us at the pool for the afternoon. It was fun listening to the kids play while we soaked in the hot tub and got to visit. Previously when we had gone there had only been one other couple come in with us. This time there was a few more people but it was still easy to social distance and no one stayed long with the excitement in the pool. We came up with dinner plans and all headed back to get showers after almost a couple hours in the pool. We had decided to meet at the restaurant so everyone had a little down time beforehand. We opted to go shopping to get a souvenir a few minutes before meeting at the restaurant. Unfortunately, we did not think about it being Sunday and shops closing early so a lot If them were closed but we ran into the Requena-Comfort’s doing the same thing at one t-shirt shop. Ivy and Alicia decided to get the same shirt so they could be twins. It was close to dinner time so we walked back to Mai Tai for yummy Thai food, sweet fellowship, and said our goodbyes since we were heading out Monday and they were heading to the mountain for the day.

Hot tubs feel nice after skiing
The little ladies were crazy and preferred the cold pool

Monday morning we did not set an alarm in hopes of sleeping in since it would be a late travel night. Unfortunately, Lisa woke up before 6 and the girls a little bit afterwards.  Chris was able to sleep until after 7. The girls grab a breakfast snack from downstairs then we packed up, watched TV, and entertained ourselves in the game room for the morning since we found out a few of our planned activities had closed for the season. We ventured out a little after 11 for brunch/lunch then explored the shops and walked along the river until it was time to get to the airport. Thankfully our flights were on time. There was a little hiccup on the plane as Ivy freaked out and declared she was going to throw up and we needed an emergency landing. Yes the flight attendant did ask if we needed to land since she screamed it loud enough for them to hear but Lisa said no, thank you. Ivy ended up falling asleep after an hour or so but boy she was a handful on that leg of the trip. We all were happy when we landed in Birmingham to head home. After all, a vacation is great but it is always nice to get home after it too.  

  Packed up and ready but not wanting to leave the room and put on a mask just yet

Daddy wanted to rest but the Comfort ladies were getting stir crazy so we headed back to the game room

Always up for a good time;I pray she never loses her zest for life

 Souvenir, shopping day since everything we had planned closed due to the warm day melting snow

We got Leia on the horse before we left while we were shopping too
Enjoying the outside as long as we can until we have to go sit in the airport

Entertainment at the airport


17 MarLisa’s Birthday (2021)

Birthday pedicures with Mimi and Stacy since we planned on leaving on our trip on my birthday and we wanted to celebrate together so elected to do a before birthday celebration and after birthday celebration next Wednesday

Our plans changed since our flight was cancelled late Tuesday night so we got to have celebrate my birthday on Wednesday at home again this year. Chris picked up bagels and they all sung happy birthday as we made our first wish blowing out the candle.

Mid-morning, Mimi came over to see join our day of celebration. It was a bummer to miss a day of vacation but a blessing to get to spend my birthday with my momma. We did venture out to the Summit before the storms came in to get the 50% off for your birthday at Kindard Scott 

The Rhoads joined us in the afternoon for a birthday/storm party; a treat Covid took away last year

We had lost sleep the night before with flight cancelations so Chris napped and Mimi gave me the perfect cup; just be you, be happy, be what you want to be … 

Lisa’s big birthday celebration was not what we expected but it was great surrounded by family we love

Life is a journey and does not always turn out the way you plan but every moment is a blessing, count each one 

Thankful to have another birthday and for each and every family or friend that called, texted, facebooked, or came to hug my neck

Love creating memories and having fun with family and friends

Cheers to a great year ahead! 

14 MarNeighbor’s Birthday

We had precious neighbors who moved in during the start of Covid. Despite the fact that we all were suppose to be quarantining, Lisa though she should be neighborly and welcome them to the neighborhood. Chris did not think it was a good idea and said she should knock on a strangers door during the pandemic. Well, Lisa did not listen and took them a plate of baked goods to welcome them to the neighborhood. Fast forward, over a year later and we were all invited to their foster son Tay’s 4th birthday because turned out it is nice to quarantine with sweet neighbors. We ended up hanging out quite a bit with them and another set of neighbors during the quarantine/pandemic, it helped keep everyone sane and we all enjoy fellowshipping together. We can not remember when they did not live down the street, feels like it has been longer than it has been but we are thankful for sweet friends and neighbors a couple doors down. 

Batman Themed birthday party …Tay is turning four 

They had the biggest slide imaginable in the front yard. I wish we had a video of the girls reactions when they saw it, priceless. Our little ladies were so excited to get to go down to play on it and had a blast! 
You know the adult-kids got in on the fun when the party was over 😉

Sweet Tay gave hugs for coming to celebrate with him


14 MarAunt Joy Visit

Aunt Joy has came by to visit on her way to or from her FL trip to visit family for several years. When uncle John was called to his Heavenly home the girls asked will aunt Joy still come and were super excited to hear she and Bento was coming on their way home and stay two nights this time.

Joy was here when they got home Friday from school. She brought clothes for them to look through aunt Dawn brought and found some stylish threads that they wore to dinner that evening, no picture since we were focused on just enjoying the fellowship but it was a great evening together full of good food, laughter and great fellowship.

Saturday morning was the first Saturday that we did not have something to do early so we all hung around in PJs and savored the time. Joy and Lisa took the girls to horseback riding mid morning. They were super excited to show Joy what they could do but boy was it hot. After that adventure we headed home to cool down but still got a couple short walks in before Mimi came over to join us for dinner and visit with aunt Joy too. 

Sunday morning, we did not rush either. So nice to have mornings not to rush. Chris picked up breakfast out for us and brought it back to the house. The girls took Bento on a morning walk while Lisa and Joy sit in the swing talking and sipping coffee. We did get a walk in not long before Joy headed home to get some movement in since she would be in the car a few hours. We love that aunt Joy makes it a point to stop by to visit as she passes near our house and look forward to the next visit. We simply love her visits and getting to catch up! 

Loving on the animals in the house
Saturday morning was for R&R 

the girls were excited Joy came to watch them ride! 

Ivy also liked modeling her clothes she got from Dawn

We walked around the neighborhood and up at Starlake

Saturday evening grill out at the house

Sunday morning, we chilled out on the porch by the fire and roasted marshmallows enjoying the time together 

Snuggles with Bento before he leaves