22 MarWeek of Homeschool and Telecommuting due to CORID-19

It is Wednesday which makes it day 3 of school being out and Chris telecommuting but day 1 of both Lisa and Chris telecommuting went pretty well. There still is a lot of uncertainty around the virus that has forced businesses, schools, and restaurants to close but we are doing our part to #flatten the curve. We all stayed home all day. The girls both read and did math for 40 minutes each while Lisa and Chris worked. Other than those two subjects they pretty much played but some of the play was engineering related so that counted as science. We took a family walk in the afternoon before the girls asked if they could wash a car. The car wash turned into just playing in the hose but they had fun. We grilled out dinner then ended up having an early bedtime again tonight in our room. We know rest is good to keep our immune systems up so trying to make sure we all get plenty of it too. 

Thursday, we did much of the same. and stayed home all day. Ivy was getting a little stir crazy and started face-timing from the chair with daddy while mommy was on the couch. Leia was content to chilling out one more day. We enjoyed a family walk or two and rode bikes too. Ivy got to FaceTime a friends, Evelyn that evening; keeping connected to people is good for us. The girlies slept in our room again since they wanted too. 

Friday, we spent the morning playing outside and riding bikes. The girls were excited when the dog from down the street came down to visit; we kept our social  distance with the human but not the dog. Mid-morning the adults were all on edge and stressing ourselves out readying what we could get our hands on regarding CORVID-19 virus.  We decided it best if the girls headed to Mimi’s to see her while Chris worked since we all had been in isolation and had saw each other Tuesday. Stacy, Sara, and Katie ended up coming over too. We talked about what they were saying to the nurses and medical staff; our medical aunt told us one of the best ways to fight off disease is not to stress your body out. So we decided to all simply enjoy being a family and do normal things together like dinner. The Rhoads headed home after dinner but the Comfort girls stayed the night at Mimi’s. The girls loved playing in the basement, riding the golf cart, and chilling out at Mimi’s; it is one of our places we go to relax and mommas always make everything better no matter what age you are. 


The girls were excited to see each other! It is not the 6 feet of social distance at dinner but it was good for our souls to be together, normal, and not stressing out

Saturday, morning we chilled out watching a new to us Netflix show, Green House Academy. Then we decided to go on a walk while the girls rode the rockers then the adults rode bikes while the girls rode the golf cart. The Rhoads came back about lunch and we all had a little fellowship before a late lunch. Mark mentioned that we were suppose to be leaving for Helen, GA that day. It is strange how life can take you to unexpected places. Grateful we were together! We know to never take for granted a moment you have with a person you love. We had a great time just being together and fellowshipping. We came home as Chris was finishing his studying. Our little family got to enjoy some sweet time together too. Time is the most precious thing; thankful for this time with those we love. We had a light dinner together after the big lunch then just simply was together until bed time. 

Morning snuggles are always the best! 
Escorting the golf cart riding bikes and then enjoying a nice lunch before heading home 

Sunday morning mommy was the last one up so breakfast was late but she was up for a few hour during the night; God I pray better rest in the week ahead. It was a good morning to sleep in though since it was a rainy one. Chris worked on school and Lisa did a couple hours of work after breakfast. Our Sunday school met online. It was encouraging to hear from them and get to fellowship online. We FaceTimed with Deedee and Grandpa for a little bit. Ivy and Lisa went for a walk that afternoon when the sun came out then came back to paint nails then had an afternoon snack. Chris and Leia joined us outside after our snack. The girls rode bikes and swung in the swing. A couple neighbors stopped on their walks to say hi but no-one stepped off the roadway and we were in the middle of our yard so we kept a good social distance. We as humans generally crave connecting so it is odd having such distance but we know it is for the good of all. It is also strange not having a ton of things to do; the isolation is giving each of us time to just be together with minimal distractions. God I pray You still our spirits and we turn back to you as a nation under God again…heal our land, heal our hearts, forgive us for turning from you, save us Lord.  

Leia chilled with daddy while Ivy walked with mommy

Little spa time 

Enjoyed sweet snuggles with Leia while we watched TV before bed


17 MarLisa’s Birthday (2020)

Thankful we decided to start Lisa’s birthday celebration the weekend before her birthday. Grandpa and Deedee came to town and the adults went out to dinner on Friday to Ruth Chris to celebrate both Lisa and Chris’s birthdays together. We all enjoyed great fellowship and food then when we got home the girls had decorated the house (Mimi suggested it) for a little happy surprise. We also got to enjoy yummy carrot cake Deedee had made for our birthdays. Such a fun little celebration! 

Dinner our

Inside joke … is the green bottle mouthwash or soap
Fun celebrating our birthdays together
The girls did an amazing job decorating and we all enjoyed the yummy carrot cake 


Saturday was very low key! We were starting to hear more and more about a virus that was rocking our little world as talk of possible school cancelations with a CORID-19 virus threat and decisions of self-isolating so we elected to stay home for the most part. The guys did go golfing for an early tee time then we met them for lunch at Chili’s. After lunch the ladies headed to the library to let the girls pick out books in case school was closed. By the evening it was confirmed school would be closed, the library announced they would not re-open until farther notice, Chris was directed to start tele-commuting effective Monday, and Lisa was told her start date for tele-commuting would be Wednesday. Thankful we had gotten the girls both several books to tied us over. We had snuggle time and game time that evening at home; sweet family time. 

 Enjoying the morning outside with sweet friends and neighbors

Most store shelves were like this one, bare

A night at home

Sunday morning, Deedee started home school math with Leia while Grandpa picked up donuts for everyone. They left early to go by the store to see if they could get food for their house before heading home. Lisa and Ivy headed out to visit Mimi. We helped Mimi put a shelf together, rode the golf cart even though it was drizzly rain, had lunch, and just enjoyed sweet fellowship together. Leia went to visit her friend Grayson for a playdate which unbeknownst to us at that time would be the last playdate for our girls for the foreseeable future as the rest of the week unfolded. 


Monday, Lisa went to work. It was strange as there was only 5 or 6 on the floor where her desk is located. Although other floors were full. About lunch time she finally called it a day and headed home. One of the local stores were putting pottery paint kits together to do at home so we picked up Sara and Katie to go let them all pick out something for Lisa’s brithday celebration on her real birthday. We ended up swinging by Publix too since we had heard they had gotten a delivery of meat and Stacy said she needed some. By the time we got back home John and Joy had arrived. We ordered dinner in with the state of things and took their sweet new dog , Bento for a couple walks.  


Finally Lisa’s birthday arrived! We enjoyed a nice breakfast with John and Joy then took their dog on a walk before they headed home. Mimi arrived about 9:30 to hang out. Stores were continuing to close so we stayed at the house except when we ran to the jewery store to pick up a ring Mimi had resized for Lisa’s birthday. We ate left overs for lunch and sat on the porch just talking. After much debate we decided to forego Lisa’s birthday celebration that afternoon with Mimi and the Rhoad’s so Mimi headed home about 4. Chris took the Rhoads their pottery and they hung a HB sign and painted in celebration of Lisa’s birthday. We got to FaceTime to see the finished products though. Monday night Lisa did not sleep well so we decided to head to bed early since we knew that both Chris and Lisa had to work on Wednesday and we needed to start homeschool schedule with the girls. 

Birthday breakfast

Dancing with uncle John

Morning walk

Chris has decided everyone needs a 6 ft buffer with the virus going around

Thankful to spend the day with my momma and little family!

Present time … Lisa got a fun toy to play with, a New Generation ice-cream truck

Who would have thought that adults would want TP for their birthday but with the stores sold out it was a great gift

Chris went to pick up dinner so the girls all took a little walk. We made lots of wishes on blow flowers

The girls all got to paint their pottery for my birthday, even if it was not together

Finished products 
It was a different birthday being in self-isolation but thankful I got to have another birthday. Blessed to get to spend part of my day with my momma and little family, plus receive so many birthday texts, calls, and facebook posts from so many sweet friends and family members. My wish this year is health over us all. My prayer is for God’s peace that transcends all our understanding falls on each of us during this time of uncertainty. I plan to celebrate with more friends and family after this virus scare is over. 🙂

08 MarWeekend Fun: Cookie Booths and Girl Scout Father-Daughter Dance

Ivy had fun at the first cookie booth we could attend this year Friday afternoon. We have been out of town or busy for every other booth. Loved watching them sell and have fun together. 

After the cookie booth Lisa and the girls headed to Mimi’s to spend the night. Chris said he needed to study for his test this weekend. he was able to take it on Saturday around lunch so he could enjoy the rest of the our weekend. While he studied we enjoyed sweet time with Mimi, had a fun morning riding the golf cart and playing. The time fly by and we had to head back home before we knew it to pick up the girls corsages for the evening events.  

Saturday evening was the much anticipate father-daughter dance with Leia and Ivy’s friends from Girl Scouts. The girls have been talking about it since the date had been set for it. Love the excitement they have to spend time with their daddy and that Girl Scouts gives them the opportunity to spend a evening with friends and the dads. The girls picked out their dresses all by themselves. Leia went shoe shopping in Lisa’s closet since we wear the same size now and let mommy help with her hair. Ivy wanted her hair down and wanted to be the only one to brush it herself. 

We snagged a family pic too since most of us were dressed up


Mommy decided she needed a pic with daddy too and Ivy had fun photo bombing Chris and Leia’s pic

The are off on their date night 

Mommy went out with Mimi for a girls night out while the little girls went with Daddy and was waiting on pictures from their dinner and dance. Mommy sent daddy them when he said not to forget to take pics of our mother-daughter night out

Daddy’s dinner double date. The girls decided that their tradition would be to go to Firebirds every Girl Scout father-daughter dance. They both got salmon and Chris got “spicy steak” according to the girls. 

The girls were excited they were the first ones at the dance but their friends were right behind them 

They had fun dancing the night away, taking silly pictures, and laughing … can you tell who likes their picture taken the most 😉  

Dancing with daddy

What a great night

After a fun night with Girl Scouts Leia got to go to her first cookie booth on Saturday at the Summit but mommy forgot to get a picture; thankful for the mom at Ivy’s booth that took a picture 

06 MarBlessed

Mommy and daddy sneaks in to check on these sweet girls frequently at night. We love to see them snuggled up in the same bed. In the stillness we thank God for blessing our family with two precious girls; it is a privilege watching them learn, discover, and grow. Our pray for them is that they will walk in the path God calls them too, forgive others and love as fierce as they do now, and have have pure, passionate, joy throughout their life. 

Saturday morning breakfast on a Friday morning …. sounds like a good plan to us. These girls are awesome. They are growing into incredible young ladies each unique and special. Their bond is strong and love is mighty. May they always each spread their wings in life but remember their roots as well, encourage each other, and have each others backs throughout life. Family is a blessing! We love all our family weather they live near or far

01 MarChris’s Birthday (2020)

We turned our Saturday night game night with sweet neighbors and friends into a birthday eve celebration for our birthday boy. The girls suggested going to get an ice cream cake on the way home from Mimi’s Saturday for an after dinner surprise for their daddy; of course, mommy said sure since she loves celebrations and surprises. Chris also dressed up for out dinner following a string of text between Holly and Lisa. We all had a good laugh with his suit and tie at dinner and Lisa’s yoga pants and makeup free attire. Thankful for the dress up night since it gave Chris’s girls time to hurriedly decorate for our impromptu surprise party. It was a fun night of games with friends and lots of laughter

The texts that led to …. Chris/Leia all fancy and Lisa/Ivy in workout clothes at dinner…mommy may have cried laughing so hard…Don’t tell daddy he was funny this one time 😉
Of course with our girls thinking about daddy’s bday she told the waiter he needed the birthday sombrero, LOL

this is the ‘Happy Birthday’ writing when you do it hurriedly …. not fancy but it’s there

Game night fun is being a weekend favorite 
These girls could not stand all our fun and decided to all 3 pile in the single bed to sleep instead of the queen bed. Max must have fallen off or not allowed in the bed; he was fast asleep next to the bed curled up with the stuffed animals (should have gotten his picture too)

Chris’s birthday morning was just what he wanted it to be. 🙂 We let him sleep in to the time he said to wake hime so sweet Leia gentle went in to wake her daddy up on his birthday as requested. Ivy sang happy birthday and gave him birthday snuggles at first sight. Mommy gave a kiss, smile, and happy birthday too. His breakfast choice was Waffle House but wouldn’t let us take a candle to sing. Comical was that little bit wore PJ’s under her clothes since she wanted to wear jammies there and we said no; good laugh at the breakfast table … maybe we should check next time. As soon as we got home Ivy took her top layer off so she could be comfy in PJs to help daddy open his gifts. As soon as they had finished helping the girls headed to the playroom for a little fun while daddy relaxed in his recliner the rest of the morning. 

We met Mimi and the Rhoads for lunch at Outback. After yummy cheese fries, blooming onion, and steaks we headed back to our house for some fellowship. Chris FaceTimed the Requena-Comfort’s while we were chilling out too. Next on the agenda was to sing happy birthday to our birthday boy before enjoying sweet bundt cakes. Chris and Mark got to talking over dessert and decided to head to the movies to see “Bad Boys for Life” while the ladies hung out and fellowship a little longer. When Chris got home we FaceTimed Deedee and Grandpa then fixed dinner, spent sweet family time, then it was bedtime. It felt like a quick day but we hope our birthday boy felt loved and loved his day. 

 Morning snuggles are all so sweet!

Waffle House breakfast was what our birthday boy requested

The girls ‘helped’ open his gifts. I love the excitement they have for a birthday weather it is theirs or ours

Love the sweet fellowship in the chilly weather and sweet treat to celebrate
Selfies are always interesting with this crew

29 FebUncle John and Aunt Joy

We all love our visits from aunt Joy and uncle John as they drive to Florida. They arrived Friday, shortly after lunch and we decided to go to Cottontails. Ivy had a birthday party that afternoon so we decided to check Leia out to join us at Cottontails while Chris studied then ran Ivy to her party. We had a great time walking around the arts and festival. Leia set the pace and seemed to have a great time trying on clothes and looking at the neat stuff they had there. Aunt Joy spoiled the girls and bought the girlies each an outfit. We headed home to fellowship with Chris and for Leia to go to her bible study in the neighborhood then headed to Firebirds for dinner. After dinner the girls put on a show for us while we all sat around talking, looking at Thomas Kinkade book, and enjoying sweet fellowship. 

Saturday morning, we were all up by 7 o’clock. We enjoyed coffee then Ivy worked on her activity book aunt Joy and uncle John had brought while Lisa cooked a big, southern breakfast. We all filled our bellies then we decided to go to Star Lake for a little walk and feed the ducks. It was a relaxing morning there! When we arrived there was only a few people around so were the only ones on the pier to feed the ducks. A couple ducks even joined us on the pier. When we were all out of food we walked around the lake. By the time we walked around the lake there was starting to get a little crowd on the pier feeding the ducks and in the park area. The girls got another quarter though to feed the ducks a little more. Right as we finished the wind started picking up so we decided to head back to the house. Joy and John left shortly after we returned so they could make it to Valdosta, GA before dark for the next leg of their journey. We told them they were welcome to come back by on the way back home after their Florida visit. Thankful for the time we had with them! 

Dinner at Firebirds

The girlies put on hooverboard, dance shows for us 

Saturday morning, Ivy enjoyed doing her activity book while mommy cooked breakfast

We headed to Star Lake to feed the ducks and get a little movement before Joy and John had to get on the road for the next stop on their trip

Thankful for this time together! 


27 FebSpecial Lunch: Mommy and Ivy

When a doctor appointment interferes with your school lunch time you get a special lunch of your choice. Blessed to get a few minutes with our girl and share laughs during a school day 🙂

25 FebVHEW Book Fair 2020

The girls both said book fair is one of their favorite school events. Thankful Mimi was able to go with Leia to book fair since mommy and daddy both had meetings we could not get out of at her book fair time after being gone a week skiing.

Mommy got to go with Ivy but we did not get a picture but we did snap one reading Ivy’s book fair books that night

23 FebSweet time with family and friends

 We had a very low key weekend following our vacation week recovering and resting. Chris worked on school and work Saturday and Lisa went into work on Sunday but we managed to throw in some fun too. Friday was dinner and games with the Talley’s. Saturday evening, Mimi, Sara, and Katie came over for dinner, fellowship, and games. Then Sunday afternoon the Rhoads and Mimi came over Sunday evening for a early dinner and fellowship. Blessed to have sweet time with our family and friends!  

19 FebComfort’s First Ski Trip … Salt Lake City, Utah

There was little sleep on Thursday night knowing we were waking up to leave for the airport at 4 am but we made it there a little earlier than Chris even wanted Thursday morning. The flights were good and we got into Salt Lake City a few minutes early to get the Jeep Wrangler we rented for our trip. Thankful for the early check in at the hotel to drop off bags and unpack before making a reservation for a snowmobiling adventure. Before we made it there though we needed to lunch since there were a couple that were getting hanrgy ;). We stoped at Cafe Rio on the way for quick bite of Mexican. (Mindy had recommended a few places in SLC and three was one of them; good recommendation).

Next stop was Wasatch Excursions. We got to finally touch the snow which the girls had wanted to do since we saw it from the plane. The girls started throwing snowballs and making snow angels as soon as possible. We had to wait about 45 minutes for the tour to begin so gave us plenty of time to play in the snow.

Snowmobiling was fun and we got some great views. The girls even got to drive on one of the openings with Chris sitting behind them, Lisa couldn’t see over their heads to ride with them. The girls were getting tired towards the end but we asked the guides for a nearby recommendation for dinner.

We ended up at “Midway Mercantile” for our valentine dinner. It was a nice place with great food. We got a cheese fondue for appetizer since everyone seemed hungry. Ivy enjoyed salmon while Lisa, Chris, and Leia shared a steak and Hunters delight plate. Of course ivy took a few bites of ours too. We even ordered a brownie delight to share after dinner before heading back to the hotel to call it a night. 

On our way to have a little fun

Lunch at Cafe Rio

Waiting for our first adventure in Utah

Valentine fun 

The girls got to drive too
What a gorgeous view

Valentine’s Day dinner with our little family

Saturday morning the girls were up at 6 ready to watch a Disney show, Zombies 2 that was released last night. They piled in the bed with mommy while daddy slept to watch it. We were all up filling our bellies at the hotel breakfast early though to leave around 8 to go up the mountain. We (Comfort girls) were a little nervous and excited for our first time skiing ever.  

Traffic was heavier than we thought but we still got there in plenty of time to rent skis for ski school. The girls went to their class and Lisa went to hers while Chris started hitting ski runs. Lisa was next to the girls during part of the lesson and enjoyed watching them learn.  We all ended up on the bunny hill together towards the end of the lessons too so got to see each other’s skills.

We’d originally planned to do afternoon lessons to but we were tired so called it a day about 1:30 and headed back to the hotel. The girls went swimming for a couple hours while Mommy worked on organizing the list of stuff friends recommended in Utah. Chris joined us for a little bit too in the hot tub before we sent him back to rest since he said he was exhausted.

We ventured out to Thai Spoon for dinner and had a cookie for dessert at Crumbl (a recommendation from Mindy). When we got back to the hotel we played a fun family game of uno. Loved hearing the laughter and talking about our day And looking forward to a rest day Sunday.

Piled in the bed watching Zombies 2
What a gorgeous view

Getting ready for our first ski lesson

Mommy and the girls lessons were next to each other in the beginning. It was fun to watch the girls learn

Mommy was in her lesson and noticed the girls and Chris coming up to go down. Chris said it was by chance he got to ride with Ivy and her instructor

Daddy skied by to watch us too so mommy snapped a quick picture
The girls were excited to swim! 

Mommy and daddy were happy with the hot tub

Dinner with our favs

Yummy cookies at Crumbl
Family Uno night

Sunday morning Lisa and Leia were up before 6 again but stayed quiet to let the other bed sleep. They didn’t sleep long though and we were all up by 7am. We spent a leisure morning after getting out early the last two mornings. We enjoyed the snuggles and watching Disney in the girls phones.

When we did head to the car we figured out the roof leaked on the rental :-/. We also figured out a lot of businesses in SLC close on Sundays. Chris did find us a breakfast spot called Landmark that was open. The rain turned to a mixture of snow and rain while we were eating but not enough to play when we weren’t on the mountain.

After breakfast we headed to the Gateway area to explore. We looked at the Temple square from the car since the rain was getting heavier then ventured into Clark’s Planetarium when it opened. We got to explore it, build rocket ships, land space crafts, defend earth from mentors, and watch “Perfect Little Planet” all free thanks to our McWane membership. We learned several cool facts about the planets. Jupiter is the biggest planter and Mercury is the smallest. The hottest planet is Venus and Mars is dry and cold. 

The Requena-Comfort group arrived while we were at the show so we headed to meet them at In-and -Out for lunch as soon as it was over. After filling out bellies, we headed back to the hotel. We ended up playing a family card game of eights while they ran to the store. All the kids, Kelly and Diego got in the pool/hot tub for a little bit before we got showers that evening too. aunt Kelly and uncle Diego are always fun near water!

The little girls worked out a little bit in the ‘yoga room’ before we all met up to head to Top Golf for a little family fun time. It’s hard to tell who won since we all hit for each other since there was 8 of us and only 6 names on the screen but we all had tons of fun. We hung out in the lobby watching basketball and kids playing for a little bit until retiring to our room. We had a Comfort family uno game again before calling it a night. 

Sweet Ivy gave tired mommy and daddy a massage before we headed to a planetarium 

Girls found a fun game

Daddy told us for school he coded something similar so wanted to play too

Defending the earth from meteors 

Having fun in the biggest elevator we have ever saw

These girls played in a rocket and build one to fly 

Our McWane membership got us a free movie too

Before leaving our girls decided to act like tornados

The Requena-Comfort’s arrived so we met them at one of their favorite places, “In and Out” before they ran to the store for supplies and we went back to the hotel
We decided to play cards while we waited on our cousins to get back to swim and play 

Family time at Top Golf

Before we headed to bed we played another quick game of uno. Family game night is so much fun! 

Monday morning we woke up to meet the Requena-Comfort’s down stairs for a early breakfast. We left the same time as Saturday but traffic was even crazier on the way to the mountain. It took twice as long as Saturday. Thankful we made it in time to rent skis and to go to our second ski lesson.

It was a much better ski day than the first day. We actually enjoyed it; the first day was questionable. The three of us had a 1/2 day lesson then met up for lunch with he whole family. While it was better for us it may not have been as great for the other half of our group, we found out that Adrian was jumping and knocked his goggles on his knee so he had a cut under his eye and puffy eye/nose. He still rallied and all were still able to go ski with the whole family. So much fun all getting to do it together! 

Ivy and Leia took off down the mountain; they like going fast. Lisa on the other hand is slow (very slow) or feels out of control. Thankful Kelly and Diego were willing to take turns going slow and very encouraging. Our little family was wearing down though so we headed back a little before Diego, Kelly, and Adrian.

Our girlies got in the pool to start playing then the rest of the family joined us to soak our muscles in the hot tub. Diego and Kelly suggested, ‘The Pie Pizzeria’ for dinner. The kids played a Uno while we ordered and waited on the food. The food was fabulous! We order way too much but everyone left with full tummies.  

Our girls ready for their second day of lessons

First time on a ski lift with our little family

Thankful Diego and Kelly took a few pictures since Lisa was so stiff skiing there was no way she would take her phone out to get them 

Heading back 

Love watching these 4 have fun

Tuesday morning we woke to get ready to go ski again with the Requena-Comfort’s but got a text that Kelly was taking Adrian to the doctor instead since his eye and nose was really swollen. Thankfully nothing was broken and the Requena-Comfort girls got to come meet us at lunch to ski. Adrian and Diego decides to sit the day out, got sushi, and enjoyed a rest day to let the swelling go down a little bit more.

Lisa, Leia, and Ivy all took a ‘turn on green’ lesson. Leia and Ivy are fast skiers that didn’t like to turn so their instructor took them thru trees to get them to turn. Lisa is a little timid and likes to go slow so her instructor worked on getting her more confidence and took her in wide open spaces to increase her speed. The girls said they went down majestic once and got to ski between hills. Lisa’s instructor took her down 5 times and said we did not stop on the slope.

By the time Lisa made it to the bottom after the lesson Chris and Kelly had gotten the girls lunch. Lisa was shaking and exhausted but Kelly provided comic relieve when she said she had accidentally grabbed Adrian’s boots instead of hers so she had to rent them; thankful there’s were some to rent and she didn’t make the drive for nothing. Lisa debated if she was going to ski or not but  wanted to do one last run with the family. Lesson learned don’t ski when your exhausted!  

The last run was the slowest and worst that Lisa felt she had skied down majestic almost the whole time; not the way she wanted to go out but there is always next time. Chris was skiing down with the three girls and having them go through trees. Unfortunately, tiredness got Leia too and she fell which helped Leia decide she was done too. Chris was Getting tired and was smart to decide to call it instead of skiing tired so Chris, Lisa, and Leia headed back down while Kelly kept Ivy and Alicia to ski a couple more runs.

Kelly ended up taking Ivy on a blue run and said she did amazing. Lisa started packing when we got back to the hotel to get a jump on it while Leia talked Chris into playing Uno. We all headed to the pool and hot tub when Kelly got back with the kids for one last swim and soak this trip before we got ready for dinner.

It took us 3 Mexican restaurants before we found one that was not so packed that we could do dinner with out escape room reservation. We ended up at a fabulous Mexican restaurant called, Chile-Tepin. We did not order too much this time but the beer ordered was huge; none of us had ever saw one that big.

We made it to the escape room just in time to sign the waivers and go into the Peter Pan room. We did not quite make it out but in time but had fun trying; next time we will escape. We said our good byes after our fun since they would be sleeping when we left for our early flight.

Cold start to the day but looking forward to having some fun.

We did a few runs on the bunny slope before we started our lessons

Love this girl and the joy she brings to our little family. She headed down the mountain with mommy and daddy so we got a little one on one while Ivy stayed to ski a couple more runs with Kelly and Alicia

Love, love, love that Ivy requested this picture be taken after they finished skiing

Family selfie before dinner at the request of Leia

The beers were the biggest ones we had ever saw

 Excited to experience a escape room with our precious family for the first time


Wednesday was an early morning with the 3:15 wake up call. We all rallied and made it to the airport in plenty of time for the flight. Thankful Starbucks was open for coffee (adults) and cake pops (kids). The coffee did not help keep headaches at bay; we had tired headaches.

We had a long layover in Detroit so we decided to get a nicer lunch at Chili’s. The girls impressed us with how much they ate and branching out a little to ask for and eat cheese and bacon fries. After a couple more hours we were on our way to Birmingham. It was random that on our descent into Birmingham, “Sweet Home Alabama” came on Lisa’s Spotify. We were all thankful to be home safely and very, very tired. 

Chris says that Ivy snuggles but Leia likes to snuggle too

The girls loved the light tunnel in the airport. We thought it was funny Ivy rode the walkways listening to music while Leia read to pass the time during out layover

We asked the girls what were there favorites and got several responses: frozen water fall, Top Golf, spending time with family, lot of good restaurants, escape room, and last but not least skiing. It sounded like the whole trip was their favorite with the list.