12 MayMothers Day 2019

Mother’s Day is a sweet day set aside to thank sweet moms that work hard all year round and tell them how special they are to us. Thankful to spend the day with our little family and Mimi. Deedee was in Spain so we did not get to see her on Mother’s Day but plan to celebrate when she returns. Lisa “went to sleep early” so she could wake up and be surprised on Mother’s Day morning sine the girls were up late decorating. Mommy loved her decorations then got to snuggle on the couch. Chris fixed breakfast then we sat on the porch sipping coffee and talking while the girls played in the tree swing before heading to Mimi’s so spend sweet time with her. This was the first year that both Lisa and Stacy was not with Mimi on Mother’s Day. Stacy and Mark had taken a long weekend trip to Exuma with a few friends so Chris was on grill duty by himself to spoil Lisa and Mimi. The pool had been opened that week so the girls enjoyed swimming in the pool despite it being 72 degree water. We all enjoyed a yummy lunch together before the girls enjoyed a little more swim time and we got to visit with Mimi. We headed home so Mimi could take Sara and Katie to the mall then enjoyed the rest of the evening at home enjoying sweet time together. Ivy joined mommy on our evening walk around the neighborhood then the girls played while Lisa planted her flower Mimi gave her. Blessed to have our girls and get to be a momma! 

Waking up to sweet decorations

Ivy was so excited for me to open her gift she made and Chris used his 3D printer to make me a special mom heart for my desk at work

My kind of morning! Loved my morning snuggles! Then got to sit on the porch with Chris sipping coffee and watching the girls play in the swing and rain …. this is the perfect morning

Happy Mother’s Day to Mimi! So thankful to get to spend part of our day with my sweet momma

First time in the pool this year. Katie said no thank you to the freezing water 
Katie was the only little monkey that came outside to eat with us

It was a yummy lunch! 

Lisa planted her plant Mimi gave her while the girls played that afternoon before our evening walk before we played salon and got to park in the garage again for the first time since we started the driveway repair 
So thankful to be these two’s momma! Thank you God for trusting me with them

We missed aunt Stacy on mother’s day but thankful they had a fun trip and we got to get together Tuesday evening to enjoy dinner, hear about it, and enjoy sweet fellowship

11 MayFun Saturday with Neighbors

The Talley parent’s went on a weekend trip and their granny was staying with them but she needed to go to a funeral so Alex and Max came and spent the day with us. The girls had fun waiting for them to arrive swinging in their new swing we hung up this week. The swing was a big hit and entertained them most of the day. After lunch Leia went to a friends house while Lisa went to get face painting supplies for Ivy and Alex to play while Max napped. After they finished up decorating each other with paint we let them put their creative sides to creating mother day crafts for grandmas and mommas. Think all the littles enjoyed their day together, just chilling out and having fun.  

Girls are loving the new swing!

They all took turns in the swing when Max and Alex arrived throughout the day
Max wanted to play soccer; we told him soccer was played with his feet but Alex was great  at defending the goal 

More fun in the swing …. wonder how long it will take for the new to wear off

Sweet Max did awesome taking his 3 hour nap …. did our girls ever take 3 hour naps?!?
These goofies started off facepainting each other then decided to try to see who could make the other look silly

Craft time

09 MayLeia’s Mental Health Day

Time about fair play … since Ivy had a mental health day last week, Leia wanted one too.  The day looked similar to little sisters day except Leia never got dropped of at school. After we dropped off Ivy, Leia went back home to chill in her PJs and watch TV. After a little bit mommy did a few things she needed to do around the house while Leia chilled on the couch and played then we ran to the store to kill time before Chuck-e-Cheese opened. Leia won close to 2,000 tickets but saved three-quarters of them. After we finished playing the games we went to lunch to Moes before hitting the pet store and back home for more chill out time watching TV. Thankful for a one-on-one day with Leia and that she got to have her day just the way she wanted it. 

Selfies in the car since we were a few minutes early despite trying to kill time in the store

Fun at Chuck-e-Cheese

Silly girl said she was taking a pic of me but took a selfie instead of a pic of mommy

Fun at the pet store

Leia learned to feed the gecko too

The kitty tried escaping today when Leia tried petting her 

07 MayCelebrating Clarie’s 1st Year Got-You Anniversary

Our sweet neighbors adopted their sweet daughter, Claire from China one year ago. Today they celebrated with a impromptu got-you party with a few neighbors and friends. Our girls love playing with Claire and her brother Elliot. It is fun to watch them all together. Thankful for their friendship and to have a sweet little Claire across the street. 


06 MayWeekend Fun – May the 4th be with you

May the 4th be with you … Leia has been celebrating this since she was little bitty. Had to throw a flash back in the post since it popped up on Facebook. I do think our Leia buns have gotten better over time

Leia played her last volleyball game for this season. Afterwards mommy took them to a ice skating lesson then we chilled out at home for a little bit before going back to the rink for a friends bday party that afternoon

Saturday evening was snuggles, laughter and sweet family time

Sunday Chris finally took Leia to the fair while Lisa and Ivy went to see Mimi. Of course we said yes when Ivy asked to bake a cookie cake 

We also went to see Papa’s grave since it was decoration Sunday. How he would love playing with his grand-girls! He is missed so much everyday 

She loves taking some selfies and texting them to daddy
Of course she may have gotten it from her daddy. Mommy said get some pictures at the fair and this is all we got …. selfies and a picture of Leia’s hurt leg getting off a ride which prompted a visit to the first aide tent and Leia deciding she was done at the fair for the day

Monday was like Christmas morning at our house. After living with a muddy mess somewhere in the yard for a couple months we got the last of the concrete poured.  We have a driveway again and concrete under the porch. With each concrete pour we let the girls make a permanent mark. Today the girls chose footprints on a step down to the back yard. We are going to have so much fun riding bikes and playing on all the cement we added. 

02 MayIvy’s Mental Health Day

We had thought about giving the girls a mental health day out of school before the end of the year so they had some special one on one time but Ivy showed she needed it before we could even tell them about it. The school nurse called at 8:10 that Ivy was in her office with a tummy ache. Turned out once we got home her tummy ache was magically cured and she had lots of energy to play so we turned her sick day into a mental health day where Ivy got to call all the shots. Her picks after chilling on the couch was to go to Chuckecheese, Newks for lunch, Pet Store to browse, and to play outside at aunt Stacy’s house since we had workers at our house. Ivy said it was a awesome day. She seemed refreshed and re-energized for school the next day and mommy loved spending some special time with sweet Ivy. 

Selfies/playing in the car waiting on Chuckecheese to open. Ivy loved playing paper, rock, scissors to entertain us while we waited

It was awesome being two of four people playing! She ended up with over 800 tickets

Ivy loves going to Newks for the breadsticks and parmesan cheese but we have been burnt out but since se was calling the shots that is where we went for lunch; she was all smiles

Next on her agenda was the pet store to look at the animals and a added bonus was Ivy was able to hold several animals at the pet store
Playing at aunt Stacy’s then back in the car to get sissy at the bus

01 MayLeia’s Debut in Shades Mtn Spring Musical

Leia joined kids choir this year but missed the Christmas musical since we were out of town but got a part in the Spring musical along with Sara and Katie sung a solo. Loved that they all stood so close in the performance so we got to sit with the Rhoads and Mimi watching to cheer on our little stars. 

Shades put on a great spring show with the kids

We were about ready to go

So proud of these girls! 

It was Leia’s debut in a Shade’s program

Katie debuted her beautiful voice with a solo. Sara was a old pro

Thankful Mimi came to watch her three big grand girls perform 


30 AprWacky Day and 3rd Grade Service Project

Leia’s third day service project field trip fell on the same day as wacky day for the school. She did not want a wacky hair style since they were going on their service project but Ivy had a wacky spider style. Lisa got to go with Leia’s class and they put pipe cleaners in her hair afterwards for her wacky. Proud of all the third graders working hard to pack lunches to send to South America through RISE Against Hunger. 

Wacky day

Leia’s class along with all the other 3rd grade classes did a great job on their service project this year

Sweet friends

28 AprMagnolia Festival Weekend (2019)

Mimi helped Lisa in the yard all day Thursday and Friday so by the time the weekend came we needed a little fun time. Leia elected to have some one on one time with Mimi Friday night since she had not gotten to spend the night the previous week. She lucked out on her one on one night fell on the weekend of Magnolia Festival. Mimi took her for opening night fun riding carnival rides and playing games. I think she had fun then got to watch a movie or two that evening too; her kind of night. 

Glad Leia had fun with Mimi on her one on one at Magnolia Festival
Saturday morning Leia enjoyed TV at Mimi’s while mommy and Ivy enjoyed sitting on our new porch

Saturday, Mimi brought Leia out for her last regular season volleyball game then let Stacy have the truck so she rode back to Gardendale with Lisa and the three girls  for some fun at Magnolia fest too. (Katie had a birthday party so she did not go). The height difference and desire to ride different things had Mimi and mommy split up but everyone had fun then we headed back to meet Stacy and Chris at Pita Stop for a family dinner (Mark was home sick). 


Sunday morning daddy slept in until well after church begun so the girls got to have a little fun with their Magnolia Fest prizes at home then go play with a couple sweet neighbors; fun Sunday morning 
Chris took his last test of this semester so to make sure the house was quiet Lisa and Ivy went to Stacy’s to see what she was getting into outside and give her opinions. Ivy ended up staying to go with Mimi and the Rhoads to cheer Katie on at her last soccer game of the season Sunday afternoon while Leia and Sara went to dress rehearsal for their play Wednesday night

26 AprVHEC Valleyball

VHEC does a couple weeks of volleyball for 4th and 5th grade. We went to cheer on our favorite 4th and 5th graders for both their games. Love watching them have fun and love life. Praying all the kids in our family love of life and the joy is never squished as they grow and change the world.