20 FebPresident Day Weekend 2018

The girlies had a 4 day weekend the day after Valentine to President’s Day. It was a much needed long break! The girls had extra circular activities everyday during their break (going to a booster ice skating class Friday, ice skating class Saturday, make-up piano lesson Sunday, and another booster ice skating class on Monday) but enjoyed down time at home as much as possible. We mixed in a little more activities too through out the weekend but .

Our Friday fun started at Top Golf with Mimi and the Rhoads girls while uncle Mark worked and daddy did school after a leisure morning. Leia was a smart chick and brought Barbies to entertain everyone while they were waiting for their turn to hit the ball. I think everyone had a great time; we extended it another hour when it ended. We got about 30 minutes at home afterwards before heading to the the girls first booster ice skating class. They enjoyed the one-on-one lessons and felt like they learned a lot. 

Enjoying Valentine treats after breakfast 

Girls day at Top Golf since girls were out of school and daddy had to do school 

What do you do when you are waiting your turn to hit the ball?!? Play Barbies of course 
The girlies got a booster ice skating lesson, short one-on-one lesson 
Then they had fun skating on the “free-style” ring which is not nearly as crowded as the public rink

Saturday, the girls woke up ready to play Barbies and played any chance they got too all day long. They enjoyed going to their ice skating lessons but were happy to go and picked right back up playing Barbies when we got home. We all enjoyed going on a family walk and play board games but the girls did not want to venture too far from home for our family fun afternoon/evening. 

Back at the ice rink having fun learning to skate better than mommy and daddy

Lots of Barbie playing since these little monkeys wanted to chill out at home

We made them break to go on a family walk

Ivy took a selfie during our game time 

Sunday was a  funday getting to go to church to learn more about our Lord and fellowship with our brothers and sisters in Christ. Afterwards, we got to meet Mimi and the Rhoads for lunch before heading back home for the girls to play in the rain girls make-up piano lesson from when Ivy had the flu.   

Anytime we get to have a little extra time at home Leia normally climbs in her nursery chair while Ivy climbs in mommy’s lap. Mommy loves sweet morning snuggles! 
Playing Barbies before church 

Playing in the rain after church

Before coming back inside to let their imaginations run wild playing Barbie again

 The girlies wanted to bake and decorate a cake
Mommy got sweet snuggles Sunday evening

Monday morning Lisa got rare morning snuggles from Leia before we headed back to the ice skating rink while daddy packed for his trip. Daddy had to leave for the airport while the girls were their lesson so instead of heading home we headed afterwards we went to meet the Talley’s for lunch and fun at Let’s Play. It was a rough start with an odd number of girls but Lisa ran into a college friend and Ivy played with her daughter then we saw friends from VHEW and had lots of playmates to pal around with so everyone was entertain. Leia got to stay a little longer with the Talley’s while mommy took Ivy to gymnastics. It was a fun filled day! 

 The girls are looking good skating
Lunch fun

Fun at Let’s play

Lisa ran into a old college friend; it is so fun catching up 

So thankful when daddy travels multiple days that Mimi is willing to come take the girls to school one day so Lisa can get into work before 8 o’clock. Bonus is that we get snuggles and the girls get to pick any breakfast they want which normally is going out since they tell Mimi that mommy never takes them out on a school morning

Thank you Mimi for helping us out and spoiling our girls! 

14 FebValentine 2019

Kicked started “heart day” with heart pancakes, heart bacon and strawberry hearts for our little Valentine’s 

Daddy was out of town but the girls got to open the gift they bought each other. Loved their excitement to use their own money to but their sister a gift

Mommy got to go to Leia’s class party. The kids had fun playing minute to win it and looking through their valentine bags. A big hit was the smash balloons that popped in each of their v’day bags  

After school we made a special delivery to the Rhoads house 

We arrived home the same time as daddy. The girls were over joyed and squealed in excitement as we opened the doors. Of course the girlies knew when we got upstairs they could open their valentines from mommy and daddy since all of our little family was home

We were all so happy to have our main man back home to celebrate Valentine with his ladies

Love the girls excitement! I hope they always are this excited about life

These two are amazing! Some moments that seem so ordinary just hit you of how amazing life is and how you should count your blessings. As I looked over watching them together this was one of them that struck me and made me tear up thinking about what a amazing life we share. Love the way they play, connect, love and show us how to just enjoy the moment. Pray we all enjoy the time we get to spend with loved ones. 

Fun family night celebrating the love between us all! 
Heart shaped pizza and making one on their own

Leia challenged Chris’s geometry skills … he missed the challenge Tuesday night when she got mommy and Mimi 

Mommy entertained Ivy or Ivy entertained mommy with selfies while they did math … love her many expressions
Family game time

We are blessed beyond measure with the house full of laughter, snuggles, and love 

13 FebGirl Scout Cookies and Galentine

It was a weekend of Girl Scout activities. Friday after school we picked up Ivy and her BFF Evie for a little decompression time before we headed to UAB for their Daisy Troop’s cookie booth. Big sister, Leia came with us too and helped out since both troops were going to the Galentine party immediately following the cookie booth. The Daisy’s and Brownies were in different areas so mommy hung out with Leia since we the Daisy group had more parents to help out. Sunday we were back at girl scout activities working Leia’s troops cookie booth. 

Our little cookie, Ivy had a great time at the cookie booth. Their troop sold a whooping 405 boxes at this booth

Both girlies had a great time at the KD Galentine party

Stole the pictures from a friend since mommy couldn’t be in two places at once

Saturday morning was snuggles with Ivy while Leia enjoyed her nursery chair and ice skating lessons before we went to Mimi’s for family time and dinner

Sunday, Leia’s brownie troop had their cookie booth that we got to go too. It was not nearly as cold since we set up inside a retirement community but was prepared to be outside since we did not know what to expect. The girls sold about 100 boxes. 

Daddy loves the night before he leaves for a work trip and getting extra attention from his girls. We all played and piled on daddy to show him a little extra love.  

Thankful Mimi is willing to come chill out with us when daddy travels, take the girls to school and help with homework

Mimi left us a special Valentine treat in the fridge so Ivy and mommy got into them early 🙂 We like chocolate covered strawberries


07 FebGrandpa and Deedee visit on Sara’s 11th Birthday

Grandpa and Deedee got to come for a short visit when they cashed in on Grandpa’s birthday gift from Deedee to see Luke Combs in concert Thursday night. We had planned on celebrating Sara’s birthday Thursday too before they went to the concert with the Rhoads’ but Stacy had the flu and her stomach ulcer was acting up so Sara’s birthday celebration had to be postponed. Deedee said the concert was great the Friday morning after Lisa had gotten back from taking Leia to school. We had a low key Friday with Ivy resting on couch since she still had not gong back to school from getting the flu, Grandpa went to the golf store, Deedee and Lisa went to craft store, and Chris worked on school. That afternoon we picked Leia up from girl scouts early to have a family fun afternoon/evening at Top Golf, dinner, and Yogurt Mountain. 

Hitting the ball at Top Golf

Fun at dinner with Grandpa’s stink eye; Leia did not like the red eye

After dinner Leia really wanted ice-cream. It was not hard to convince Grandpa and Deedee

Thank you Deedee for framing our art work while the girlies made art

Saturday, we enjoyed a good ole southern breakfast before the girlies ice skating lesson. Ivy must not have had all her energy back and got off the ice before they called time saying she was cold and tired. The girls loved having a audience though and Ivy got to snuggle up in Deedee’s blanket. They headed home from the rink while Lisa and the girls headed to Mimi’s since Sara was there and we wanted to have a mini surprise party since now Katie had the flu and her weekend birthday celebration was getting pushed out again. Sara thought we were just there to say hi but she went with Lisa and Ivy to Hobby Lobby and Walmart to get material to make a parrot custom for Leia. While we were gone Leia and Mimi baked brownies and decorated for the surprise. It was a little celebration but we love Sara big and she seemed to really liked it! After playing we headed home to see Chris, make Leia’s parrot costume, and have a family chill out night at home. 

Grandpa and Deedee went to watch the girlies do their ice skating lesson Saturday before heading home

Sara joined Lisa and Ivy on our shopping excursion to get her out of the house while Leia and Mimi baked brownies and decorated for a mini surprise party  


 After cake and present time the girlies played outside until we decided to head home to interrupt daddy’s study time. Sara said she was too big to do the zip-line now 
Part of Leia’s parrot costume. Ivy decided to craft with a few feathers too

Lisa had planned on having lunch with the girls the week Ivy got sick but ended up staying home to take care of her so the week she went back Lisa made sure she surprised the girlies for lunch. That day Chris also got home early from his business trip so we picked the girls up together and took them for a special family ice-cream treat. Love getting to spend anytime we can with our girlies. 

 After missing a week of school we did quite a bit of makeup and extra homemade work sheets to understand what we missed … it’s no joke when you miss school 

Daddy got home that afternoon from his business trip so we picked up the girls together to take them to get ice-cream on the warm February day

Leia picked up the phone to take a picture everyone at dinner; maybe she is starting to like pictures again

29 JanSnow Day Bust

The weatherman said that we were going to get 2-3″ of snow overnight in a winter storm. Schools were cancelled, offices closed, and a state of emergency was called on counties with the warning on the 5 year anniversary of snowmageddon to ensure we did not have a repeat of abandoned cars on interstates and 10 minute commutes turning into several hours. In our house we filled the fridge with food for snow party with the neighbors, pulled out the snow clothes, and had the sleds ready next to the front door but when we woke there was nothing, not even freezing temperatures. The day turned into a bigger bust when Ivy got up saying she did not feel good and was burning up so we could not even have fun with neighbors. The doctor office had closed with the snow prediction but opened midday with the snow bust to confirm Ivy has the flu. Ivy spent the day sleeping while Leia did get to play with AlexAnn between the two houses (her little brother was home with a fever too). Kids across the state were disappointed not getting to enjoy a day playing in the snow but it was nice to get a unexpected free day from school and a nice warm winter day. 

Our “big” snow was a bust

Ivy excited Monday night about the snow and Leia not impressed with it 
 Poor baby had to take a trip to the doctor on our snow day with the flu

We slept and snuggled quite a bit while Leia played, read, and entertained herself

27 JanFamily Lunch

Thankful for last minute lunches with our little family. We seldom pause to get a picture in the haste of the last minute getting food together or out the door but Lisa was in a picture mood and waited to capture a simple ordinary moment in our life for our family blog book. We missed Chris at lunch since he was taking his first test of the semester but we thought about him as we enjoyed time together. Grateful to be able to spend sweet time together as frequently as we do. 

Thankful Mimi is always willing to share with her family and friends! Three of her beautiful grand-girls were thankful today too as they each shared chips from Mimi’s plate.

27 JanAunt Joy and Uncle John’s Visit

We love when aunt Joy and uncle John drive to or from Florida and have time to come visit us for a little bit. The girlies were waiting on them to arrive Saturday morning and celebrated when they heard the door bell ring. Aunt Joy brought them art supplies but mommy/daddy made them wait to paint until after we got back from lunch and playing Top Golf. Aunt Joy had said that they are building one near them and had never been to one so it was good to know what was coming near them. Chris and Joy hit the ball a lot farther than the rest of us but we all enjoyed playing and laughing together and when Ivy got bored uncle John entertained her dancing. The girls could not wait to use their art supplies when we got back home while the adults visited as the girlies showed off their paintings as they finished them. The girls later introduced aunt Joy and uncle John to “Nailed It” and “Sugar Rush” which led to the girls crafting a cake while the adults watched a Hallmark movie. Mommy made them break from their craft when it was time for bed but they did not have to clean up their mess if they wanted to finish it Saturday morning. Before they finished it up the next morning Leia gave mommy sweet snuggles then snuggles with uncle John and aunt Joy when they woke up. Of course, little Ivy joined in the snuggles as soon as she got up while mommy cooked breakfast. We woke Chris up to join us for breakfast then the girlies ran to finish their craft project while the adults finished their meals and visited a little bit before Joy and John got ready to leave. Of course they waited for the girls big reveal of their 3D paper cake before they headed home and we snapped a quick picture even though the girls were not quite ready for them to leave. Thankful aunt Joy and Uncle John got to come stay a evening with us! Hope they get to come back again soon.  

Fun at Top Golf. Chris and Joy showed us all up

Not sure what sweet Leia was talking about with aunt Joy and uncle John but know she loved having them here. Nor am I sure what dance Ivy was teaching uncle John but know she had fun and thankful he entertained our ball of energy while she was not swinging the club.

We enjoyed lunch at Top Golf too

The girls loved the art supplies aunt Joy brought them

We got to share a yummy dinner and dessert with great fellowship

Ivy is our snuggle bug
We all enjoyed watching a Hallmark movie
Leia got in on the morning snuggles, Saturday 
The girls wanted a big reveal on their craft project they made

Group shot before uncle John and aunt Joy left

21 JanLong Weekend for MLK

Friday the girls kicked off their long weekend with playdates at our house. Love hearing the sweet laughter from different rooms in our home and count each laugh as a blessing as our girlies have fun with friends. We had a girls night in until daddy got home from his work trip then enjoyed family time on the couch until bedtime. 

The girls were ready to get out of school for their long weekend

We did not have regular old snacks after school we had treats to kick off a 3 day weekend with sweet friends

Can you tell baby girl likes their picture taken and which daughter mommy has to sneak a picture of … but big sister gets upset when there are not pictures of her in our family books 


Daddy made it home Friday night but not in time for the father-daughter date night at church but that is ok since we had family snuggle time and watched Mako Mermaids

Leia caught me as we were going to bed and I snapped a picture of our angels sleeping 

Saturday morning play, girls using imaginations while mommy sips coffee and daddy sleeps is pure happiness … LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this stage of life! Other than when Chris took the girls to ice skating lessons and they took mommy to drop her car off for a broadway show they mostly hung out at home lounging around, playing, and watching TV. Some days or weekends everyone needs time to chill at home and recharge. 

Saturday morning play is so much fun

Lisa got to go with Mimi to a broadway show they have season tickets too

Of course when mommy got home she checked on our baby girls who were snug in their beds while daddy did homework

Sunday morning mommy had a great helper in the kitchen since Ivy said she wanted to pretend she was a mommy for a few hours. We played until it was church time then enjoyed a family lunch before coming back home to chill and play some more. We invited Mimi and the Rhoads over for dinner to enjoy a little time together this weekend. 

Love this monkey and love that she loves to help 
Always enjoy cooking with Mimi and Stacy and everyone enjoyed our breakfast for dinner 

The boys enjoyed watching football 

The girls played and got baths; they figured out how to watch TV while they were in the bath too
Love these monkeys and watching them grow
Sweet dreams my angels

What a marvelous Monday we enjoyed! Love that we could sleep late if we wanted; everyone was up before 8 though. Mommy and Ivy got some sweet snuggle time then mommy was blessed to snuggle both girlies until they came up with the idea to try to mimic the science experiment they saw on TV. Daddy got up after just after they finished their experiment so we had to do it one more time for him before he headed downstairs to do school work. Ivy delivered his breakfast to him then the girls made jewelry, watched TV, faceTimed Alicia, and played until we headed ice skating. Once mommy, Leia, and Ivy was skated out we came back home to fix lunch. Chris took a study break and joined us. Leia looked up how to make a volcano and that was one of our afternoon activities to keep us entertained along with making homemade ice-cream to enjoy on the cool day. The girlies did their piano practice and daily reading even thought they were out of school then we relaxed and played until it was time to take Ivy to gymnastics. Leia enjoyed not being drug along since daddy was home and they got to stay home to veg in front of the TV. Mommy got to stay and watch Ivy’s whole practice. Ivy seemed to love it! She is so strong and flexible. It was fun to watch the skills she has gained since the last time mommy had gotten to watch her. We picked up dinner on the way home to enjoy a fun, family dinner before we got baths and prepared to go back to school the next morning. 

Ivy and mommy got some one-on-one snuggle time while sissy and daddy slept in a little then she took her braids down for her hair to be extra wavy

The girls got the idea to do a science experiment after watching Mako Mermaids
After Chris got up they had to show him the cool experiment too

Then they moved onto jewelry making
Before we headed to go ice skating

The girlies wanted to make a volcano for their experiment so it looks more authentic so Leia googled it and found a you tube on how to make one and we gathered the materials needed
Then we enjoyed ice cream on the cold day. Leia took daddy some of the homemade strawberry yumminess we made too while he was doing homework
Ivy is such a joy! She is so playful and makes everyday fun and loves getting her picture taken 🙂

Lisa got to enjoy watching Ivy do gymnastics while Leia and Chris chilled at home


17 JanBack to school routine in 2019

It did not take long for us to get back in the school routine after it started back. Chris took the girls on his way to the airport their first day back since he was traveling for most of that week. The girls liked sleeping in daddy’s spot while he was gone. Lisa got to go have lunch with the girlies Tuesday that week. Leia also lost another tooth (January 8th); she said it was her 14th tooth to loose but mommy/daddy lost count. Then we ended the week having sweet neighbors over for a little dinner and game night fun. Then that weekend the girls got to start iceskating lessons. They skated for an hour and fifteen minutes then when we got home wanted to eat and rest. The Rhoads and Mimi came over that evening for dinner and family fellowship. It was a great first week back to school. 

First surprise lunch with Ivy in 2019. She had us sit at the guest bar instead of table and loved sitting in the high chairs

Of course mommy stayed to surprise Leia too. Leia let us sit at one of the guest tables. Loved getting to join them for lunch, our conversations, and the laughter we shared; so blessed  
We Facetime daddy and show him he lost his spot in bed since he was out of town 😉
Leia lost another tooth; soon she is not going to have any baby teeth left

These two are angels 

Friday night game night with neighbors. Our girlies enjoyed getting to feed and hold the littlest guest 
Girls were ready for their first iceskating lesson and did a great job. There were more people than we thought would be there but it was big fun

Morning snuggles are so so sweet. Love these mornings and special time with our girls!
Does mommy’s heart good when she arrives at aftercare and our sweet girls are choosing to play together there too just like at home. Then they come home and continue to use their imaginations playing beach and camp out. Such a special bond they share! 

The girls love doing things together but still loves some one-on-one time is good for each of them to have too. Lisa has been intentional on trying to have a little each week. There are weeks that is is hard to squeeze it in but we normally try to get at least an hour or two in every week weather it is early Saturday morning while sister and daddy sleeps in and we get to enjoy time on the couch together or while sister is gone to a solo activity. This week Leia and mommy squeezed in a little one on one while Ivy went to gymnastics Monday evening and daddy did pick up. We sipped hot chocolate/coffee and enjoyed a sweet treat while we talked, made up silly songs, and laughed together, then we snuggled on the couch and watched a quick show on Netflix before daddy and sister got home with dinner. Leia got to plan the time since when we have one on one mommy tries to let them pick whatever they want and mommy simply enjoys being with them. Ivy got a little one on one with mommy while Leia was at drama and choir Wednesday evening since uncle Mark volunteered to bring Leia home since daddy was traveling. Our time was spent differently from time with Leia. Ivy chose for us to have a dance party, do yoga, and craft. No pictures were taken during either of these times since mommy tries to ‘unplug’ thus texts don’t get answered and we just get to be in the moment with each other. I hope they remember these times and enjoy them as much as I do. I hope they know daddy and mommy loves each of them each uniquely. The days can sometimes be long but the years are short; praying we all ceases each day we have together and not take it for granted.


06 JanNew Years Day to first day back to School

We all stayed up to ring in the New Year for the first time since the Leia had been born. Of course, Lisa also likes to have the house cleaned before the 1st so she did not fall asleep until little after 2:30am and Leia insist on waking up early no matter what time she goes to be. Hence, we were all exhausted on the 1st but enjoyed lounging around the house that morning and the girls had fun playing with our neighbor, AlexAnn. Mommy was  thankful Mimi cooked the traditional, southern New Year’s Day lunch with greens and peas. We enjoyed hanging out that afternoon with Mimi and the Rhoads that afternoon. Lisa channeled her inner child, playing pool and foosball with the kids in the basement while the other adults watched football and chilled after late night. Lisa and Chris hung out until dinner time then headed home to get to bed early while the girlies stayed with Mimi since mommy and daddy both had to go back to work on the 2nd. 

The girls had a friend over
Enjoyed seeing some of my favorite girls on New Years Day 

Lisa laughed out loud watching Katie drink buttermilk! It was totally Katie’s idea and she insisted even though aunt Lisa said I would not drink it

She did not like it
Fun in Mimi’s basement

The girlies had a fun day on the 2nd with Mimi! Mommy and daddy’s day was not as fun but productive at work. Leia and Ivy loved planning their whole day. They started it off getting donuts (I guess they did not have a new years resolution to eat better) then played at Mimi’s house for a little bit before requesting to go to the movies to see Wreck it Ralph Breaks the Internet. After the movie they picked up Sara and Katie for some fun at Let’s Play. Mommy met them there after work and got to hang out with Mimi and visit while the girls played before we were ready to call it a wrap and head home to see daddy, have dinner, and enjoy a family night at home. 

Morning snuggles and playtime in the basement

Movie time
Cousin fun at Let’s Play 

Lisa is thankful to be part time and get to be off with the girlies the last part of their winter break. Thursday, the girlies went with with mommy to Stretch Zone then headed to Mimi’s for lunch and couple hours of fun before we ended up going to Costco to exchange shelves for Mimi. Ivy went back to Mimi’s for her one-on-one night while Lisa and Leia headed home. Chris got home not too long after us then we headed to dinner for our date night before heading home for a movie night and play time with the Flarp she had gotten when she spent the night with Mimi.     

Fun at Mimi’s

Ivy got a one-on-one date with Mimi
Ivy did Mimi’s hair a lot

Had fun shopping with some of her giftcards
 she got for Christmas

She bought a Baby Alive and had fun making it pee

One-on-two date night with Leia

We facetimed Ivy and had a little fun with slime

Friday, we finally got to go see Mary Poppins with mimi, Sara, Katie, and Stacy that we had been trying to go to since it came out but it had been sold out with all the rainy, wet weather we have been having over the break. All the girlies gave it a thumbs up. As soon as the movie was over we headed home to get Chris and go to Newnan to see Grandpa and Deedee for Grandpa’s 71st birthday. We met them at Longhorn for dinner then headed back to their house for icecream cake to celebrate. 

 The girlies immediantly headed upstairs to play

Of course they were willing to come down for present and cake time

We all slept in Saturday for Grandpa’s birthday. When Deedee came upstairs Lisa had just walked into the girlies room to see what they were doing and climbed in the bed with them for morning snuggles as they finished a show. Deedee said that Grandpa wanted to cook breakfast on his birthday so we all headed downstairs to wish the birthday boy a happy birthday and enjoy a yummy breakfast together. The girlies wanted to go paint pictures at Bubbles and Brushes so Deedee and Lisa went with them there to show their artistic side. After they finished their painting Grandpa had asked them about going to the arcade for a little fun. Thankful that Leia hit the jackpot on one game so they had 2,598 tickets to share and ended up getting a big monkey, nerf gun to shoot Grandpa, and nerds. We visited a little bit after we got back to Grandpa and Deedee’s house then headed home on our long drive (we got stuck in a little bit of traffic). We were thankful we had grabbed lunch and had a restroom break before we hit the traffic. Once we got home no one really wanted to get back in the car so we fixed dinner at home and had a chill night.  

Deedee and Mommy went with the girlies to Bubbles and Brushes  

Grandpa joined us at the arcade

Leia was excited to tell Chris about the arcade

Sunday was the last morning to sleep in for the girls Christmas break but we did not take advantage of it like we should but we did enjoy the morning. Throughout the day no camera was pulled out to take a quick picture as we just enjoyed the day. We snuggled, lounged, enjoyed breakfast together, and played before going to church then headed to Mimi’s afterwards for lunch and to enjoy the sunshine. The girls zoomed around on the rockers for a little bit before deciding to go relax in the spare room (aka, watch TV and lay on the bed). We headed home that afternoon and opted for a no hassle dinner and ordered pizza so we could chill out for the evening before the girls headed back to school and we were back on our normal daily routine.