20 NovFamily Fun Friday Night

Yummy dinner with family

Followed by a game of “Beat the Parents” 

Action shot playing and having fun
After everyone left these girlies still were up for a little fun and ended up moving mattresses into mommy and daddy’s room for a slumber party. Oh, how we LOVE these moments in our life! 

18 NovPlaydate with sweet friends

The girls have not had very many playdates with Covid at the house but this week we decided it was time for one. They are with these sweet friends at school and it is good to develop friendships in and outside of school. Loved listening to the laughter and hearing the girls having fun while both mommy and daddy finished up their work days. Praying their friendships continue to flourish.  

15 NovSimple Weekend Fun

Love the weekends with school schedule during the week and our sweet time together simply just being together. Mimi helped mommy in the yard Friday then joined us for our fun Friday night while Ivy was at a friends house. We toasted to a fun evening, daddy joined us after work, and then we meet the Rhoads at Pita Stop for dinner before they headed to Katie’s soccer game and we headed to pick up Ivy. We enjoyed the rest of the evening at home enjoying sweet, precious time together.  
Mommy went to the mom’s horse back riding group and got signs for the girls to represent the ranch they go too. They get their names in a drawing for a chance to get a free riding lesson for putting the signs up and sending in the picture. We are all hoping they win one.  

Sunday we rode out to Mimi’s to see her for a little bit. Leia got a headache so hung out inside with daddy most the day but mommy, Ivy, and Mimi enjoyed the nice weather outside. Of course, Ivy wanted a selfie since Mimi had a selfie with Leia and mommy Friday night. So enjoy sweet time with our Mimi and our little family. 
Love that Ivy makes wind to fly her kite and her energetic, fun spirit; I pray she never loses it! 

11 NovVeteran Day

The girls were out of school for Veteran’s Day this year which fell on a Wednesday. The Talley’s took advantage of the day out and let Alex have a delayed spend the night party Tuesday evening. They did played games, ate pizza, did Christmas crafts, watched movies and more to celebrate. Lisa and Chris were invited to hang out with the parents too and ended up painting a picture too. It was loads of fun but neither of our girlies made it through the night though and called mommy to come get them a little before midnight.

Wednesday morning the girls both headed back down the street as soon as they woke up or was told they were up down the street. The girls spent half the day, Wednesday with Alex then came back home right before lunch. Ivy headed to her sweet friend, Biz for the rest of the afternoon. Leia spent her afternoon reading, watching TV, and relaxing. We had a girls dinner since Chris was at a work dinner. The 3 of us cooked breakfast for dinner together then we snuggled and had a relaxing evening.  

Cookie decorating and wish making

Love seeing them use their imaginations playing court

Our girls know what this girl likes
Thankful for a sweet group to celebrate one of our favorite neighbors

We loved having the extra day off and seeing our girl use her imagination acting like the swing was a horse, laugh, and having fun … can she stay this age, this sweet, and have a imagination like she does now, forever

09 NovMimi’s 66th Birthday Celebration (2020)

Mimi’s birthday fell on Monday this year but the 4 little girlies had school so we decided to celebrate on Sunday with the family. We all went Gardendale went to Mimi’s the girls rode bikes and the golf cart while the adults enjoyed sweet fellowship together. The little monkeys even joined us on the porch and swing while we talked; you can tell they are getting older. We shared a great meal, Mimi got to blow out her candles and make her birthday wish. This birthday was very low key compared to her birthday in Chicago last year but it was still perfect because the family was together and the best gift of all is sweet time together.  

Cooking out and fellowship

Lupper time

Gift time

Make a wish Mimi; we hope it comes true

Sunday evening Lisa and Stacy spent the night with Mimi so on her birthday Monday we all got to wake up together and spend the day together too. Breakfast on the porch like old times. Mimi’s friend, Lynn came over for coffee and a short visit as well. We headed to walk at Black Creek to walk after she left then picked up lunch from Full Moon before heading back to Mimi’s for lunch on the porch with the gorgeous view of her yard then went to watch a Hallmark together before Mimi took us home to get our little girls from school. We are blessed to get to call her ours and so thankful to get to share her special day with her. Praying we get to celebrate many more birthdays together and that we all get to enjoy the sweet gift of time throughout this next year.  

Morning selfie

The weather was beautiful on our morning walk with gorgeous trees

Mimi drove her girls back home that afternoon to get our girls from school and they got to hug her neck on her real birthday too. We are blessed to have Mimi! 

07 NovComfort / Talley Night

During Covid lockdown we gat together with our neighbors very frequently. Now that life is busier with school starting back and after school activities we have not gotten to get together nearly as much as we would like. They recently went to Napa for a wine tour and brought back some good wines. We decided to do a family cookout and game night to toast sweet friendship and fellowship. Thankful for the evening together, good food and laughter. 

Lisa was there but was snapping the picture

01 NovDecking the Halls 2020

Chris had planned to be a hunting trip through today so mommy told the girls that we would deck the halls early this year and give daddy the gift of not having to help since it is not his favorite thing. As life would happen his trip was cancelled and the girls had already been told we were going to decorate for one of our favorite times of the year so to day was the day that we decorated for the most wonderful time of the year. We still did not have Chris do too much though so he still got a gift of getting out of it a little. He did help the girls put up the tree, carried up a few of the boxes, and but a few ornaments on the tree. Leia and Ivy hung in strong but then Leia filtered out and Ivy followed suit. It did feel like it was more work than normal to get all the Halloween decor down and transition to Christmas inside and Thanksgiving outside but once it was all done it was nice to sit back and enjoy the glow of the tree. 

Ready for Thanksgiving on the outside

Decorating the tree …

Ready for Christmas on the inside … minus the mantel garland that is not working :-/

31 OctHalloween 2020

Just like 2020 has been different, Halloween followed suite and we were not sure what to expect. This year Halloween fell on Saturday which we have waited for for 6 long years. We were not even sure if neighbors would have their lights on for trick-or-treating fun. We had so many plans for Halloween when it fell on Saturday but not all of them came to be but that is okay; it is 2020. This year was the first year since we moved to Vestavia, we have done Halloween with Mimi or the Rhoads but as the girls get older things change and we all roll with it. Sweet Mimi did send the girlies their Halloween treat over and of course it was a good one, cold hard cash. 

Halloween morning we were still uncertain of what all was happening but Mommy was up early so she thought it was time for the fun to begin. Mommy made a quick run to Shipley Donuts to grab treats so the girls could be  “boo’d” that morning when they woke up. We bought a few extra donuts too so the rest of the family could join in the fun and “boo” a few neighbors as well. We put vampire teeth in the donuts, ran the to the front door and texted, “You have been boo’d! Check your front porch to see if it is a treat or a trick.” Love to see the girls excited to leave sweet treats for friends! 

The morning was a family chill out time! The four of us watched a movie or two snuggled up; a perfect morning treat. Mommy was getting stir crazy by midday though and wanted some more halloween fun so ran to Walmart and got ingredients for the girls to bake Halloween cookies and cook some soups for the evening. Ivy mixed up the dough herself then Leia joined in to roll the dough out and cut cookies to decorate while mommy cooked soup. So enjoy having us the girls in the kitchen too while we prep meals to share. We are blessed and love getting to share these moments with them! 

We had texted a few neighbors that morning about possibly getting together to trick-or-treat so we had a small crowd but lots of fun. We hit houses on our street for trick-or-treat then our girls and Sipes kids said they were done. We all headed back here to have soup and turn on the Bama game while the kids played. The Talley’s came back after they finished up their trick-or-treating and the Falkner’s joined us for the game after they finished their evening activities too. It was a treat to have a house full, hearing kids laugh/play, and sweet fellowship.  We say Halloween 2020 was a success, we all had fun!   

The girls were boo’d this morning and got vampire donuts

Midday fun rolling out cookies and decorating them

Trick or treating with neighborhood friends is always fun! 

Love that our girls like handing out candy as much if not more than going trick-or-treating

Enjoying cider and lemonade in our pirate cups

The girls enjoyed having dinner and playing with neighbors while the adults ate and cheered Alabama onto victory after trick-or-treating fun was done


30 OctPumpkin Carving 2020

We got together with the Rhoads ladies and Mimi a couple hours to carve pumpkins and decorate cupcakes on Halloween Eve this year. It has been our tradition since the girlies were little to have a little Halloween fun together. Leia and Ivy had been going though our blog books and had been talking about our traditions recently and how we always change houses on where we do pumpkins. This year we are not trick or treating together but we are thankful we got to have a little holiday fun together.

We arrived at the Rhoads before Sara and Katie got out of school so the girls carefully picked out their pumpkin and our eldest cleaned her’s too while we we waited. Before the girls touched the pumpkin guts they opted to decorate the cupcakes Mimi baked. As we watched them decorate the cupcakes and start carving their pumpkins not needing very much help we thought about how much our girls have grown and reminisced how they use to paint the pumpkins because they were too little to carve. Time marches on and now they are all carving their own. Next year we may have to get everyone a pumpkin to carve. 

We arrived at the Rhoads so our girlies inspected the pumpkins 

The girlies opted to decorate their cupcakes first

Mommy and aunt Stacy cut the tops off the pumpkin and mommy cleaned the guts out of Leia’s

Hard at work


Finished products; they did so good! 

Group shot before we headed home

We shared the treats with Mrs Dot too

29 OctMental Health Day

Wednesday was a rough morning! This week has been a little rough with Chris running a fever and Lisa’s tooth ache only getting worse. The girls have been awesome but were running on fumes too by the time Wednesday rolled around. We decided the girls needed a mental health day/make sure we are all healthy so we all stayed home and rested most the day. Of course the girls were cute and still enjoyed themselves. Thankful they are a little older too and cooked breakfast for dinner while mommy worked and daddy rested.  

Thursday mommy still was feeling rough with her mouth so Mimi cooked some tender beef tips to eat before Lisa went back to the dentist for the 3rd time this week to get her tooth hopefully fixed … if not they may need to pull it … kidding, maybe.