29 SepIvy Sat Up

Milestone met for Miss Ivy! She sat up for the first time (unassisted) on Tuesday, March 13th. Mommy and Ivy had gone updtairs to get Leia from her nappy.

16 SepHorses … Leia and Ivy’s Life Plan

Leia and Ivy are continuing to love horses! Their new life plan is for daddy and mommy to buy a lot of land and us build a big house for all of us to live together then when they get older they will build a barn and we can all live on the land and have a horse farm. The plan sounds pretty good to momma but if the girls change their tune later and we started acting on it we would be stuck with it so we told them we would hold off a little bit until we were sure that was their life plan despite they are very passionately telling us the plan will not change and that all they want is a couple horses each. Not sure how many kids plans do not change from the time they are 9 and 10 so we are not acting on their plan but in the meantime we are enjoying watching them learn more about horses, how to ride and how to take care of them in case their life plan does not change. 



13 SepRequena-Comfort’s Visit

Diego and Kelly had come to visit us in January this year and we saw them Utah in February before the COVID pandemic hit the world then we got to see them when we went to Newnan to celebrate Grandpa and Deedee’s anniversary but we have not gotten to hang out as much as we have wanted after they returned from Spain. We were excited when they asked about coming to visit us this weekend for a few hours Sunday and celebrate Ivy’s birthday with us. We opted to go to Mimi’s so we had the pool to cool off incase they did not want to come in our house as they have been social distancing more than we have in recent weeks and wanted to make sure there was no pressure if that was what they felt was best for their family as we all are navigating these waters and each of our comfort levels during the pandemic.

All the adults sat in the swings catching up as we let the appetizers finish cooking then Diego and Kelly joined the kids in the pool while Lisa plated the aps to take down too. Kids and adults got some snacks and then Chris, Diego, and Sara went inside to watch the Dolphin game together. Mimi, Lisa, and Kelly transitioned to the porch and simply fellowshipped together and caught up on what was going on with each of us. The kids went between swimming, the trampoline, and golf-cart having fun and laughing together. We did not get many pictures as we were all just enjoying being together but were so thankful for the time we had together and enjoyed every second of it!  

Sunday evening we spent it chilling out at home. Ivy decided to bring Buddy out to enjoy some time in the grass and drew a little crowd. Thankful for sweet neighbors and Ivy’s welcoming spirit 

12 SepWald Park Pool

Our city has been renovating a city center for over a year. The girls have been watching the progress from the school lunchroom when they were at school and trying to see what was going on from the road school was not in session. This month the city pool was finally opened back up over Labor Day weekend. Per the girls last week, a lot of their friends went to check it out and said it was awesome. This weekend mommy took the girls to experience it as well. There were not nearly as many kids as the weekend before from what other parents said but they had a good time and it was nice to see where some of our tax dollars are going to in the city. For the remainder of September it is free for residents to get into it on the weekends so we will likely check it out again so the girls can swim and play with friends. There is a small splash pad area, zero entry pool, and fabulous lap pool completed in the area; now we just want the park finished so recess at school can spread back out too. It will be a great asset to the community along with the dog park and ball fields that are being constructed when it is all completed. 


11 SepIvy Birthday Continued

We debated a party this year with all the happenings and craziness in the world. In the end, we decided to do a small celebration at Mimi’s pool since Ivy said pool parities were her tradition. Mommy and Mrs Holly drove the littles to Mimi’s; thankful Holly wanted to come to the first part of the party since I was 1 seat short in my car. Mimi was ready for us when we arrived. We all watched them swim before Mimi put the meat on the grille. Everyone got full bellies with the yummy food and sweet treat then Mrs Holly left since Lisa had enough room in the car to transport everyone going home back to Vestavia. The girls walked back down to the pool to swim off the sugar and let Ivy open her gifts before Lisa took our friends home. We pared the guest list down significantly then normal this year and even had one cancel last minute but the small crowd had BIG fun. 

Ivy’s official birthday party site

Oh what fun this little crew had

Thankful Mimi is always willing to lend a helping hand and grilled for us tonight 

The kids are getting older, dinner choice was BBQ chicken 

Ivy got one more birthday wish too

This little monkey loves to open presents 
More fun in the pool before we took everyone home

10 SepNeighbor Gathering

Love me some front porch living! While we were out side watching the girls enjoy time on the swing before the first NFL game of the season started neighbors congregating and before we knew it we had a crew over to watch the first NFL game of the season and able to enjoy dinner together. Thankful for spontaneous nights of fun!

Sweet Leia also worked on her physics and made dominos out of the Jenga pieces, entertaining to all

09 SepIvy’s 9th Birthday … Her Golden Birthday

It seems like yesterday we were waiting on Ivy’s arrival and this year is the last year she will be in the single digit. She will be half way to 18 which is the legal age where she is considered an adult. It does not seem possible that she is this big; time is so quick. Our little girl is growing into a beautiful young lady. Lord, may you guide and lead her all the days of her life. Teach us how to be the momma and dad she needs us to be and share the love you give us with her so she will grow to know you as her Lord and Savior too. 

Ivy had to go to school on her birthday but mommy was up early to make sure her birthday breakfast order was prepared per her request. We got to enjoy a family breakfast and Ivy opened up gifts before the 7:15 drop off. Mimi came over that morning to help prep dinner then we checked the girls out just before lunch so they could have a special birthday lunch and fund afternoon. Grandpa and Deedee arrived at our house not long after we got back from picking up lunch too. Of course, Ivy wanted to open her gifts as soon as lunch was over. Love to see her enthusiasm opening surprises. As soon as she was done, Leia and the birthday girl was off to play. Mimi picked up Sara and Katie who joined in on the fun once they got out of school too. We all hung around the house the rest of the day simply enjoying the day together. Mark arrived when he got off as we were pulling dinner out of the oven. We all enjoyed dinner and dessert before Stacy finally made it from work just in time for the kids to do the piñata. It was getting late for a school night so Mimi and the Rhoads headed home. After baths there was just enough time for two quick games of Jenga (Ivy’s request) before the girls headed to bed and Ivy’s day of celebration came to an end. 

Leia and mommy decorated while daddy and Ivy played fortnight the night before her birthday. Ivy loved playing with daddy and discovering her decorations. Love her zest for life and joyful spirit

As we tucked her in we took our last selfie with our 8 year old and picture of her holding up 8; she is so excited to be turning 9

Birthday morning
Breakfast to order with a candle to wish … we hope you birthday wish comes true
Right after breakfast Ivy wanted to open presents

Ivy got her 9 gifts for 9 years

technically there was 10 gifts since Leia and Ivy shared one too

School then lunch and opening gifts from Mimi, Deedee & Grandpa

Dance party on the hoverboard

Birthday girl with the best Mimi, Deedee, and grandpa in the world
Buddy joined in the celebration too
Not sure how Ivy got them to hold this sign but she did

Fun times with cousins when they arrived

Yummy birthday dinner

Thank you Deedee for making her cake

Singing happy birthday 

Piñata fun to end the day of celebration 

07 SepLabor Day Weekend 2020

Busy, fun long weekend! We kicked it off Thursday evening by having the Bailey’s over for dinner and fellowship. It was a great time with yummy food and lots of laughter. Friday, after school we we joined the Rhoads’ and Talley’s for a cookie dough treat then we had a fun family night in to restart our tradition from last year on Friday evening. Neither evening did we touch the phone to get a picture but focused on simply being together. 

Saturday, we did a few things around the house until that evening when we went to the Willey’s house for some Venezuelan food and fellowship. Mrs Veronica fixed tequeños and arepas; both were yummy. Once everyone’s bellies were full we headed downstairs to play pool, foosball, darts, basketball, and a ring toss game. It was a late night but fun fulled. 

Ivy loved the doggies

Sunday morning we headed to Mimi’s for a family Labor Day gathering. It is always nice to spend time with family. The memories made are treasures. Our little ladies loved getting to play and help their little cousins. It feels like it was forever ago our 2 were that little. Time goes quick. We are trying to enjoy every moment too. 

Sunday morning we enjoyed some mother-daughter time on the porch while daddy slept. Ivy always keeps things interesting, aka her new way to relax in a hammock

All our little ladies were excited to see their baby cousins and get sweet baby snuggles

We had fun playing with cousins our age too

By the afternoon the littles were tired then we got sweet sleepy snuggles

Sunday evening fun at the Schlappi’s 

Monday, Leia and daddy were tired of going and opted to stay home while mommy and Ivy had some one on one time swimming, jumping, and riding the golf cart at Mimi’s house. Mimi grilled out the traditional labor day meal with ribs and bbq chicken. So thankful to spend part of the day with her and get some time to simply just be together. 

There was a butterfly on her booty; she thought it was funny

Sweet time relaxing by the pool 

02 SepLeia got braces

Well, Leia did something that we were not expecting today and got braces on September 2, 2020 at 10 years old. We went for a consultation to make sure her bite was good and teeth looked good since she lost all her teeth a year ago. Turned out even though her teeth were pretty straight, her bite was off and the dentist said it would end up pushing her bottom teeth back so instead of being there 30 minutes or less like we expected two hours later we left with braces. Grant it, in the two hours we spent over half of it waiting and it only took 20 minutes to put them on her teeth. Our estimated to shift the bite is approximately 18 months so she should be out of braces before the end of 6th grade. She sure does looks cute! 

Mommy’s glasses felt better than the other ones getting on braces

Picking out her first rubber bands

Her sister was surprised when she smiled! 

31 AugEnd of August 2020

The end of August passed very quickly. We did not do much as we adjusted to being back at school and getting back into the routine of it all. Time is a funny thing. We think we have all the time in the world as we took the time this summer together for granted since we had so much of it at home. However, now that we do not have as much we miss the free time at home that we had become accustom too. Treasure every moment! Time is a gift and a thief… 

App and cheers to making it thru the first full week of school

Friday night family game night; thankful Ivy likes pictures or there would not had been one 
LOVE spending time with these people and treasure it 

Saturday we got to spend the afternoon with family fellowship on Mimi’s porch & the three littles swam; always thankful for that time and never take it for granted

On the way home we texted the Talley’s and asked if they needed a few more hands helping Granny move into her house so stopped there and put together furniture. 

Alex ended up comign home with us and the girlies crashed

They SheWaWa’s spent Sunday together

Ivy and Alex wanted to swim so mommy took them for a couple hours. Ivy so wanted Alex to do a back dive … maybe next time

It was Monday again back to school and work … a gift to get to go and have normalcy and girls get to learn