05 MarLoving life with our friends and family

A miscellanous collection of moments that make us smile because this is us, our beautiful life together … Love this season in life and our family! 

Sweet morning snuggles in Leia’s bed with our girlies! Love getting to lay there and just talk to them. They both are so incredible.  

As we were getting ready to go walking Ivy asked mommy if she could tie her shoes for her. she is growing up, has such a sweet heart, and always enjoys snuggling her sister. Love her big time!! 

Always interesting to see how they are sleeping when we go in to give them one last night night kiss and check on them before turning in for the evening ourselves

Mommy got to have lunch with the girlies and go to their school book fair. So thankful for this season and life and getting to enjoy these special moments! 

Lisa helps run gymnastics carpool when Stacy works 10s on Tuesday and Thursdays. Sometimes you need to add a little fun so when you drop a munchkin off at gymnastics you pick up a special treat headed to pick up the last munchkin from aftercare.  

The girlies have been loving riding their bikes and we found a great street near our house they can navigate well

After daddy’s birthday celebration the girls asked for a two on two night so Leia went to Katie’s and Sweet Sara and Incredible Ivy had a spend the night party at our house

They loved that Chris played the rug game with them the next morning! Mommy enjoyed sipping on her coffee since she got up at 6 with Ivy and daddy slept till well after 8.

Loving Sunday afternoons playing with neighborhood friends! 

Sweet Ivy started playing soccer. She did great! She scored 4 goals and said she had lots of fun with a great cheering squad. Thank you Mimi, Al, Stacy, Mark, Sara, Katie, and AlexAnn for joining Chris, Lisa, and Leia at Ivy’s game.  

01 MarChris’s Birthday Celebrations

So thankful to get to celebrate our awesome daddy/husband birthday! We wanted to celebrate him big so started the celebration with Grandpa and Deedee the weekend before when they visited. We had a adult dinner to Gina Marcos then came home to a awesome glow in the dark surprise party the girlies threw us. 

Chris and Lisa’s birthday celebration with Grandpa and Deedee

When we got home our sweet girls had planned a surprise party for us

Monday night before daddy’s birthday he said e wanted to go out to a Japanese steakhouse to celebrate with our little bitty family. The girls loved the pineapple boat they served for his birthday and getting to celebrate their daddy’s birthday an extra time

Daddy woke up on his birthday at Deedee and Grandpa’s house so we face-timed him to wish him a happy birthday that morning. Glad he got to spend part of the morning with his momma and dad. The girls were excited daddy was home when mommy picked them up from school. We started his celebration and sang happy birthday to him with an afternoon treat before taking Ivy to gymnastics and going to the girls open house at school. After the open house we enjoyed the rest of the evening at home and savored sweet time together. 

Happy Birthday daddy!
One of the best gifts was the snuggles from Ivy

Friday night we had a family celebration at the house with Mimi, Al, Stacy, Mark, Sara, and Katie. We catered in Moe’s and Chris got a all ice-cream cake from Brusters. Love getting to celebrate a great husband/daddy and all around good man. Thankful we get to call him ours!  


25 FebGrandpa and Deedee Visited before Grandpa’s Knee Surgery

Grandpa had to go have knee surgery on February 28th so he knew he would not be able to come celebrate Chris or Lisa’s birthdays in March so they came over to see us and celebrate the weekend before his surgery. We always love getting to spend time with them! They were at the house when Lisa and the girls arrived home from Bible Club on Friday. We cooked in that night then the girls went down to play at a neighbor’s house for a couple hours. It was a great night to just relax and enjoy being together. 

Friday afternoon homework with Deedee and Grandpa

Of course the girls played with them too

Saturday morning Lisa and Deedee too the girlies to a makeup gymnastics class then when we got back Deedee and Grandpa took them to Surge to play. That afternoon the girlies went bike riding with AlexAnn, Max, and Mr Wes before they came back to get baths and Miss Anna came to babysit. Grandpa, Deedee, Chris, and Lisa all went out to dinner to celebrate our birthdays (pictures on Chris’s birthday blog post). When we got home the girlies had planned a surprise party for us too. Such a great evening with family! 

 Fun at Surge!

Sunday Grandpa and Deedee were heading home to prepare for Grandpa’s surgery but not before a few fun games. Thankful they were able to come and we got to enjoy the weekend together! Lisa and Chris talked that afternoon and decided Chris should go over on surgery too so he followed them Tuesday evening and was able to spend the evening with them before his surgery and be with Deedee during it and the next morning. 

Before Grandpa left the girls had to play pie in the face with him!
Ivy braced to get pied since every time she played with her sister she was pied

But the victory was Ivy’s. So thankful for a fun Grandpa

Of course his sweet grand daughters needed some pie too

Daddy and Grandpa went head to head too

Victory was daddy’s

Of course daddy was decorated anyways

Fun time playing games with Deedee before they headed home


19 FebPresident Day Weekend

The week leading up to our much needed weekend was a rough one.  Thursday night, Lisa was not feeling 100% so it was a 12 hour bedtime and Friday Lisa/Leia rested ALL day. Leia’s energy surged about noon. By Friday evening both everyone was feeling better. The girls headed to Mimi’s for a spend the night fun night while Lisa and Chris went to a marriage conference at church. Saturday morning, we decided to try to book a last minute, quick, girls trip to the beach since we had been stuck at home all week. Thankfully we found a condo that was reasonably priced so we headed down to Orange Beach full of excitement. The girls threw on their swim suits right when we arrived and we darted out to the beach for the beautiful sunset. It was nice watching them run in and out of the water edge. They decided to head to the pool after a little while  (it was freezing but they did not mind). Once they were chilled to the bone we found the hot-tub before they decided it was time to head back to the room. Leia fell asleep on the couch and mommy carried her to her bed then Ivy went to bed after a few games of Ivy-made-it-up-and-Ivy-won.

Lunch stop on the way down to the beach

Beautiful sunset!

Love watching these two together

First thing Ivy wrote in sand this trip, “Ivy loves Leia”
Ivy’s face told me how cold the water was before I even felt it
Sweet Leia fell asleep early

Sunday morning Lisa was so looking forward to a good cup of coffee and a beach sunrise. When we went to make the coffee we figured out we picked up whole beans. A little bummed we did the best we could to crush the beans to make our coffee and sit on the balcony to enjoy the ocean. The girls woke up a little later and we had breakfast out on the balcony hearing the waves crash on the shore. We headed out to enjoy our day at the beach and was thankful Leia had thrown our old faithful popup beach tent since it was HOT and there was no shade on the beach. Mimi and Ivy walked down to the rocks. We all enjoyed building sand castles, laying on the beach, swimming in the pool, and simply spending time together. Mid afternoon Leia asked to go rest in the room so we did then when they got ready we went out for lunch/dinner and to go shop. However, Leia laid her head down and said she was not feeling good so we headed back to the condo instead of shopping. Leia said she wanted to go home so Mimi took Ivy to the beach one last time this trip, Leia laid down, and Lisa backed the car in record time then we were off headed back to Birmingham from our flash trip to the beach. It was a quick one but it was a great one getting to spend it with Mimi, Lisa, Leia and Ivy. 

 Morning coffee with one of the most amazing women in the world I get to call momma/Mimi. Ivy was not happy she could not wake up her sister when she got up but slowly came around

Yeah, Leia is awake and we all got to enjoy the beautiful view together

Beach time is fun time! Mimi and Ivy walked down to the rocks. 

Of course Ivy entertained doing cart wheels on way back

Hopscotch on the beach
Thankful Leia threw our old faithful pop-up tent in the car! 
How old is she?!?
The girls had lots of fun in the indoor pool and hot tub

Back to the beach for nap time

Ivy, Mimi, and Mommy built a sand castle while Leia napped

Ivy helped load the car so got to ride on the cart when we walked back in the condo 

Monday morning both girls were full of energy! Although they both wanted friends to come over mommy said no since she was not as energetic and Leia had said she was not feeling well the day before to make sure we did not spread germs to any friends. The girls ended up having a good day doing whatever they wanted to do: watching tv, jumping, Ivy rode her bike, we talked to neighbors as they walked by, and they finally got to played pie in the face. It was a great day chilling at home and recouping for the week ahead.  

Morning snuggles are so sweet!

So much fun making slime

Beautiful day to enjoy outside! 
the girls had a great time playing Pie in the Face

Ivy got the brunt of it since Leia would pull her head out if she saw it coming 

14 FebValentine 2018

Valentine Day expectations were to enjoy time together around the breakfast table, laughing, opening a surprise, girls excited for class parties, kindness shared, and hugs all around before girls headed to school   … it wasn’t that kind of morning.  In reality, Chris left early for work (we did get a valentine card snuck in without him knowing), Leia slept in since she was sick, Ivy was sad and pouting that sissy wasn’t up to celebrate valentine with her, and Lisa ran around the house to get everything done for the day after waking up every hour with Leia but did manage to have just enough time to make Ivy’s special heart breakfast to try to cheer her up since it was not going as planned. Thankful Ivy got a sweet valentine hug from Leia before going to school that morning since she woke up just before a neighbor picked up Ivy for school. Ivy excitedly told Leia she would help deliver her valentines to her class but that comment led to the realization Leia was going to miss her valentine party at school which led to Leia being upset. Throughout the morning Leia tried to convince mommy to let her go to school just for her party but she was running a fever on and off and school policy is 24 hour fever free. Mimi came to visit and sit with Leia while Lisa went to help with Ivy’s valentine party at noon. You could tell Ivy needed some extra love time after we had been tending to sissy so mommy checked Ivy out after the party to come home. Ivy was more than happy to take Leia her valentines from her class to brighten Leia’s day after missing her party. Chris arrived home early and while Leia had a little energy we gave the girlies their valentine surprises. Chris cooked pork chops that evening and we (Ivy, mommy, and daddy) ate by candle light since Leia was laying on the couch and the lights bothered her. By the time dinner was over we were all tired and ended up going to bed early but it was a great Valentines because we got to be together and love each other no matter what; that is what really matters anyways. I love spending time with my family! Our hope is that we all love each other well not just on Valentines but everyday of the year.   

Valentine morning, a big heart chocolate chip pancake for sweet Ivy who carried Leia’s party supplies and valentines to Leia’s class

Thankful Mimi came over to sit with Leia while Lisa went to Ivy’s class party

Leia enjoyed getting up to go through her valentines from her friends! 

The girls liked opening their Valentine surprises from mommy and daddy

11 FebWeekend fun

Chris needed to do some school work over the weekend so the girlies worked on their school work on Saturday too. Mimi took the all 4 girlies out that afternoon to a movie to see Peter Rabbit, fun play at chuckecheese, and then dinner at the girls picks (Milos and Arby’s). Chuckecheese may have been a bad idea since we ended up coming down with the flu a couple days later but the kids had fun and a great memory was put in our memory bank. 

Doing school work on a Saturday like daddy. Leia was coding and Ivy finding out interesting facts on pebble-go
Fun at Chuckecheese

Dinner after a fun girls date!

Playing with the ticket wins from Chuckecheese

These girls wanted to do their nails all by themselves and use the Jojo nail set aunt Joy brought them then wrapped early valentine presents for each other. Love how they love each other

09 FebBible Club at VHEW

Thankful that our girlies get to be party of Bible Club at school this year! Lisa is helping with Leia’s group this year with eight little second graders from Mrs Grote’s class and two from another class that was added the second week. Ivy has two of her friends from Miss Chambliss’s class and 4 from the neighboring class. Praying they make life long friends that love Jesus! 

Leia helped make our group sign. She picked our group name, Girl Squad

 Our awesome group 



08 FebAunt Joy and Uncle John Visit

We were so excited that uncle John and aunt Joy were able to visit with us on their way back from Florida again this year. The girls got home from school and immediately got their daily activities done and took a bath so they did not have to do anything other than visit when they arrived. Aunt Joy brought in a bag of goodies for all of us. The girls were super excited to get the beads and started making necklaces, bracelets, and rings right away. Joy sat down with them and patiently tied knot after knot until the girlies realized they could ask John and mommy too. Chris arrived home as we were beading to enjoy our fellowship too. We opted to cook in and enjoy time together rather than going out to dinner. Ivy loved playing and dancing with uncle John while Joy, Lisa, and Chris visited and finished cooking dinner. We watched the video and picture slides from Joy and John’s 50th wedding anniversary party; we enjoyed hearing the stories shared at the party and getting to pause the picture to hear more about them. The girlies enjoyed staying up a little later than normal but were happy to get up the next morning to spend a little time and enjoy breakfast with uncle John and aunt Joy before they headed to school and Joy/John packed up to head home. Hope to see you both again soon. We love you both! 

Thank you aunt Joy and uncle John for our treats. The best treat was getting to spend time with you both! So glad you stopped by on the way home from your trip.  

Ivy loved getting to play with uncle John! 

Sweet Leia showed Joy her donut dress and smiled for a picture she knew mommy was taking

Morning snuggles and hugs before they got on the road to go home.  

06 FebLoving ordinary regular daily life together

It is the normal ole everyday life that makes life sweet. Enjoy every minute of it because it goes fast. 

Fun filled Monday afternoon playing after school with cousins Sara and Katie
To waking up sick and resting all day

To gymnastics and bloody noses

Love our life together and memories we make every day! 


04 FebLego Expo

The first Saturday in February we took the girlies to the Lego Expo. You can tell from the pictures who had the most fun and who might have asked to skip it next year until we got to the putt-putt, corn hole and coloring part. It was a fun family date! So thankful for our little bitty family. 

The legos were impressive! There is no telling how long some of them took to make.
Mommy’s kids playing. Mommy never got a chance to make anything between the multiple trips taking littles to and from the bathroom across the building. Daddy may have had the most fun in this area

Daddy is trying to get Ivy more into it

There were fun activities to do other than build legos. You could see some amazing sets, play corn hole, putt-putt, jumpies, play games, color, and shop 
Mommy asked daddy to take one picture so the kids knew later she was there

Ivy enjoyed lunch and loved playing with the gloves they gave her at home. She said she is going to be a doctor when she grows up. 

Fun night snuggling and sweet family time! 

Sunday was the Super Bowl where the Eagles won for the first time over the Patriots. Thankful to get to watch part of the it with our little family.