04 JulJuly 4th, 2020

Celebrating the 4th at at Mimi’s with family

Mimi is always festive

Love seeing our family

Time is precious together

Mother/daughters are friends for life

Fun time in the pool … lots of laughter and fun! 

Our family does food too

It stormed after lunch but thankful aunt Kristi had brought entertainment for the littles until it passed and everyone could get back in the pool

Our little family hung out at home with lots of morning glories and throwing poppers for evening fun while watching fireworks from afar that people all over our neighborhood was shooting throughout the night

Leia made us laugh when she went in and came out with a mask; apparently she did not like all the smoke but the mask helped 

These two went through some sparklers this 4th but they add sparkle to our family and life every day of the year!  

30 JunThe Rest of June 2020

Thankful we went to the beach when we did! The crowd was low while we were there and we were able to keep a healthy distance from others. We probably would have had to cancel our trip if we had waited another couple of weeks to go to the beach since late June the numbers for COVID started raising again. We went back into a semi-isolation where we were selective what we did, where we went with masks, tried keeping our contact to a limited number of selective people, and generally only participated in outside activities (excluding family of course). This is a strange summer with few activities and not knowing if our school calendar for next year will be altered with the pandemic or not; we were told we would be given a decision sometime in July. This year is teaching us to roll with the punches. 

Katie’s 11th Birthday was the day after we returned from the beach. Glad we got to go to her pool party at Mimi’s to celebrate with her and a few of her friends. 

We helped fix Mimi’s fan while we were there too 

Saturday morning fun at home …. you never know what will happen. Love these girls keep us on our toes and laughing. Life is more fun with Leia and Ivy! 

Saturday afternoons in the summer are made for the pool. The girls had fun swimming with Alex.
It is lots of fun at Mimi’s

Plus there is yummy food

Ivy loves her ice cream and was proud of her face

Monday was Alicia’s 9th birthday. The girls decorated cakes with her via FaceTime that morning.

Met backup after lunch to sing happy birthday and cut the cake 

In the afternoon they attended her virtual birthday party and painted some awesome pictures

Wednesday with neighbors is always fun! Ivy loves little ones! Our sweet neighbor was out swinging after she took her 1 year old pictures so Ivy got to get some sweet baby snuggles in then pushed Elliot on the swing at our house. Thankful for sweet neighbors to play. I love seeing all the kids outside more these days riding bikes, running, and laughing

Ivy started back gymnastics COVID style. There is only two people in the class to limit contact and the coach is required to sanitize after they finish each station. Kids are required to get their temperature checked upon walking in and wash hands as they walk in, a sink was installed next to the front door. Parents are not allowed to go inside so they set up zoom so parents can still watch.

Donna Drive mom and kids pool time at Mimi’s for Friday Funday  

We let the boys join us in the evening for a round or two of Catan; Chris was happy to leave with the defending champ holder

Our first zucchini and cucumbers from the garden 🙂 

Father’s Day 2020! 
We celebrated with Mimi and the Rhoads on Saturday evening since Sunday it was suppose to rain. Thankful to get to spend time together and celebrate the dads in our life. We love going to Mimi’s

Sunday morning we snuggled and gave daddy his father day surprises. It was a low key day for us. Chris was invited to hit golf balls with the Talley boys so he got to do that and then we played a game a Catan since their golf fun was cut short with the lightening strikes; Wes got his first win on Father’s Day. We came back home and fixed a light dinner then had sweet family time that evening. It was a low key day but Chris said he got to do just what he wanted and enjoyed it. 

We played a board game in the afternoon with neighbors and friends

Sweet girls loving on daddy at dinner time

Evening snuggles with our baby girl always makes a momma’s heart happy

Monday both mommy and daddy had to work. Thankful the girls have each other for entertainment. Love evening time when we just get to be us and get snuggles! 

Of course we have fun with funny faces too

Mommy has been trying to eat a healthier diet so the whole house was put on it with her since she does most the cooking. We now have a one bite rule where you have to try a bite of everything cooked then you can add to your plate. So impressed these two ate, Turmeric Cauliflower Soup and I’ve heard I like mushrooms from my kid

Our COVID quarantine neighbors found out their little pup had cancer so had to put him down during July. Holly texted to see if our girls could come down to help comfort AA so of course we did. The girls all loved on Sid before he was taken to the vet. Chris told them about the dog poem and as fate would have it had ordered “She-Wawa” shirts for the girls and they came in the day Sid passed away for him to give the girls them; God is good for all the timing to work out like it did. 

We took a COVID style trip to the zoo. All inside exhibits, intreractive activities, and rides were closed, and everyone wore masks. There were signs posted all over to keep an alligator, otter, etc length apart. For the first time ever our girls looked at the animals. 

This girls loves helping littles

Looking at the sea lions 


and rhinos
Sisters are awesome! Love their bond and how they love each other

Leia got tired of looking at the animals and said we outta here

Of course mommy wanted a zoo crew picture before we left. Thankful to have sweet neighbors and friends to quarantine and do life with during this crazy time

The girlies got to spend the night with Mimi Friday night after our zoo adventure. Love that Mimi always sends a morning pic so we can see their smiles and them enjoying theirselves while mommy and daddy got a few things done at the house. Of course, mommy and daddy headed to Mimi’s as soon as we could to join in on the fun and play in the pool 

Saturday, morning we went to Mimi’s early to meet up with the girlies and invited our Donna Drive gang to Mimi’s pool for a little fun with us too
When we arrived we saw Mimi cutting the neighbor’s yard. Apparently, she had gone into labor so Mimi was being herself, one of the most generous, nicest neighbors ever since she knew he had planned on cutting the grass this weekend before the baby arrived. I want to be as generous and kind as my momma … she still is reminding and teaching us how we should live

Pool Party fun! 

Saturday evening, Chris’s cousin Brian and his lady, Julie and Michael stopped by to visit on their way home from Louisville to Naples. It was so good to meet Julie and Michael and get to visit with them all. The kids had fun hoover-boarding, playing with the dogs, swinging, and having fun together while the adults got time to enjoy some sweet fellowship. Thankful for precious time with family! 

After a great June we ended it on a sour note with one of our little princesses, sick with strep throat for the first time in her sweet little life. Thankfully we did go to the doctor and expect a full recovery by the 1st of July but we did enjoy the low key end and sweet snuggles

Despite the fact on July 1st the girls got up too early

There was a full recovery and it was time to have some fun





12 JunComfort Beach Trip 2020

Tuesday morning we woke up and got the car packed in time for Chris to sit down and enjoy a cup of coffee. He needed the coffee since he had to stay awake the whole drive. Lisa and the girlies may have taken a short nap on the drive down. With the ladies in the car napping we only had to take two potty breaks before stopping at Cosmos for lunch. 

We sat outside and enjoyed the fresh salty air and all fresh fish for our first meal at the beach. After we ate we made a quick stop by Public for snacks for the week. We unloaded everything in the condo and were off the the beach. The girls played in the water at the edge for a little bit then got braver to walk out a little farther. When Chris joined us he quickly joined them in the water. 

First view from our balcony

The girls could not wait to get in the ocean

Lisa enjoyed sitting in the waters edge watching her little family enjoy the water while relaxing hearing the waves crash on the shore. It was so peaceful! When the kids were water logged and the sun set we headed into the condo to get showers, snack and enjoy a family game of eight card. What a great first day at the beach with our little family. 

Our only family picture from the trip that was not a selfie

Mommy sat by the pool while these two swam
Always enjoy a ocean view from the balcony

Evening games and snuggles 

Wednesday morning we were all up early. The adults enjoyed coffee on the balcony; one of the favorite times at the beach. After a couple of cups mommy cooked a yummy breakfast to fuel us up before heading to the beach. Lisa took the girls down ahead of Chris to give him some time alone to re-energize. Mommy and the girls headed straight to the ocean to dive into the waves. Daddy joined us when he came down too. One of the negatives about us all in the ocean and here alone is no family pics in the ocean but we had fun so hopefully the girls will remember in their memories as they get older. 


Breakfast at the beach always is good
Love our beach set up for the day

We enjoyed watching a guy do a detailed castle
Ivy is always up to play


Mommy took the girls to the pool mid-day and grabbed snacks. However, the girls decided they were super hungry and preferred lunch instead. They had asked yesterday if we could go to Lunas today so that’s where we went for them to get their pretzel bites and spaghetti and meatball. Mommy was the only one who opted for seafood again. It was good! We all left full and decided we would have to get BuzzCat ice-cream another time. 

Before heading back to the condo mommy and daddy had to make food on their word and let the girls get hair wraps. It took a little longer than we’d planned! We had to drive 20 minutes in the opposite direction of the condo. Then there were two people on front of us before it was the girls time. Both girls were super excited to get them though. By the time we got back to the condo it was pouring and everything we’d left at the beach was drenched. Ivy and mommy headed down to get the stuff and put everything in the dryer. 


Right after we got everything back to the condo and the dryer started, the sun came back out. The girls asked if we could go to the pool so we took them down there until they were water logged and hungry. We headed back up to the condo to eat dinner and snuggle a little bit. Mommy and Ivy decided to go back down to the beach to play in the sand, enjoy the waves, see the sunset, and walk on the beach while daddy and Leia chilled in the room. 

Mommy watching her girlies

Ivy wanted to go back down to the beach so she got some one on one time with mommy since Leia said she wanted to stay in the room. Ivy surveyed the other guys sand work and decided to create a master piece herself. 

Evening setup since most of our stuff got drenched 
This girl was serious about getting a good sunset picture for aunt Stacy and loves having her picture taken too
Thankful a sweet lady was willing to take a picture or two for us

What a gorgeous sunset 

Ivy was ready to head up just after sunset so we did. Mommy got to sit on the balcony with a glass of wine and visit daddy while the girls got ready for bed. We had some family time playing cards again then snuggled up to watch TV before calling it a night. Love the sweet time together!

Summer loving

Evening time is always sweet

Love that Ivy requested we get a picture of them sleeping in the bunk beds … of course mommy obliged 

Everyone was up by seven to enjoy the last full day at the beach. After a cup of coffee mommy made eggs, bacon, and cinnamon rolls to fuel us for the day. Ivy and mommy headed to the beach first and got us set up. Leía joined us a few minutes later. We all headed to the ocean to float around but ivy said she saw a stingray so she bolted. Daddy came down then we had man on man coverage again. Mommy hung out with Ivy on the beach while daddy and Leia floated around.

Beautiful morning view
Love these monkeys! 

Morning fun

We could not convince Ivy to get in with us but she happily took a couple pics  
Ivy did make friends on the beach though

Eventually Ivy found a friend and braved the water again. Although she did not want to go out as far as daddy and sissy. We all compromised and had family ocean time for a while before mommy walked over to see about parasailing nearby, Leia has been asking yo do it for two years so we decided to go for it. We couldn’t talk Ivy into it and Chris said his back a was s hurting so opted out too. 

Love watching their sweet bond and them play together

Daddy and Ivy played in the sand and floated while mommy and Leia headed on our adventure. We got on life vest and climbed on a banana boat behind a jet ski to be pulled out to the boat to parasail. It was just the two of us, the driver, and photographer on the boat. We soared up in the sky above the 20 story condos. Leía said it was awesome, that she felt kind a bird, but she did say she was nervous on the banana boat and sitting on the back of the boat waiting to takeoff. Mommy was more nervous as they kept lengthening the rope and we went higher and higher in the air; seemed like this flight was higher than any other time she’d done it. However, mommy was grateful to experience Leias first time parasailing with her and loved watching her excited, talking in the sky, and living an adventure together.  Leía said she had to do it again in her life; maybe next time we will talk Ivy and daddy into it too. 

It is picture overload but it was Leia’s first time, we bought a photo package, and had 259 images so ….

We returned to the ocean where daddy had taken Ivy out farther than we had been before. Leía excitedly told them of our adventure then we decided to walk across the street to grab lunch at Islander Food Shack. Lunch did not take long so we were able to head back across the beach to enjoy the last afternoon there this trip. Chris had a headache so he and leia stayed in the room but Ivy and Lisa went back out. 

We played and floated in the ocean more. Leía eventually made her way back out to join our fun in the sand. Once we had enough sand the girls asked to go to the pool so we headed up. They were excited some friends they’d met the day before came out and they got to swim with them. Mommy lured them away by reminding them it was the last chance fir ice cream. Daddy joined us and we headed to BuzzCats. While they were enjoying their ice cream mommy mentioned the fish at Luna’s was really good so we decided to go get one last piece, we just had dessert first this time. 


When we got back to the condo Leia immediately got a bath and put in PJs. Mommy and daddy went to the balcony to listen to the waves crash on the shore. Ivy wanted to go back out to the beach and ocean though. Mommy and daddy divided and conquered again. Daddy took Ivy while mommy relaxed on the balcony a little longer then headed in to spend some time with Leia. Mommy’s did start to  gather a few things for our departure on the morning but decided time just being together was better. We skipped game time that night and stuck with snuggles and shows. Great way to spend the last evening at the beach. 

 Mommy tried to get pictures of them on the beach even if it was from afar

Up early to sit on the balcony with coffee and watch the waves crash in the shore. We ignored the fact we needed to pack and load the car a couple hours and simply enjoyed a leisure morning. It did not take long to pack up when we started and get gone with all hands on deck. We stopped by Perdido Key Breakfast Club on the way out of town to enjoy a yummy breakfast. Four hours later we pulled into our drive. Lisa of course had to get everything unloaded and washed immediately but we were all thankful for a few days away together.

Morning coffee before packing up was nice

08 JunFirst week of Summer fun, Memorial Day 2020, and then some

From COVID to riots … it is a strange time we live in but God is in control and His plan will always prevail. Thankful we know that Jesus has already defeated the real enemy and reins as the King of King and Lord of Lord. We still desire to live life to the fullest in these uncertain time and love on those God has allowed us to share this season of life with while being wise washing hands and taking precautions to stay healthy as well ….

Graduation party for Luke Talley Wednesday evening following their COVID style graduation Tuesday

 Our girls playing with the wagon mommy rode in as a child Thursday at Mimi’s 

Swimming and helping Mimi in the yard, always fun at Mimi’s
The best part of fun neighbors is the impromptu gatherings

First spend the night fun in a LONG time … sweet summer time

These kids are living their best life! Swinging on the porch bed and playing with friends
Planting plants and game night that is how we do a Saturday night

Super Sunday with family: relaxing, eating, and playing … who can beat it. We decided to celebrate Memorial Day with the family on Sunday instead of Monday since the weather forecast called for rain Monday

Memorial Day, Monday evening fun … the weather forecast was wrong

The girls got to have Alex spend the night too, extending Memorial Day fun out

Tuesday morning breakfast on the porch and play day with Alex ALL day long while mommy and daddy worked

These girls having fun with the Wii Sports game Tuesday evening

Wednesday was another work day but we got to have a little fun after quitting time with family. Mimi, Sara, Katie and Uncle Mark came over for dinner; Stacy went to a friends. Leia pulled Katie and Mark into her Wii games too before she and her sister headed to Mimi’s to spend the night

Always thankful for some sweet time with my momma!

Thursday Lisa picked up Sara so she could join the Comfort girls at Mimis 
Ivy helped mommy Friday seal the porch 

Saturday Ivy got a play date with Evelyn while Leia went to a friends birthday party. Both girls had a great time with friend(s)! It had been a long time since they both had time with friends. 

Sunday, we enjoyed our morning at home then took friends to swim and play at Mimi’s again. We had heard of civil unrest in Minnesota where a white officer harsh treatment of a black man ended in his death. The civil unrest spread across the nation and landed in B’ham with violent, riots destroying businesses into the wee morning hours occurring. Our world was rocked that evening and we know we need to talk to our girls about the events of the world but how do you explain something you don’t understand to your children? Praying for wisdom and our nation as we underwent a pandemic the last 10 weeks or so and now racial tensions and violence …. Lord Jesus let you spirit fall on your believers to give us peace over fear and share love over hate

Monday we went back to Mimi’s with the intention of swimming into the evening. However, we heard some of the rioters from the night before had planned to head to Gardendale so decided it was wise to head back home not long after we arrived since we had a sweet friend with us. Reports were surfacing that bricks were being thrown from bridges at cars on the interstate, etc … and a 7 pm curfew had been enacted. As these worries were on the adults minds we drove home with mommy silently praying for a safe trip home and protection over all innocence lives as protest and riots were expected to resume that evening. We still have not told our children of the evil, events in the world going on so their childhood innocence and fun-spirits were in full force; blessed to see the world through their innocence. 

Enjoying sweet snuggles as we let the girls stay up late to savor time with them

Tuesday, Ivy wanted to go swim at Mimi’s but Leia said she wanted to stay home. Sweet Leia helped mommy by starting our cleaning. She knows her mommy well and spoke to her love language of ‘acts of service’. Ivy ended up spending the night with Mimi & Sara. They fixed pasta for dinner and played in the pool. Leia got Mommy & Daddy to herself for the evening. We left Leia pick dinner, Outback, went for a walk, and simply enjoyed being together. Blessed to have some special time with Leia and missed our caboose all at the same time. 
Dinner on the porch

Fun game of volley ball
Evening fun

FaceTiming sissy as we laid in bed

Wednesday was a work day for Lisa and Chris so Leia fending for herself most the morning watching TV and playing solo. Aunt Stacy picked her up to take her to Mimi’s about 11 so it was not too long. They had a fun time at Mimi’s playing in the pool and spending a little girl time together. They planned on a girl party that night as the 4 grand-girls spent the night with Mimi. Love that they have special time with Mimi  
Thankful for morning texts and calls when our baby is gone! Miss her enthusiasm and sweet spirit when she is away. 

We got FaceTimes and texts through out the day but only a picture of their dinner time

Thursday morning fun with cousins to Thursday evening fun with momma (guess when daddy is not around mommy gets stuff on her head)
Friday morning we enjoyed sweet time with Mimi, we rode bikes, Ivy swam, and then it was time to head home

Friday afternoon Grandpa and Deedee arrived to visit a few days. The girls were super excited to see them! This is the first time that we had saw them since COVID isolations started on March 15th. Before they came they had texted they wanted to bring girls something since everything was closed so they ordered a trampoline sprinkler and yard game which Grandpa put up right after they opened it for the girls

I bet they are going to have a good time with it this summer! 

The adults enjoyed a glass of wine and made dinner while the girls played. It was fantastic fellowshipping in person and getting to hug their necks 
Grandpa missed getting tortured by his grand-girls

Deedee helped clean up from dinner while Grandpa got his makeover after dinner 

Sweet evening snuggles after our walk and baths

Of course Grandpa wanted to play with the girls too
Saturday, Grandpa and Chris went golfing so Deedee and Lisa had the girls to ourselves for the morning. We enjoyed the leisure morning at the house snuggling, doing math, watching TV, and making welcome home signs for their bfff. Mommy forced the girls to put on clothes to go to  JoAnn’s for Deedee to run in to get thread and picked up lunch on the way back home

Ladies lunch

We headed to Mimi’s midday. Mommy finally braved the pool wince it reached 82 degrees then the boys joined us after golf. Of course they got in after dinner too

Sunday morning came too quick. We face-timed Tío Diego to wish him a happy birthday; looking forward to celebrating with him when they come off isolation. Grandpa and Ivy went to get donuts since it was going home day but we the girls did get to play a little with them before they headed home. We were sad to see them go but look forward to visiting again soon

Sunday afternoon Leia picked her first item from her garden, a little tomato. We cut it so everyone got one bite of it from her home grown garden

Game night with the Talley’s since they returned from the beach and we leave Tuesday 

Monday after work we went to Mimi’s to celebrate uncles Mark’s birthday with him

19 MayFirst day of Summer 2020

It was a strange way to end school this year and mommy did not get a picture on the last day of school in the “Comfort Class”. While they started their school at VHEW with their trained teachers they ended at “Comfort Class” with mommy as the teacher while trying to maintain working too. They tried to pull wool over mommy’s eyes to get away with doing less making some days rougher than they should have been but in the end we all managed to succeed at homeschool. Looking back each of the days are such a treasure. Any day shared with a loved one is a treasured day. 

First day of school in 4th and 2nd verses 1st day of summer after 4th and 2nd grade
They have grown. They are smarter. They are loved. Their laughter is contagious. They amaze us. 

Treat time to celebrate summer and working on making plans for the summer. 
Praying health over family and friends and making more precious memories while having a fun summer together

16 MayLast week of school

Monday was a full day of school and a little home economics for Ivy. She learned to make homemade bread all on her own. Both girls front loaded their weeks too. 

Tuesday we went to Mimi’s after we finished school and work. Always a good time! 

Our big girl decided to stay to have a one-on-one with Mimi

We hung out with a neighbor that afternoon

But of course we FaceTimed before bedtime

Wednesday, good morning text from our big girl

They rode bikes, walked, rode the golf cart, and had lots of fun which was a lot more fun than Chris and Lisa working. 

Ivy knocked out her school work quickly and entertained herself while mommy/daddy worked. Thankful Mimi and Leia brought us lunch that afternoon too. 

Thursday was fun time after school while Mommy cleaned and organized the pantry/house then we all relaxed by out little fire column

Friday would have been the girls May Day Play Day at school so we did lots of playing at Mimi’s. Ivy practiced her back flip she mastered and taught Katie to do one, all the girls swam in the pool and then had a girls spend the night party with Mimi

Mommy and daddy FaceTimed our girl at bed time Friday and when she woke up Saturday

Breakfast with Mimi is always yummy and made to order

Morning fun at Mimi’s before the parents arrived

We convinced daddy to get in the 72 degree water with the girls, such a trooper

Alex shared her cake she made that day then we went to neighbor’s house for a private mini concert 




10 MayMother’s Day 2020

Mother’s Day was fantastic! Chris set his alarm to wake up early to make sure he was up before Lisa to fix breakfast. Breakfast was served a few minutes after Lisa got up. He fixed a yummy breakfast of omelets with steak, peppers, tomatoes, and pepperchinees, hash browns, and cinnamon rolls then he cleaned up the table while mommy got to snuggle with the girlies. We all ended up on the couch snuggling to FaceTime Mimi and Deedee then watched an old movie, “What a Girl Wants” together. A morning full of sweet time, unrushed, and snuggles started the day off right. 

Snuggles, cards, and yummy breakfast

Face-Timing our Mimi and Deedee 🙂


We got to Mimis a little before noon to give her hugs on Mother’s Day. She was sitting in the swing ready to greet us. The girls always comment on how they love riding up and seeing her in the swing waiting on us. We sat with her and had a few minutes before a neighbor came by to say happy Mother’s Day then the Rhoads arrived to join the visit. Mimi had prepped all the veggies and sides and marinated the steaks but Chris and Mark finished cooking lunch for the moms. After lunch we all sat around visiting by the pool and in the swings, girls swam, rode the golf-cart, or chilled with adults. Time together is sweeter these days after being on lockdown and all the uncertainty recently. 

 Photo Ops at Mimi’s house

These two were our water bugs
Nap after fixing breakfast and lupper


Mother’s Day evening Chris put a fountain Mimi gave me for the front porch and we got to sit out on the porch listening and relaxing together. After a nice relaxing bath we enjoyed ice cream together as a family then ended the night snuggled up watching a new show together. A perfect ending to a day with our girls, Chris, Mimi, and the Rhoads. 

09 MayAnother week goes by

Saturday morning, mommy and daddy enjoyed a cup of coffee on the porch then headed out to see if we could find a pressure washer. We went all the way across town but never could find one. Mommy also mixed up a couple batches of cinnamon rolls to share with Mimi and the Rhoads before heading to Gardedale to get the girls since they had spent the night. Of course they had been having fun all morning with a bike ride around the neighborhood and swimming in the pool. The Rhoads ladies were there by the time Lisa arrived. Stacy and Lisa went on a 4.5 mile bike ride where Lisa crashed, leaving a nice bruise on her knee but we got some movement in for the day too since we were not getting in the pool for our movement like the littles.  

The Dobbs ladies went to put flowers on Papa’s grave since decoration was that Sunday. It is hard to believe it has been more than 7.5 years since she we last hugged his neck. Some days it feels like an eternity and other days it feels like it just yesterday. What each of us would not do to have one more papa bear hug or hear him say he loves us again. With all the uncertainty of COVID and life now plus his sudden let breath reminds us to treasure each and every moment we have together, tell the people you love you love them, forgive those who ask  or even don’t ask so you don’t live with regret when it is too late, spend time with those that matter the most to you because weather is is a virus, heart, accident or whatever there maybe a day when you are left with memories and the heartache wishing you had just one more hug or moment. 

Saturday evening we celebrated our sweet friend and neighbor’s birthday. Thankful to have them in our lives and getting to have fun with them during this isolation time


Sunday morning mommy fixed a BIG southern breakfast/brunch for our little family so we would have plenty of leftovers for a couple days. We headed to Mimi’s for swimming that afternoon and supper with the family. We always enjoy pool time and cook outs at Mimi’s in the summer. Love that summer started early this year! 

The first full week in May arrived, meaning there is only 3 more weeks of school. We finally think we have a schedule that works for us down but still anticipate there might be bumps in the road. There is not as many pictures but we are still having lots of family time, working from home, homeschooling, and loving life together. So thankful for this season when we are in isolation to have our girlies at home and getting to see them every day and continue seeing family in town. One funny this week while we were doing school was a neighbor calling to see if the girls could go get something out of the mailbox they had left … in reality they want to scare the girls. Leia did a little shocked sound but did not scream like they thought she would, LOL 

Cinco de Mayo finally fell on Taco Tuesday … only to be cancelled by a virus named after a Mexican beer

Nevertheless, we celebrated Cinco de Mayo on Tuesday with our family and friends after school and work on Tuesday. The girls had fun with a slip-n-slide with cousins and friends then Chris headed to pick up Mexican from our favorite, locally owned Mexican restaurant. Thankful we called it in early that afternoon even though he had to wait 20 minutes when he got there. 

Dinner with family from Habaneros. 

Wednesday was daddy’s day for school but mommy organized everything for it. He apparently had a hone call or something because the girls ended up upstairs doing school and asking momma questions. One cool assignment to see their thoughts on homeschool was their writing assignment; love to hear their thoughts on different topics. The workday was made better by a yummy coffee and day was made better with a big smile! The day was rough for Mommy since her ear started aching again; there is a doctor appointment for Friday scheduled now. Either war Lisa took off early to get some snuggles while chilling on the couch with our littles. 

So excited Leia and mommy did a puzzle together too

Thursday was another school morning although we were a little relaxed about it. The girls did their reading, math, and school hangouts but that was about all for school before we decided to end the school day. We picked up Sara and Katie to load up to go to Mimi’s that afternoon for a little fun in the sun and sweet time with Mimi. Leia was our water bug and did not get out of the water most of the afternoon. We are blessed to be able to have getaways to Mimi’s during this crazy time and still hug Mimi’s neck! We made bread at Mimi’s house to enjoy and share with neighbors then headed home to cook dinner and spend time with Chris that afternoon. We walked down to see our neighbor’s porch progress then ended up asking them to come back for a drink and game but the girls could not hang with it and fell asleep early. 


Friday was another school morning and house cleaning day but first we worked on puzzles and snuggled. Lisa did have to go to the ENT for her ear after having a difficult time hearing for a couple weeks. It was a 2 hour wait in a very crowded waiting room. Needless to say, Lisa was not happy waiting that long nor was the procedure fun. Plus to top it off she has to go back next week to get a hearing test since the audiologist was not there. Thankful for a fun evening of games and ordering pizza to end the day. 

Saturday was a low key, R&R day! I think we all needed it! Even though we are in a state of more isolation and life “slowed” down with school being cancelled, work commute eliminated, no extra activities outside the home, etc… it is mentally/emotionally draining having things different, not knowing if you will get what you go to the store for because the shelfs are not fully stocked, and wanting to do something but nothing being open to do and wanting to make sure everyone in the family is safe and healthy. Plus, momma had not been sleeping well and it was catching up with her so a rest day was a good day for the household. Mimi made a special delivery of flowers for Mother’s Day but only stayed about 5 minutes and Lisa/Ivy walked around the neighborhood but other than that we did not see anyone or leave the house. However, we did have a fun “visit” with Chris’s family thanks to technology with the “Batson Virtual Talent Show” that evening. It was great to see everyone’s face and hear their voices. Hoping to get to hug necks one day soon too when life returns to some normalcy. 

01 MaySchool week

Monday was a full day of work and school. It went way better than the last week! However, we know not to get too cocky and know that we need to pray wisdom and grace each and everyday. We are slowly figuring it out and seeing what schedule works for us and how to handle the conference calls and school meetings, plus try to teach and be productive at work…we can not do any of it on our own strength but relay daily on grace to get us through it. Today was a good day where we felt we succeeded with little work productivity, a big smile after tears when mommy took the time out to teach Ivy math, Deedee stepped in with math lessons with Leia via FaceTime, Ivy joined her Girl Scout troop and made a mask, we even managed to throw home economics in with a little bread making today before going outside to played together too … thankful for a day like today when we think maybe we can home school and be successful at it. Thank you Lord for the day and grace you gave us to make it through it with smiles and showing love towards each other.
What a setup for school and work

Math online started in tears so we shifted to a little instructional time on the white board

instructional time led to understanding and smiles over tears

However, even when moved back to the computer she ask, “can I have paper and pencil to do math? Too much screen time is bad” 🙂 This girl is her momma’s girl, preferring old school paper and pencil over the computer

Leia was happy doing math via FaceTime with Deedee; mommy is so thankful Deedee is willing to teach her math while mommy teaches Ivy and works. What a blessing Deedee is a gifted math teacher that is willing to share her time and we get to call her ours. Looking forward to seeing her in person when COVID crisis is over

Home Economics at its best … Leia was not interested in it today and it is not a mandatory subject everyday so she is not pictured and enjoyed some chill time doing what she wanted while Ivy did it with mommy

Tuesday is suppose to be a work day for Lisa but since we are doing our own schedule she decided to focus on family and home harmony rather than work work. Tuesday morning she made homemade from scratch, sourdough cinnamon rolls for all the family to sit down together and start the day off too. Chris headed back downstairs to his office to work after his short coffee break. Lisa then moved into the role of teacher for a couple hours. It is a joy teaching our girls when the focus time is on teaching instead of dividing attention between multiple items and stretching oneself too thin. We spent an hour with Ivy working on her school while Leia worked on math sheets Deedee had sent. Ivy was doing well but Leia was getting frustrated so then mommy shifted from 2nd grade teacher to the 4th grade math and worked with Leia for a little bit on her items. It is so cool to watch how both of their minds work and alter teaching methods to fit each of their individual learning personalities. They both had their google class hangouts with their school friends that morning too. Hearing that it was suppose to rain Wednesday we decided to wrap up school at noon to enjoy time outside together rather than finish the last assignment and push it to Wednesday.  

We picked up Sara and Katie for a little outside fun that afternoon. We blew bubbles and played corn hole. Mimi arrived with Sara and Katie’s bikes so then the girls rode a little before venturing down to the Talley’s to explore by the creek and tree house. Stacy came over to so we got to have a yummy dinner together. Mimi hung out a little bit but headed home to get pine bark out and the Rhoads headed home when Mark got off work. 

After last weeks breakdown, Chris and Lisa decided he would take Wednesday, school teacher role so Lisa could focus exclusively on work one day of the week. Lisa worked the WHOLE day, 10.5 hours trying to catch herself up. Chris said the girls did a great job with him doing school; thinking mommy losing it and organizing the day for them and of course, the prayers are working made the day much better. They ended school by lunch and was exploring outside since the rain and thunderstorms did not come that they said were going to come in that day. There were no pictures since mommy was focused on catching up at work. We were thankful our oversized fridge repair guy could come install the part we needed. It was nice putting cold stuff back in it rather than running them to the downstairs refrigerator but boy were we thankful for the two weeks our fridge upstairs was out did we have the extra one. That evening we had sweet family time before bed time and simply enjoyed being together. 

Thursday, it was back to mommy doing school and working. Both went great! There was a minor breakdown that mommy would not cook exactly what they wanted since she was working that morning but it was over with in a short time span. We were done with all the have-to items by lunch. Aunt Stacy came over to pick us up to go to Mimi’s and we picked up Chrick-fil-A on the way. The girls were pumped the pool was open and looked so inviting. Despite the 68 degree high and water temperature of 62 degrees the girls jumped in and then stayed in the water an hour or more. We had to take them leave to go home for Leia to go to Harris’s drive by birthday party that afternoon then headed home for the night.


Friday was a home day for momma! We did not do our Thursday clean since we went to Mimi’s to play so mommy cleaned on Friday while daddy worked and the girls chilled. The girlies called Mimi to ask if they could spend the night there that night so she came to get the girlies in the afternoon. Chris and Lisa had a chilled evening and visited the Talley’s a little bit while the girls swam and visited with Mimi. We FaceTimed the girls and everyone called it an early night at both houses. 

FaceTimeing our little beauties

Ivy is always up for snuggles and a picture 

26 AprCOVID crisis continues

Monday was a good day for school and fun! Thankful this week is starting off a lot smoother than last week. Praying it continues. We started the day working and schooling then once it was done moved to the all out fun. Sara, Katie, and Stacy came over for about an hour to play and fellowship. We cleaned out the fridge for dinner  Sweet Ivy is always up for a picture or two; we asked Leia if she will let us have a Leia Tuesday picture.  

Tuesday was a good day. We knocked school out in the morning and headed to Mimi’s for some girl time

We left the girlies there for the evening with Mimi so both momma and dad could work

Sweet pictures Wednesday morning from mimi’s house. Love that she is teaching them to do yard work just like she taught their mommy when she was their age

It was not all work at Mimi’s, of course they had fun too

But they did a great job helping in the yard
When they got home that afternoon we did school work to catch up on assignments that they missed when they were at Mimi’s working in the yard … best part of home school is being able to alter the schedule and do it on our time line 

Thursday morning we knocked school out quick and got to have a bike riding, fun time kind of afternoon with our cousins. We were one bike short for everyone to join in on the fun so we got the golf cart out as well so everyone could explore the neighborhood together

I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice-cream

Fridays are our light school days and we just do a little school in the morning, reading and math only then transition to fun lessons or recess for the day. Blessed to have such a good week with these little loves of ours!  Loving this stage in life!!

As we were counting our blessings we looked in the fridge, pretty sure this is not what a fridge is suppose to do … not what we wanted but thankful we could get a repair man here quick. What we did not know was that there was more to it then we thought and it would take two weeks to repair since we had to special order the part

Family time and dinner fellowship following the fridge bad news makes life sweeter

Ending the week with a girl night movie bash watching “Trolls World Tour”

Saturday was a family day. The girls and Lisa went to Mimi’s to hang out with the Rhoads girls while Chris had sometime to himself to decompress and relax. That evening we had a little family game night at home, girls request. The girls learned Chris’s latest game obsession, Catan; hope this means a lot more family game times to come

Sunday was a R&R, church in the morning, get ready for the week ahead, chill out at home kind of day … no pictures just doing life in quarantine

Monday mommy and daddy had to work … maybe should have used the method below to get work done or maybe we were too cocky from last week running smoothly and did not pray over this week like the week before thinking we got this on our own. Really not sure what happened but one things was for sure and that is this week did not start smooth with work and school at all! 

Tuesday was smoother since work was taken out of the equation for Lisa but the day still was not completely smooth nor had mommy learned the lesson that we needed to pray for the Lord to help us through the week, every day; guess you could say she is a slow learner. However, there was laughter throughout the day, school work was completed, and we had nice family fellowship over dinner 

Wednesday was a BAD school/work day! No pictures, just yells, tears, and headaches … why did we not see the advice from a sweet friend on this day instead of a few days later? Mommy had already called it a day by lunch with a pounding headache from the stress of parenting, working , and teaching … the rest of the day was a blur from lunch to bed … maybe it is blocked out to try to forget it but pretty sure we called the school day early and just tried to make it through the day

Thursday mommy and daddy had to work but life still needed to happen in our house, school needed to be done and Thursday is also cleaning day at our house. Again, we tried doing it on our own without pausing to ask Jesus to  take the wheel. After a morning of getting yelled at with the girls not wanting to do school, mommy finally snapped. This was not the finest mommy moment but she decided she could not do it all on her own. She finally marched down to daddy’s office and pulled him into the school teacher role for the day. The girls were directed to ask their daddy any school related question after lunch and had a list of chores after school work was completed since mommy could not get it all done after the stress of the week. The house cleaning was not as the deep of a  clean as Lisa prefers on Thursday but it was done and stress to do it all removed from Lisa’s shoulders. That evening Lisa cooked dinner and no-one complained about the vegetables on their plate. We all ate and had our small talk but all seemed to be mentally and emotional drained 

After a LONG week we needed a Friday Funday …. the girls did their reading in the morning but that was it for school and focused on emotional health for the rest of the day. We talked, had a devotional, and prayed over our day and time.  Daddy still had to work and had several conference calls that day so the Comfort girls loaded up and headed to Mimi’s for a little fun with cousins so we would not disturb him with our loud mouths and noisy. The girlies ended up staying at Mimi’s for a 4 on 1 girl party while mommy came home for a date night with daddy. We all needed a little break after the week where there was as much peace in our home as any of us liked but so thankful for grace and forgiveness we can show to each other. Our family prayer is our home can always be a place of peace for our family and friends, where we all WANT to come go to escape the craziness of the world; Lord help our home be a place to run too, a place to escape that is filled with love, grace, and kindness to all who enter. Thankful our girls can have a escape to Mimi’s when our home needed a ‘checkup’ and Chris/Lisa can have time for a a date night during this crisis time to reconnect and recenter the balance in our home

The girls sent us a good morning text Saturday; love seeing the sweet snuggles and smiles on their faces. Mommy and daddy enjoyed coffee on the porch and sweet, connective conversation then they decided to try baking bread together for the first time together. One loaf looked a little flat since it was cooked in a larger pan while the other looked fabulous since it was cooked in a smaller pan but what really mattered was how they tasted (or what was on the inside) and both tasted great! Sweetest part of baking bread was doing something together and enjoying one on one time. Midday, Chris started working on tech stuff for the house while Lisa headed to get the girls. Traffic was horrid going to pick up the girls …. is the social distance measures lifted and we did not know it?!? Thankful not to be in the multi car pile up from the traffic jam. It was nice getting to Mimi’s and spending sweet time together with the  Mimi and Rhoads girls for the afternoon. However, it was not all chilled like we wanted and everyone had not received the decompression time needed. Mommy headed home early with Leia since we were still over stimulated to give her some chill time to decompress while Ivy stayed at Mimi’s to play and get receive her energy from socialization; we have a introvert and extrovert in the house and want both their needs met. I pray their needs are met and they both know they are loved, uniquely and deeply. 


Sunday we needed sweet family time!!! We worshipped and had church together, we snuggled, and had fun family time with lawn games and bubbles outside. Mommy snapped a few pictures of the bubble blowing time but the rest of our day together was electronic free, old-fashioned, simply being in the moment …. so refreshing for the soul and sweet time with our little family to reconnect, recenter, relax, and have fun together. Praying next week’s work/school week goes smoother than last and is filled with more grace and love
Daddy had to have a turn and the girls chased the one mommy made