23 FebWeekends are the best

Friday night, was a low key. It was finally warm so mommy took the girls by Brusters for a treat on the way home from school then Ivy had a friend over but other than that we chilled out. Love the nights that we re-charge and are able to un-plug together. 

Dinner time, only quick pic snapped for the day but we enjoyed Olivia visiting and getting to unplug

Saturday the girlies were back at the ranch after a little hiatus thanks to the rain and cold weather. The horses were struggling with the weather too. The ranch was down to 6 healthy horses for the day; unfortunately they had more riders than horses so Leia only rode 20 minutes but loved her great attitude. After riding we picked up the house a little then walked, relaxed, mommy visited Stacy/Mimi a little, girls played with neighbors then we call got ready for the evening. The girls headed to the Talley’s to hang out with granny and ordered in chili’s while we had an adult dinner and game night with the Talley’s and Schlappi’s. Great night that lasted till well after mid-night. Thankful for sweet neighbors and friends! 

Pictures of the girls but not us on date night

Sunday morning, Grandpa and DD asked about coming to surprise the girlies for the day/night. they arrived shortly after nine with aunt Joy and Bento. The girlies were super excited to see them all! We went to Top Golf at 11 for a hour and half for a little fun then came home for Ivy to get ready for basketball practice. While Chris and Gene took Ivy the rest of us took Bento to walk at Starlake. It was nice getting out and moving. Since we had a big lunch at Top Golf we made Taco soup for dinner and before we knew it was time for bed since there was school on Monday. It was a quick trip but we enjoyed every minute! 

Girls were super excited to see Bento!

Playing the crocodile game with DD and Grandpa

Fun at Top Golf

Chilling at home

Like father, like son …. these two nap … wish I could and still sleep at night
Great day for the lake visit! 

16 FebLong Weekend in February

The girls had a 4 day weekend again in February. Chris was not wild about the idea of going skiing and getting on a plane so we did not plan a trip and opted to enjoy a low key weekend at home and hoped for snow although did not really expect any. Thankfully we were pleasantly surprised to have the 4 day weekend extended to 5 days because of an ice storm hitting part of the state then we work up to snow on the extra day too. God answered our prayers for snow with a white covered ground on our extra day off from the weekend. Blessed!  

Thursday night, the Comfort ladies went to spend the night with Mimi since Chris had to work on Friday. We enjoyed our girls night in playing Spinner, snuggling by the fire, and spending precious time together

Saturday morning was more of the same but the girls requested a trip to Target to buy each other’s Valentines mid morning so of course we obliged them and enjoyed the sweet time together

Yum yum breakfast made to order

They could not stand it and created a scavenger hunt to exchange part of the Valentine gift they bought for each other

We headed back home that afternoon to see daddy, let the girls play with their new gifts, and do much of the same hanging out at home playing games the remaining evening

Saturday we had morning snuggles 

Hot tub looking

Going back out to Gardendale for lunch and Valentine celebration with Mimi

What a fun, relaxing day then we had dinner and game night with the Talley’s to top it off

Sunday was Valentine Day. This year we stayed home the whole day. We enjoyed homemade cinnamon rolls for breakfast, sweet family time through out the day, played games, fellowshipped together, daddy grilled steaks and lobsters for dinner, and exchanged sweet little valentines. It was not a busy day for us but was a sweet day since we all were together and able to chill out. 

Monday morning the sweet girls snuggled in the bed with mommy until she started working then we had a low key day at home since we were on a ice storm watch although we wanted to go to Top Golf  but cancelled the rsvp so we would not get stuck in a ice storm

Schools were cancelling all around us throughout the day. The little ladies celebrated when Vestavia finally sent out their notice that they were closing Tuesday for the weather too for a extra day of the break
Monday we waited all day for ice and hoping for snow. Finally that evening we looked outside and saw snowflakes so the kids headed outside to enjoy what we figured would be short lived

Warmed up with hot chocolate on a night that is was colder in Alabama than in Anchorage, Alaska. 

Alex spent the night to add to the fun of a weather day out of school

Tuesday morning, Leia let everyone know that it was white outside and still SNOWING. Loved this unexpected blessing and faith builder! You see we prayed for snow even though there was not suppose to be any forecasted and God answered this little request with a blanket of white snow and falling snow until lunch time. Love seeing their excitement and having fun with them in it

Heading outside to enjoy our little winter wonderland

Fun in the snow with our girls … sad that the snow day daddy still had to work since we work form home now

Snow-much fun sledding … mommy did it but the monkeys did not get a picture



Donna Drive snow mommas

Kids a playing

Our snow girls 

Warming up with neighbors and friends while mommy cooked breakfast


It was not all fun today. One of the trees fell at a neighbors but they were thankful a tree company could some out to get it removed today … then the fun abruptly ended when there was a sledding mishap ending in a chest and chin scrapped up but we did enjoy the morning out playing

Grilling lunch in the snow


10 FebIvy’s Basketball Team is 3rd Grade Champs

Ivy finished her first basketball season tonight and her team won it all. They are the 3rd grade Champions :). Loved seeing the girls play their best and have a blast. They had the best coach that taught teamwork and gave everyone a chance to shot, pass, and play. Thankful she was picked to be on this team and the sweet friendships she made playing.     

07 FebFirst Weekend in February 2021

Friday fun with sister on the air track before we cooked dinner in that evening then had family time on the couch while joining VHEW auction fundraiser virtually. It is normally an adult only event but since it was virtual the girls attended too. We did not win the auction since it was a odd format but we had fun seeing all the goodies and trying to bid.  

Saturday, Ivy scored her first basket in her last game of the season. In fact every girl on the team scored at least once. It was a great game for our team! Looking forward to the playoffs this week.

Saturday afternoon Olivia picked up Ivy for her birthday celebration. With Covid Olivia got to pick one friend to hang out with instead of a big party. Olivia’s momma took the girls to get pedicure, manicures, shopping for makeup at Ultra, then back to her house for playtime, dinner, and cake. Ivy said she had the best day ever celebrating Olivia’s birthday and said she that is what she wants to do for her birthday this year too. 

While Ivy was gone, Lisa and Leia went shopping. Leia racked up! She wore one of her new tops on our date night that Chris took us to that evening. We finally got to go to Texas de Brazil for her late birthday celebration. Enjoyed our on-on-one time with sweet Leia and getting to focus on her for a little bit. 

Superb bowl Sunday we hung out at home more the day. John and Carol came over that evening to watch half of game and commercials with us. Mrs Carol ended up giving Ivy one of her purple pens. It was fun reconnecting with them and spending a little time together. 

31 JanJanuary 2021

Sweet girls started the year snuggling and dreaming together

Little Ivy wanted lots of snuggles during the end of their break and beginning of 2021

Daddy took the girlies to their first horse riding lesson in 2021

The girlies bought themselves new (huge) stuffed animals with some of their Christmas cash

Mommy took the girls bowling the last day of Christmas break

That day we got to go to Max’s birthday party too

These girlies loved playing Wii this whole break
No one was ready for school and work to start back the 6th but it did anyways. We were thankful though that the girls were getting to go back to school since several schools had moved to remote following Christmas. Thankful also this school week was only 3 days!

Saturday, Ivy had a big fan club at her basketball game 

Ivy’s team won their 3rd game. This week she was excited to play her sweet friend Olivia

We did lupper after at the Rhoads’ after the game and Katie dressed Ivy up

Monday evening we had the family over for the National Championship to watch Alabama win their 18th Championship and our coach, Nick Saban win his 7th; making Saban the leading coach in National Championships

Friday began a 3 day weekend :). With Covid numbers rising we did not plan a trip but Ivy walked over to a friend/neighbor for a little bit and Leia had Anna Claire over so both girls started the long weekend off with a little fun. Loved hearing the laughs and seeing them enjoy themselves. 

We had a low key dinner where Ivy discovered she liked daddy’s soup. It is funny because both girls have liked food off his plate more than their plate from they time they started eating. It is amusing and has become a frequently laugh. 

She was proud of herself

Leia got a relaxing bath while mommy and Ivy continued playing with balloons
The girlies played downstairs after baths and crafted the night away

Saturday was a home day for Leia and Daddy. Chris was running a fever so mommy took Ivy to her basketball game then we went by a juice shop for a little one on one time. Of course in true Ivy fashion she decided she liked mommy’s juice more and drank it. Love this sweet girl! 
Other than going to basketball and Lisa/Ivy going for a walk we all stayed at home watching TV, crafting, playing, and getting precious R&R. It was a low key day but thankful to spend it with our little family. 

Sunday, Chris was still feeling a little run down so Mommy, Leia, and Ivy met up with Mimi, Stacy and Sara to run to the store then went to the Rhoads’ house to visit a little bit. The girls played on the air track, we played games, and enjoyed lupper. It was a sweet time of fellowship with a few of our favorite ladies.

Lisa and Leia went to check on Chris and hang out with him while Ivy hung out a little longer with Sara and Stacy. They painted and played games a little longer. I think Sara may have been missing Katie since she had gone with Mark to FL to help his parents move closer to his sister, Michelle. They were all smiles when Lisa showed up to get our little bit. 

When Ivy got home our sweet girls played and enjoyed being back together. A sister bond is so special. They ended up snuggling up in Ivy’s bed together for the evening too. Love, love, love, the sweet bond they share! 

Monday (MLK Day) was a home day for three quarters of the house. Mommy picked up breakfast and then ran a couple errands but we enjoyed most of the day outside jumping on the air track and playing in the backyard. Stacy and Sara came to visit a little bit to enjoy fresh air too before Mark and Katie got home. Chris was feeling better and ventured outside that afternoon. We ended up having a nice steak family dinner followed by a stroll around the neighborhood before getting ready for the school week ahead. 

Monday evening snuggles with Ivy; sweet way to end a great day

Ivy wore her hair in braids to school Wednesday. When she took her hair down she wanted a picture since she thought it looked cool, weird all wavy … she is beautiful

The girls did not want to go to school on Tuesday but we were thankful it was a short week! Although sometimes short weeks feel longer; guess expectation of a short week make them feel longer. Thursday evening Chris took Ivy to basketball practice while mommy and Leia had some one on one time with dinner at Taziki’s (Leia’s choice) and sweet time to talk about what is going on at school and in life. Leia even let us take a picture; she does not always volunteer for pictures even though we tell her she should let us capture her beauty in them. Praying she always talk to us and God continues to mold her into a woman after His heart. She is such a blessing to our family. 

Friday afternoon Mimi came to get the girlies so Lisa and Chris could have a double date night with the Talley’s and the girls could spend the night. They had a low key night as requested with Whataburger and ChickfilA watching TV, soaking in the tub, and simply chilling out with Mimi. Chris and Lisa enjoyed a new, yummy restaurant, Automatic Seafood but neglected getting a picture. 

Saturday, morning sweet Mimi brought the girls back home at 7 so Chris could take them to a private horseback lesson. Mimi and Lisa walked and visited then we all chilled until Ivy’s basketball game at noon. They played awesome! The team won the first game with a runaway. We had a short break between and the second game was only won by 3 points but Ivy played most of the second game and had a great attitude so she got to pick anything she wanted for dinner, we should have known she would pick Waffle House. 

Sunday was online church and football day with the playoffs for the Super-Bowl. Ivy entertained herself crafting though and wanted a pic of Chris wearing the hat she made. Love her joyful spirit! Pray she never loses it. 

The girls had playdates Wednesday after school. Ivy went home with a friend, Olivia and fell in love with her new puppy. Leia and Eliza had fun cooking lava cakes here, worked on homework together then had a little fun in the kid area downstairs. Love listening to the laughs from the other room and hearing them enjoy theirselves. 
The last weekend of the month was a fun one. Friday evening Mimi picked up the girls after she helped with Sara’s birthday party for them to spend the night with her while Chris and Lisa went to dinner with Chris’s co-workers for a delayed Christmas gathering. The girls picked dinner and got to rule the evening. 

Saturday, morning Mimi brought the girls home in time for daddy, mommy, and Leia went to cheer Ivy on with her game. It was a tough game going down 7 to nothing before halftime. It was their first loss but they almost made a come back and ended up only losing by 1. We went to to lunch and treat afterwards 

Sunday was cousin Sara’s 13th birthday. We got to go join them for her birthday lunch and see her teenager room makeover. Fun time celebrating our eldest niece.


That afternoon our girlies had friends over for a little fun too. Love hearing laughs and giggles while they enjoy themselves with sweet friends!
Mommy is enjoying her new walking partner too!

01 JanWelcome 2021

After a late night we slept a little later than normal for the first day in 2021. Leia and Lisa were the first two awake and able to snuggle watching Barbie and just talk for a little bit. Ivy woke up because her noise maker went off right as Chris was walking out to the den. Ivy came and climbed up in Chris’s lap to snuggle as she was still waking up. These are moments we treasure with both our girls home, snuggled up, and simply being together. Thankful to start this year off together. Praying it is full of love, joy, health, hope, prosperity, and blessings from our Lord and Savior 

It was a slow morning but midday we headed to Mimi’s for the traditional NYD food: greens, peas, and pork. The superstition says to eat greens for money, peas for luck, and pork for prosperity. It was nice to start the year out seeing our family in town. However the late night took a toll on all of us and we were tired. It was a early night for everyone with a early morning riding lesson the next day. 

Only picture of the day we snapped before leaving Mimi’s and the Rhoads had already left

This morning over breakfast we did talk about 2021 hopes/goals, which follows:
Ivy: we get a horse, we can go skiing, and school stays in traditional setting with good grades
Leia: we get to go to FL to visit family, we get a horse, Covid goes away
Lisa: Health over all our friends and family, spend time with family and friends, and neighbors and strangers loving each other the way God tell us to love each other 
Chris: first response was he was not willing to go after mommy said her’s …. more Catan wins against the Talley’s than in 2020, return to normalcy with Covid eradicated, awesome family and friend trips for 2021

Some of these are not going to happen (i.e. getting a horse) but it is nice to know each others desires 

31 DecWeek after Christmas Fun to NYE 2020

With Christmas over, decorations down, still living in a pandemic, and Christmas break still going we purposely tried to do at least one fun thing a day. Several options were tossed out each day, some options the girls were excited about and others they declined but there was a fun option everyday. There were some days we simply enjoyed doing nothing but being together. So grateful to have this break and get to spend some time with our little family, extended family, and friends to create fun, precious, memories together. 

Monday morning mommy slept in again. We enjoyed breakfast at Mimi’s once everyone was awake. Ivy opted to join Mimi and mommy for a walk around the neighborhood. Leia did not want to go so she asked to stay at Mimi’s. We all snuggled and watched TV and had a chill morning. 

Mimi asked us and the Rhoads’ about going to get pedicures mid morning. However, Leia declined and Stacy declined for her group. Ivy was excited about it though so Mimi took Ivy for a little pampering while Leia and Lisa hung out at Mimi’s. 

On their way back Mimi picked up Outback for lupper, the girls rode the golf cart afterwards, we chilled by the fire, and then Mimi took us home. 

Monday afternoon the girls got to play with the Sipes and Max then the Talley’s and us went to Habeneros for dinner before we all decided to call it a night. 

Tuesday morning, mommy was up cooking by 8. We had invited a couple neighbors over for brunch. Elizabeth missed the memo it was husbands too so suggested a time Charlie was working but the rest of us enjoyed yummy food and great fellowship

After brunch, daddy hung Ivy’s desk in her room while mommy cleaned and the kids continued playing until it was time to go to horse back riding. The girls have missed it the past couple weeks! They ended up staying through two lessons. 

When they got home we ate dinner, got baths, had a family Wii bowling and Mario Cart, played teacher, and watched TV … perfect ending to a great day

Wednesday, the girls did not want to go anywhere! We tried to talk them into Top Golf or bowling but one or the other declined. Ivy did play Wii bowling with mommy and daddy that morning. The girls had fun playing in the playroom and watching Flash most the morning. Daddy worked on his computer and mommy prepped food and ran errands. That afternoon, Piper and Silas walked over to play. Ivy had been asking about seeing her since we figured out they lived close by. Ivy and Leia gave them a tour of our house and went to get a tour of their house too. They all were excited to meet Buddy and enjoy a snack. Their friends headed home early afternoon. Lisa was outside blowing off the driveway so Ivy came out and we ended up played basketball. After an hour Leia and Chris joined us. We worked up an appetite and needed showers then settled in for the night and watched Soul on Disney plus. 

Only picture from the day was girls with friends enjoying snacks

Thursday rolled around which also happened to be last day of 2020, NYE. The girls and Chris spent the day at home again. The girlies played while Chris worked on his computer. Lisa ventured to Gardendale to see Mimi and get a massage. That afternoon we chilled out and had a few appetizers since we planned a late dinner at a friends house for NYE celebration. Looking forward to 2020 being in the history books and praying 2021 brings abundant blessings and health. 

Girls enjoying being at home while mommy visited Mimi and she waved good bye to 2020
Enjoying the afternoon at home

Party is ready

Hot tubbing


Ringing in the New Year

NYE Spanish traditions … 12 grapes for 12 wishes

Pulling suitcases across the road for travels

Blessed to spend time with family and friends 

When we got home the girls got to do their balloon popper we forgot to take
Great ending and beginning to 2020

Favorite 5 from 2020:
Ivy’s: NYE @ Sofia’s, our girls trip to Helen, Gatlinburg with the Talleys, skiing for the first time, my new desk
Leia’s: Trips, holidays, my birthday, my birthday party, and going to friends houses
Lisa’s favorite from 2020: spending time with family, ski trip, beach trip, being able to work from home during a pandemic, getting outside more as a family and watching girls learn to ride bikes better
Chris favorite from 2020: Graduating with Masters in Computer Science, family ski trip, Gatlinburg trip with Talley’s, Catan wins, and having a awesome family to go thru Covid with together

27 DecGlow Wild: An Animal Lantern Celebration

Sunday morning was another lazy morning in our household. We did a little cleaning, listened to church online since they were not having in-service still, the girls played, and then Mimi came over to see us for a little bit before we went to lupper with the Rhoads at Pita Stop. After a good meal and sweet fellowship the Rhoads headed home while the rest of us headed to Glow Wild at Birmingham Zoo for a little festive fun. We headed straight to the train and then walked around looking at all the lights until we saw everything and was ready to head out. The Comfort ladies went home with Mimi for a girls spend the night party while Chris went home to watch Wonder Woman. On the way out Ivy declared that this was one of the best nights. Love the sweet memory and hearing the excitement in her voice. On the way to Mimi’s we drove by a few more lights then got baths and relaxed watching TV until bed time. Thankful for the evening with our Mimi. 

Light tunnel on the way to the train

Train ride fun

The light swings were a big hit! 

Ivy feeding the deer with her hand

Mimi and the monkey

Leia loved the arctic animal display

Group selfie walking around 

Photo op by the tree

Dolphin row on the way to the carousal

These little ladies have always loved a good carousal ride

Love bird selfie


26 DecDay after Christmas

The day after Christmas Grandpa picked up our traditional donuts for the day after Christmas / driving home day for them. Everyone was just sitting down as Lisa woke up which was unusual for her to be the last one to wake up. We all visited for a little bit after breakfast before they packed up. After a couple more cups of coffee the house un-decorating began while the girls played with their new toys. As we were putting up the last few things Max Talley rode up in his new monster truck that Santa brought him to show us his driving skills. We ended up planning an impromptu neighborhood game night. We turned it into dinner, games, and singing Happy birthday to Jesus which we use to always do when the girls were younger; nice to remember an old tradition that we let slip away and have some fun with neighbors and friends. 

The girls were excited to give each other presents and sweet Ivy did not want Max or Tay to be left out so she bought them a gift too

Tay and Mrs Elizabeth made Jesus a birthday cake and we all sang happy birthday then fanned the candles out to be Covid friendly 

25 DecChristmas 2020

Christmas morning was an early one in our household! Leia was up and down throughout the night opening the door to check the time since we told her she could not wake us until at least 5 am. There was very little sleep for two of the four of us with the excitement and doors opening/closing. Yet, we know that as the girls get older the excitement dwindles and eventually we will be the ones waking them so will take the early Christmas mornings for now and drink a few extra cups of coffee to power us through the day. Although the lack of sleep did not make for a joyful time all morning or day but it is the Christmas kind of exhausted. 

Ivy rushed out to the den before any of us could say anything. She was looking at the goods Santa left excited to start playing with her horse trailer, pondering what the wall desk was exactly, looking at Leia’s backbend mat, and wanting to go outside but a little nervous since it was still dark out. Leia was patiently waiting on the go ahead as mommy walked back and asked if they knew Ivy was in the den. Leia rushed out too excited to see their gifts and surprises. Chris followed behind as it was early. Mommy and daddy got a cup of coffee and just watched as the girls played and thought about how early but what a sweet time it was with their excitement. Ivy braved the dark after about 40 minutes to find the basketball hoop she asked for out back; although, she did not play long with the chill of the coldest day of the season. 

Deedee came up about 6 to join in the excitement. She went to get Grandpa get up about 6:30 for the girls to open their gifts from us all. Leia got to open her own gifts while Ivy opened hers. We loved watching their excitement and expressions opening each gift. After they had opened all their packages Leia started playing with her new toys while Ivy happily helped everyone else open their gifts too. We were not as quick opening gifts this year as we took our time then we all sat down for a breakfast together. The girls snuggled and rested a little before we headed to Mimi’s mid morning.  

The Rhoads arrived slightly ahead of us to Mimi’s but we reminded us to take pictures again; thankful for the reminder. The Dobbs ladies started cooking brunch after pictures while the little ladies sorted presents. We all enjoyed brunch for lunch; one of Mark’s favorite Christmas traditions. After the table was cleaned we all made our way to the den to open gifts. The four little ladies opened their gifts first as the adults sat and savored the moments. We opened our gifts slow and simply enjoyed the time. 

That afternoon we had a low key afternoon. We all watched Hallmarks and sport games on the TV, Lisa played pool with Ivy, several of us played a few games of left, right, center dice game, a few of us went for a walk around the neighborhood, and Leia put her lego set together. We fixed appetizers that afternoon as people started getting hungry and continued enjoying the low key day simply fellowshipping and being together. Late that afternoon we went back home. The girls played tie up grandpa while mommy got her bath then we all watched a movie on Netflix, “Noel”. As soon as it was over we all headed to bed since we had been up early and everyone seemed to be a special kind of Christmas tired. 

Our house just the 4 of us
Ivy was the first one out to check out the goods Santa left, mommy grabbed Leia and she came in a flash

Enjoying coffee and a good view on this Christmas morning

Selfies with my girls

Ivy checked out the cookie plate to see how much Santa ate

Full blown play time in the house

DD and grandpa woke up to joined the fun

The love between sisters

Ivy helped them open their gifts too

Ivy’s note: 
i was so so so so so so so so so so excited for the airpods i screamed a said Leia you did not want them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ivy got so excited for her cotton candy.
Our sweet Ivy gave hugs for thanks

Yummy breakfast

The girls were crashing after a early morning so rested up and played some more before heading to 

We all made it to Mimi’s and got some photo ops

Photo from two angles …. Sara wanted to be taller

After photo ops the Dobbs ladies cooked and then we had brunch

The girls were excited to open presents after we ate

Ivy said no one was playing with her and she was sad so Mommy played pool with Ivy

Game time

Ivy joined uncle Mark and Stacy on their second walk then mommy and daddy headed out too

Game time and snuggles

Evening fun before we all enjoyed a Christmas movie and headed to bed