28 MarWeekend in Newnan

Friday afternoon we arrived just before Deedee got back from taking Alicia to her horse back lesson and Grandpa got back from fishing with Adrian. It gave us just enough time to take our bags in the house then they got back home. We all were excited to see Deedee and Grandpa since we had not saw them in several weeks. The girls were just as excited to see Alicia as they were when we saw them in CO too. It was a low key evening, cooking in, and sweet fellowship. Dinner was fantastic! Grandpa grilled chicken while Deedee roasted brussel sprouts, baked yummy fries, and made the best salad. After dinner the girls heading off to play but came back when Deedee lit their fire bit to do s’mores. Kelly and Adrian came by as we were finishing the s’mores to visit a little too. Grandpa took Adrian and the little sisters frog hunting but they headed home at nine so our girls got a bath and we all called it a night. 

S’mores with Deedee are the best

Saturday morning, the girls said Deedee fixed them breakfast, they played basketball, crafted, and got to play the rug game all before Lisa got up. We sat outside with tea when Lisa got up for a few minutes then it was back to crafting and playing. Chris, Lisa, and the girls headed to Diego and Kelly’s to see all the renovations they have been doing since they returned from Spain. The basement was gorgeous as as the tables and cabinets; they have done a lot of work. We all went out to lunch for salads and asian bowls then before we knew it the little girls needed to head to get ready for their horseback lesson. The girls had quite a crowd to watch them and loved every minute of it. Kelly and the kids came back to Deedee and Grandpa’s to hang out with us and have dinner before we headed to “The Legend” to see the Descendant play. We all enjoyed the play and was thankful it was nice weather since it was outside. It was a great day full of fun! 

These girls love horses and skiing and got to do both in the past two weeks together #cousinsmakelifelongfriends

The girl’s cheering crownd

All mounted up

After the lesson they got to groom the horses and give them treata
Even the boys got in on the fun at the ranch

Sunday morning, as Lisa walked down the stairs she smelled the cinnamon rolls and bacon Deedee cooked the girls. We sat outside and enjoyed our tea while the girls watched their morning shows. Chris surfaced a little later and made coffee while Deedee took the girls upstairs to craft. Once they were done crafting with Deedee we all went to “Leia and Ivy’s Cafe” for the rude waitress to serve the guys while the ladies get the sweet ones. We headed back downstairs and visited a little longer before getting on the road to head home. It was a great weekend! It had been too long since we had gone to visit in GA. 

We always have a fun time at Grandpa and Deedee’s

We did make a quick stop at Buccee’s on the way home in case the girls classmates were talking about it since looking at facebook it looked like quite a few ventured there over spring break. Leia was not impressed with it but Ivy seemed to enjoy it. We stopped by Habeneros as well to see the Talley’s before making it back to our house. Once we got the car unloaded we went to the Rhoads to help finish up the gazebo they had been working on all weekend. Before we knew it, it was time to head back home and get ready for school and work weeks to begin again but the girls started the last 9 weeks of this year. 

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