31 DecWeek after Christmas Fun to NYE 2020

With Christmas over, decorations down, still living in a pandemic, and Christmas break still going we purposely tried to do at least one fun thing a day. Several options were tossed out each day, some options the girls were excited about and others they declined but there was a fun option everyday. There were some days we simply enjoyed doing nothing but being together. So grateful to have this break and get to spend some time with our little family, extended family, and friends to create fun, precious, memories together. 

Monday morning mommy slept in again. We enjoyed breakfast at Mimi’s once everyone was awake. Ivy opted to join Mimi and mommy for a walk around the neighborhood. Leia did not want to go so she asked to stay at Mimi’s. We all snuggled and watched TV and had a chill morning. 

Mimi asked us and the Rhoads’ about going to get pedicures mid morning. However, Leia declined and Stacy declined for her group. Ivy was excited about it though so Mimi took Ivy for a little pampering while Leia and Lisa hung out at Mimi’s. 

On their way back Mimi picked up Outback for lupper, the girls rode the golf cart afterwards, we chilled by the fire, and then Mimi took us home. 

Monday afternoon the girls got to play with the Sipes and Max then the Talley’s and us went to Habeneros for dinner before we all decided to call it a night. 

Tuesday morning, mommy was up cooking by 8. We had invited a couple neighbors over for brunch. Elizabeth missed the memo it was husbands too so suggested a time Charlie was working but the rest of us enjoyed yummy food and great fellowship

After brunch, daddy hung Ivy’s desk in her room while mommy cleaned and the kids continued playing until it was time to go to horse back riding. The girls have missed it the past couple weeks! They ended up staying through two lessons. 

When they got home we ate dinner, got baths, had a family Wii bowling and Mario Cart, played teacher, and watched TV … perfect ending to a great day

Wednesday, the girls did not want to go anywhere! We tried to talk them into Top Golf or bowling but one or the other declined. Ivy did play Wii bowling with mommy and daddy that morning. The girls had fun playing in the playroom and watching Flash most the morning. Daddy worked on his computer and mommy prepped food and ran errands. That afternoon, Piper and Silas walked over to play. Ivy had been asking about seeing her since we figured out they lived close by. Ivy and Leia gave them a tour of our house and went to get a tour of their house too. They all were excited to meet Buddy and enjoy a snack. Their friends headed home early afternoon. Lisa was outside blowing off the driveway so Ivy came out and we ended up played basketball. After an hour Leia and Chris joined us. We worked up an appetite and needed showers then settled in for the night and watched Soul on Disney plus. 

Only picture from the day was girls with friends enjoying snacks

Thursday rolled around which also happened to be last day of 2020, NYE. The girls and Chris spent the day at home again. The girlies played while Chris worked on his computer. Lisa ventured to Gardendale to see Mimi and get a massage. That afternoon we chilled out and had a few appetizers since we planned a late dinner at a friends house for NYE celebration. Looking forward to 2020 being in the history books and praying 2021 brings abundant blessings and health. 

Girls enjoying being at home while mommy visited Mimi and she waved good bye to 2020
Enjoying the afternoon at home

Party is ready

Hot tubbing


Ringing in the New Year

NYE Spanish traditions … 12 grapes for 12 wishes

Pulling suitcases across the road for travels

Blessed to spend time with family and friends 

When we got home the girls got to do their balloon popper we forgot to take
Great ending and beginning to 2020

Favorite 5 from 2020:
Ivy’s: NYE @ Sofia’s, our girls trip to Helen, Gatlinburg with the Talleys, skiing for the first time, my new desk
Leia’s: Trips, holidays, my birthday, my birthday party, and going to friends houses
Lisa’s favorite from 2020: spending time with family, ski trip, beach trip, being able to work from home during a pandemic, getting outside more as a family and watching girls learn to ride bikes better
Chris favorite from 2020: Graduating with Masters in Computer Science, family ski trip, Gatlinburg trip with Talley’s, Catan wins, and having a awesome family to go thru Covid with together

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