01 JanWelcome 2021

After a late night we slept a little later than normal for the first day in 2021. Leia and Lisa were the first two awake and able to snuggle watching Barbie and just talk for a little bit. Ivy woke up because her noise maker went off right as Chris was walking out to the den. Ivy came and climbed up in Chris’s lap to snuggle as she was still waking up. These are moments we treasure with both our girls home, snuggled up, and simply being together. Thankful to start this year off together. Praying it is full of love, joy, health, hope, prosperity, and blessings from our Lord and Savior 

It was a slow morning but midday we headed to Mimi’s for the traditional NYD food: greens, peas, and pork. The superstition says to eat greens for money, peas for luck, and pork for prosperity. It was nice to start the year out seeing our family in town. However the late night took a toll on all of us and we were tired. It was a early night for everyone with a early morning riding lesson the next day. 

Only picture of the day we snapped before leaving Mimi’s and the Rhoads had already left

This morning over breakfast we did talk about 2021 hopes/goals, which follows:
Ivy: we get a horse, we can go skiing, and school stays in traditional setting with good grades
Leia: we get to go to FL to visit family, we get a horse, Covid goes away
Lisa: Health over all our friends and family, spend time with family and friends, and neighbors and strangers loving each other the way God tell us to love each other 
Chris: first response was he was not willing to go after mommy said her’s …. more Catan wins against the Talley’s than in 2020, return to normalcy with Covid eradicated, awesome family and friend trips for 2021

Some of these are not going to happen (i.e. getting a horse) but it is nice to know each others desires 

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