18 OctDD’s Delayed Birthday Celebration

Life has gotten busy with school starting back, afternoon activities, and unplanned chaos that we call life. Even though the house may be a little more disorganized than desired and everything is not put in its place we still are counting our blessing because we get to be together and spend time with friends and family. This weekend we were thankful that Grandpa and Deedee headed over to visit us for the weekend. We used this weekend to have a delayed celebration for DD’s birthday too.

Friday, Ivy missed school for testing so when Grandpa and DD arrived she was home for some one on one time with them. Lisa went to go pick up Leia shortly after they arrived then took Ivy to the eye doctor. That evening the little ladies had a birthday party Friday evening so we cashed in on the free night and had a adult dinner at “Farrelly’s Southern Restaurant”. It was the first time we had been but will not be the last. We were sat in a private little area and enjoyed a fabulous meal together and even better fellowship. Blessed we were able to get to have some time together to simply be together without any distractions. We headed to get the girls as soon as we paid the checks then back home where the girls played and we crashed on the couch watching the baseball playoffs. 

Leia and Ivy celebrated Ivy Bailey’s birthday with a movie night

We went out to celebrate DD’s birthday. Not sure when we will get use to the Covid style outings

Birthday celebration always need a candle to make a wish

It was a fabulous meal with even better company! 

Saturday, was a gorgeous day! We woke up early and got sweet snuggles before mommy and Deedee made breakfast together. Always fun to have co-chefs in the kitchen! As Deedee was finishing it up momma moved to getting Ivy’s girl scout sash together for the meeting she had mid-morning with Deedee while Grandpa went to the golf store. The troop meeting was very entertaining and Ivy earned a disability patch. Deedee said that Leia rode her bike, scooter, and they watched some TV too. 

Darrel had set up a craft while we were at the meeting for the girls too. They got to paint vases with alcohol paints. Deedee brought tons of colors to chose and the colors each little lady picked was exactly the colors we expected. They listed carefully and followed her directions. Neither of them wanted to keep the gloves on any longer than they had too so as soon as they finished the fun part the gloves came off and they skipped the clean up. The vases turned out beautiful! 

That afternoon Grandpa and daddy went golfing at Ross Bridge. AlexAnn came down to play with the girls since Wes joined the golf outing and Holly had an appointment. The girls played a little bit then we went to JoAnn’s for Deedee to pick up more paints and an online order. The little ladies got to pick out fabric to make a blanket too. I loved each of their choices. Alex picked out dogs, Leia picked out a pattern of an extra soft material, and Ivy picked out horses. When we got home Deedee went to the craft room with the girls to make the blankets while mommy headed upstairs to start cooking dinner. 

Once dinner was underway and simmering on the stovetop we all headed outside for a little fresh air. The neighbors made their way over and we had an impromptu gathering with kids and adults. When Chris and Grandpa arrived everyone was still here so they were able to visit a few minutes too. Mr Charlie mentioned that Elizabeth was out of town so we invited him and Tay to stay for dinner with us too.  They stayed and watched a few minutes of the game then he took Tay home for bed and we all changed into our comfy PJs to watch some of the Bama game but none of us could hold our eyes open to cheer them on to the end and decided to just figure out who won the next morning. 

 Girl Scout learning about service dogs

Craft time with DD

Enjoying the nice fall weather! 
Sewing with DD

Always fun to have a impromptu dinner with sweet neighbors

After dinner sister fun; mommy played the game too 

Sunday morning we all slept a little later than the Saturday morning. We planned on waking up to have our normally last day of Grandpa and DD here donuts and celebrating DD’s birthday with the girls. The morning was going just as planned, we snuggled on the couch then when Grandpa finished his coffee, he and Ivy headed to Shipleys to pick up the donuts. While they were gone the joyful mood turned as DD got a text that uncle John had taken a turn for the worse and was nearing death. We became distracted with the thoughts of what our Kentucky family was enduring or about to face and forgot to get the candle out or even give DD her gift. We did enjoy savor breakfast and the sweet time together. As we sat Ivy sensed something was off so we told the girls about uncle John. Ivy asked a couple questions then moved on from the discussion; I am sure she and Leia will come back to it but both needed time to process the initial shock. Chris played Tenzi with Ivy while Leia lost herself in a TV show after breakfast. Darrel called to talk to Joy then Grandpa and DD packed up to head home so DD could fly up to be with aunt Joy; the bond of a sister is strong. We will continue to pray for aunt Joy, Dan, Ricky, and Brian in the days ahead as they inevitable season of mourning is coming with the death of a beloved husband, father, and friend.

The rest of the day we spent most the day simply enjoying the beautiful day God had given us. Mommy was reflective of when we lost our Papa and heart broken for uncle John’s family and the flood of emotions they likely were about to endure. The thought that ‘time is a gift and a thief, be careful how you spend it’ keeps running through our minds. We chose to spend the time creating precious memories together. We are thankful for the last visit with uncle John and aunt Joy and the visits we had as they were passing through on their drives from FL to KY. We are thankful that we got to spend a fun, weekend with aunt Joy, uncle Dan and family last weekend. 

Sunday afternoon, Ivy went to the basketball evaluations so she could be placed on a team for the season. I pray she has fun and develops sweet friendships with her teammates. We went to dinner together then over to a sweet neighbors for fire-pit and s’mores time. It was great getting to spend some precious time with neighbors and friends too. We stayed later than we had planned but enjoyed the fellowship and memory that was made together. 

Sweet daddy playing with Ivy

Fire-pit + S’mores + friends = happiness

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