19 OctRIP Uncle John

John Huckestien
April 2, 1944 – October 19, 2020

The world lost another great man of faith this year while we mourn the lose here on earth we can celebrate uncle John went to be with his Savior and was able to hear the words, “well done my good and faithful servant”. Uncle John now lives in paradise as he has claimed his citizenship in heaven. The bible says in John 16:22 that we “have sorrow now, but (God) will see you again, and your hearts will rejoice, and no one will take your joy from you.” Here on earth he was/is a beloved husband, father, brother, son, uncle, and friend and will be missed by all that were fortunate to know him. We pray God comforts each person mourning, gives each person a peace that transcends all understanding, and restores joy to their heart.  

Our little family was fortunate that uncle John and aunt Joy would stop by our house on their trips from Kentucky to Florida to visit their sons and family. We always loved hearing they were traveling through Alabama and was going to stop and would get to spend time with them. He was a strong man of faith and has left a great legacy within his three sons and beloved wife. In recent years alzheimer’s tried to steal his memories but there was always a love for people and joyful look in his eyes when we saw him. His mind is made anew now and he is waiting on the other side, with many other loved ones that have gone before him for each of us when our work on earth is done. Rest in peace uncle John, we will see you again when our job on earth is done and God calls us home. 

A few pictures from more recent visits
March 2020
February 2020

 January 2019


February 2018
March 2017

Sweet uncle John would not move and wake Ivy up when she feel asleep on him
Our last Thanksgiving in Gatlinburg we attended, Nov 2017 … you will be missed uncle John! 

Chris and Lisa were thankful we could attend the the wake and funeral to celebrate the life of uncle John with a small, limited number of family. The out pouring of friends and family to uncle John’s wife and sons has been amazing. The flowers were perfect for John, horse shoe of roses and a horse statue in the middle.
It was a beautiful day day! We spent most of it outside enjoying the nice weather and sweet fellowship together. Death is a reminder that time is both a gift and a thief, we should all spend it wisely … we choose to spend it with people we love to create memories that will last in the memories of those we love even if we are no longer physically present.

The boys went down the street to see Ed’s man cave and enjoy some bourbon, a Kentucky specialty, and toast in honor/memory of uncle John  



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