16 SepHorses … Leia and Ivy’s Life Plan

Leia and Ivy are continuing to love horses! Their new life plan is for daddy and mommy to buy a lot of land and us build a big house for all of us to live together then when they get older they will build a barn and we can all live on the land and have a horse farm. The plan sounds pretty good to momma but if the girls change their tune later and we started acting on it we would be stuck with it so we told them we would hold off a little bit until we were sure that was their life plan despite they are very passionately telling us the plan will not change and that all they want is a couple horses each. Not sure how many kids plans do not change from the time they are 9 and 10 so we are not acting on their plan but in the meantime we are enjoying watching them learn more about horses, how to ride and how to take care of them in case their life plan does not change. 



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