13 SepRequena-Comfort’s Visit

Diego and Kelly had come to visit us in January this year and we saw them Utah in February before the COVID pandemic hit the world then we got to see them when we went to Newnan to celebrate Grandpa and Deedee’s anniversary but we have not gotten to hang out as much as we have wanted after they returned from Spain. We were excited when they asked about coming to visit us this weekend for a few hours Sunday and celebrate Ivy’s birthday with us. We opted to go to Mimi’s so we had the pool to cool off incase they did not want to come in our house as they have been social distancing more than we have in recent weeks and wanted to make sure there was no pressure if that was what they felt was best for their family as we all are navigating these waters and each of our comfort levels during the pandemic.

All the adults sat in the swings catching up as we let the appetizers finish cooking then Diego and Kelly joined the kids in the pool while Lisa plated the aps to take down too. Kids and adults got some snacks and then Chris, Diego, and Sara went inside to watch the Dolphin game together. Mimi, Lisa, and Kelly transitioned to the porch and simply fellowshipped together and caught up on what was going on with each of us. The kids went between swimming, the trampoline, and golf-cart having fun and laughing together. We did not get many pictures as we were all just enjoying being together but were so thankful for the time we had together and enjoyed every second of it!  

Sunday evening we spent it chilling out at home. Ivy decided to bring Buddy out to enjoy some time in the grass and drew a little crowd. Thankful for sweet neighbors and Ivy’s welcoming spirit 

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