12 SepWald Park Pool

Our city has been renovating a city center for over a year. The girls have been watching the progress from the school lunchroom when they were at school and trying to see what was going on from the road school was not in session. This month the city pool was finally opened back up over Labor Day weekend. Per the girls last week, a lot of their friends went to check it out and said it was awesome. This weekend mommy took the girls to experience it as well. There were not nearly as many kids as the weekend before from what other parents said but they had a good time and it was nice to see where some of our tax dollars are going to in the city. For the remainder of September it is free for residents to get into it on the weekends so we will likely check it out again so the girls can swim and play with friends. There is a small splash pad area, zero entry pool, and fabulous lap pool completed in the area; now we just want the park finished so recess at school can spread back out too. It will be a great asset to the community along with the dog park and ball fields that are being constructed when it is all completed. 


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