11 SepIvy Birthday Continued

We debated a party this year with all the happenings and craziness in the world. In the end, we decided to do a small celebration at Mimi’s pool since Ivy said pool parities were her tradition. Mommy and Mrs Holly drove the littles to Mimi’s; thankful Holly wanted to come to the first part of the party since I was 1 seat short in my car. Mimi was ready for us when we arrived. We all watched them swim before Mimi put the meat on the grille. Everyone got full bellies with the yummy food and sweet treat then Mrs Holly left since Lisa had enough room in the car to transport everyone going home back to Vestavia. The girls walked back down to the pool to swim off the sugar and let Ivy open her gifts before Lisa took our friends home. We pared the guest list down significantly then normal this year and even had one cancel last minute but the small crowd had BIG fun. 

Ivy’s official birthday party site

Oh what fun this little crew had

Thankful Mimi is always willing to lend a helping hand and grilled for us tonight 

The kids are getting older, dinner choice was BBQ chicken 

Ivy got one more birthday wish too

This little monkey loves to open presents 
More fun in the pool before we took everyone home

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