23 JulFew ordinary moments …

We try to snap a picture and do entries not only on special moments but “ordinary” moments yet living in the moment we often do not get to snap a picture and that is okay too. Thinking about ordinary moments, just the day too day living got us thinking … what is an ordinary moment? Online it says that ordinary moments are the pages in a child’s dairy for a day. We pray our girls remember the ordinary moments in their lives and remember the fun, loving moments we have together even when there is no picture to post for our blog/memory books. It is not just the special occasions we want highlighted in our lives to remember. We want the ordinary moments, daily grind times that often get overlooked as you go day to day yet those are times that can make life extraordinary. We all hope our littles will recalled these times fondly as they get older and look back in their lives and growing up. Life is a blessing and creating memories (planned and spontaneously) with our little family, extended families, and friends makes is sweeter. Thankful for each person that adds sugar and spice to our life. 

Sunday morning we spent the day at home relaxing and Ivy showed off her creative side making Barbie clothes. When we went to Mimi’s to swim we ran into aunt Kristi so the girls got to play with Bentley,  Kavanaugh, and Ava for a little bit too. Love the summer days of R&R and playing!  

Monday and Tuesday were work days but that afternoon we took a little break to join our friends for ice cream screams

Wednesday after work Lisa and the girls headed to Mimi’s to spend the night and have some one on one time with Mimi before we went to Newnan to visit. Love getting to hangout with our Mimi! 

Thursday we discovered a fabulous place to walk or ride bikes; next time we will bring our bikes. The girls did not want to walk as fast as Mimi and mommy but boy as we turned they were in front and it reminded mommy they are growing fast …. savor every minute of life 

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