18 JulFamily + Pool = Good Times

Saturday afternoon/evening at the pool with family, laughs, and good food is so good for ones soul. The girls toasted to fun evening, not long after we arrived. They played in the pool then got tired of it since we had told them the adults were all getting in too and we weren’t quite there yet since we were cooking lupper so the girlies entertained themselves in the basement and house. After we ate, that is when the fun really began. Everyone got on their swim wear and hopped in the pool for several hours. We volleyed the ball over the net, kids all showed off their diving skills, we all swam, laughed and had the best time. Night swims are the best! The first person did not get out of the pool until after 8 and the last was after 9, hence, we did not get home until after 10 but loved every minute of the sweet time together. There are not many pictures for our time at the pool since we all were in the pool at the same time but the good times were rolling and the memories made are all so sweet. 

Cheers to family and good times!

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