17 JulFun evening with friends and family

After a weekend away, neighbor friends being in quarantine or out of town, and a week that just felt long…a fun Friday afternoon/evening was just what was needed. Lisa took our girls and a friend of choice to Mimi’s to play Friday afternoon and gave Chris some time alone to recharge. Aunt Stacy had her friend Kristen Coppock with her kids were there too. All girls played great together! In fact they were playing so well they wanted more time to play so we texted their mom’s to see if we could stay longer than we had originally planned; thankfully our friends we took mom’s were flexible and we got to stay a couple extra hours. Loved watching them all play games, laugh, and have a good time. Blessed our girls get to create memories at Mimi’s pool, like aunt stacy and mommy did growing up; the pool was a good investment. 



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