19 MayFirst day of Summer 2020

It was a strange way to end school this year and mommy did not get a picture on the last day of school in the “Comfort Class”. While they started their school at VHEW with their trained teachers they ended at “Comfort Class” with mommy as the teacher while trying to maintain working too. They tried to pull wool over mommy’s eyes to get away with doing less making some days rougher than they should have been but in the end we all managed to succeed at homeschool. Looking back each of the days are such a treasure. Any day shared with a loved one is a treasured day. 

First day of school in 4th and 2nd verses 1st day of summer after 4th and 2nd grade
They have grown. They are smarter. They are loved. Their laughter is contagious. They amaze us. 

Treat time to celebrate summer and working on making plans for the summer. 
Praying health over family and friends and making more precious memories while having a fun summer together

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