09 MayAnother week goes by

Saturday morning, mommy and daddy enjoyed a cup of coffee on the porch then headed out to see if we could find a pressure washer. We went all the way across town but never could find one. Mommy also mixed up a couple batches of cinnamon rolls to share with Mimi and the Rhoads before heading to Gardedale to get the girls since they had spent the night. Of course they had been having fun all morning with a bike ride around the neighborhood and swimming in the pool. The Rhoads ladies were there by the time Lisa arrived. Stacy and Lisa went on a 4.5 mile bike ride where Lisa crashed, leaving a nice bruise on her knee but we got some movement in for the day too since we were not getting in the pool for our movement like the littles.  

The Dobbs ladies went to put flowers on Papa’s grave since decoration was that Sunday. It is hard to believe it has been more than 7.5 years since she we last hugged his neck. Some days it feels like an eternity and other days it feels like it just yesterday. What each of us would not do to have one more papa bear hug or hear him say he loves us again. With all the uncertainty of COVID and life now plus his sudden let breath reminds us to treasure each and every moment we have together, tell the people you love you love them, forgive those who ask  or even don’t ask so you don’t live with regret when it is too late, spend time with those that matter the most to you because weather is is a virus, heart, accident or whatever there maybe a day when you are left with memories and the heartache wishing you had just one more hug or moment. 

Saturday evening we celebrated our sweet friend and neighbor’s birthday. Thankful to have them in our lives and getting to have fun with them during this isolation time


Sunday morning mommy fixed a BIG southern breakfast/brunch for our little family so we would have plenty of leftovers for a couple days. We headed to Mimi’s for swimming that afternoon and supper with the family. We always enjoy pool time and cook outs at Mimi’s in the summer. Love that summer started early this year! 

The first full week in May arrived, meaning there is only 3 more weeks of school. We finally think we have a schedule that works for us down but still anticipate there might be bumps in the road. There is not as many pictures but we are still having lots of family time, working from home, homeschooling, and loving life together. So thankful for this season when we are in isolation to have our girlies at home and getting to see them every day and continue seeing family in town. One funny this week while we were doing school was a neighbor calling to see if the girls could go get something out of the mailbox they had left … in reality they want to scare the girls. Leia did a little shocked sound but did not scream like they thought she would, LOL 

Cinco de Mayo finally fell on Taco Tuesday … only to be cancelled by a virus named after a Mexican beer

Nevertheless, we celebrated Cinco de Mayo on Tuesday with our family and friends after school and work on Tuesday. The girls had fun with a slip-n-slide with cousins and friends then Chris headed to pick up Mexican from our favorite, locally owned Mexican restaurant. Thankful we called it in early that afternoon even though he had to wait 20 minutes when he got there. 

Dinner with family from Habaneros. 

Wednesday was daddy’s day for school but mommy organized everything for it. He apparently had a hone call or something because the girls ended up upstairs doing school and asking momma questions. One cool assignment to see their thoughts on homeschool was their writing assignment; love to hear their thoughts on different topics. The workday was made better by a yummy coffee and day was made better with a big smile! The day was rough for Mommy since her ear started aching again; there is a doctor appointment for Friday scheduled now. Either war Lisa took off early to get some snuggles while chilling on the couch with our littles. 

So excited Leia and mommy did a puzzle together too

Thursday was another school morning although we were a little relaxed about it. The girls did their reading, math, and school hangouts but that was about all for school before we decided to end the school day. We picked up Sara and Katie to load up to go to Mimi’s that afternoon for a little fun in the sun and sweet time with Mimi. Leia was our water bug and did not get out of the water most of the afternoon. We are blessed to be able to have getaways to Mimi’s during this crazy time and still hug Mimi’s neck! We made bread at Mimi’s house to enjoy and share with neighbors then headed home to cook dinner and spend time with Chris that afternoon. We walked down to see our neighbor’s porch progress then ended up asking them to come back for a drink and game but the girls could not hang with it and fell asleep early. 


Friday was another school morning and house cleaning day but first we worked on puzzles and snuggled. Lisa did have to go to the ENT for her ear after having a difficult time hearing for a couple weeks. It was a 2 hour wait in a very crowded waiting room. Needless to say, Lisa was not happy waiting that long nor was the procedure fun. Plus to top it off she has to go back next week to get a hearing test since the audiologist was not there. Thankful for a fun evening of games and ordering pizza to end the day. 

Saturday was a low key, R&R day! I think we all needed it! Even though we are in a state of more isolation and life “slowed” down with school being cancelled, work commute eliminated, no extra activities outside the home, etc… it is mentally/emotionally draining having things different, not knowing if you will get what you go to the store for because the shelfs are not fully stocked, and wanting to do something but nothing being open to do and wanting to make sure everyone in the family is safe and healthy. Plus, momma had not been sleeping well and it was catching up with her so a rest day was a good day for the household. Mimi made a special delivery of flowers for Mother’s Day but only stayed about 5 minutes and Lisa/Ivy walked around the neighborhood but other than that we did not see anyone or leave the house. However, we did have a fun “visit” with Chris’s family thanks to technology with the “Batson Virtual Talent Show” that evening. It was great to see everyone’s face and hear their voices. Hoping to get to hug necks one day soon too when life returns to some normalcy. 

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