01 MaySchool week

Monday was a full day of work and school. It went way better than the last week! However, we know not to get too cocky and know that we need to pray wisdom and grace each and everyday. We are slowly figuring it out and seeing what schedule works for us and how to handle the conference calls and school meetings, plus try to teach and be productive at work…we can not do any of it on our own strength but relay daily on grace to get us through it. Today was a good day where we felt we succeeded with little work productivity, a big smile after tears when mommy took the time out to teach Ivy math, Deedee stepped in with math lessons with Leia via FaceTime, Ivy joined her Girl Scout troop and made a mask, we even managed to throw home economics in with a little bread making today before going outside to played together too … thankful for a day like today when we think maybe we can home school and be successful at it. Thank you Lord for the day and grace you gave us to make it through it with smiles and showing love towards each other.
What a setup for school and work

Math online started in tears so we shifted to a little instructional time on the white board

instructional time led to understanding and smiles over tears

However, even when moved back to the computer she ask, “can I have paper and pencil to do math? Too much screen time is bad” 🙂 This girl is her momma’s girl, preferring old school paper and pencil over the computer

Leia was happy doing math via FaceTime with Deedee; mommy is so thankful Deedee is willing to teach her math while mommy teaches Ivy and works. What a blessing Deedee is a gifted math teacher that is willing to share her time and we get to call her ours. Looking forward to seeing her in person when COVID crisis is over

Home Economics at its best … Leia was not interested in it today and it is not a mandatory subject everyday so she is not pictured and enjoyed some chill time doing what she wanted while Ivy did it with mommy

Tuesday is suppose to be a work day for Lisa but since we are doing our own schedule she decided to focus on family and home harmony rather than work work. Tuesday morning she made homemade from scratch, sourdough cinnamon rolls for all the family to sit down together and start the day off too. Chris headed back downstairs to his office to work after his short coffee break. Lisa then moved into the role of teacher for a couple hours. It is a joy teaching our girls when the focus time is on teaching instead of dividing attention between multiple items and stretching oneself too thin. We spent an hour with Ivy working on her school while Leia worked on math sheets Deedee had sent. Ivy was doing well but Leia was getting frustrated so then mommy shifted from 2nd grade teacher to the 4th grade math and worked with Leia for a little bit on her items. It is so cool to watch how both of their minds work and alter teaching methods to fit each of their individual learning personalities. They both had their google class hangouts with their school friends that morning too. Hearing that it was suppose to rain Wednesday we decided to wrap up school at noon to enjoy time outside together rather than finish the last assignment and push it to Wednesday.  

We picked up Sara and Katie for a little outside fun that afternoon. We blew bubbles and played corn hole. Mimi arrived with Sara and Katie’s bikes so then the girls rode a little before venturing down to the Talley’s to explore by the creek and tree house. Stacy came over to so we got to have a yummy dinner together. Mimi hung out a little bit but headed home to get pine bark out and the Rhoads headed home when Mark got off work. 

After last weeks breakdown, Chris and Lisa decided he would take Wednesday, school teacher role so Lisa could focus exclusively on work one day of the week. Lisa worked the WHOLE day, 10.5 hours trying to catch herself up. Chris said the girls did a great job with him doing school; thinking mommy losing it and organizing the day for them and of course, the prayers are working made the day much better. They ended school by lunch and was exploring outside since the rain and thunderstorms did not come that they said were going to come in that day. There were no pictures since mommy was focused on catching up at work. We were thankful our oversized fridge repair guy could come install the part we needed. It was nice putting cold stuff back in it rather than running them to the downstairs refrigerator but boy were we thankful for the two weeks our fridge upstairs was out did we have the extra one. That evening we had sweet family time before bed time and simply enjoyed being together. 

Thursday, it was back to mommy doing school and working. Both went great! There was a minor breakdown that mommy would not cook exactly what they wanted since she was working that morning but it was over with in a short time span. We were done with all the have-to items by lunch. Aunt Stacy came over to pick us up to go to Mimi’s and we picked up Chrick-fil-A on the way. The girls were pumped the pool was open and looked so inviting. Despite the 68 degree high and water temperature of 62 degrees the girls jumped in and then stayed in the water an hour or more. We had to take them leave to go home for Leia to go to Harris’s drive by birthday party that afternoon then headed home for the night.


Friday was a home day for momma! We did not do our Thursday clean since we went to Mimi’s to play so mommy cleaned on Friday while daddy worked and the girls chilled. The girlies called Mimi to ask if they could spend the night there that night so she came to get the girlies in the afternoon. Chris and Lisa had a chilled evening and visited the Talley’s a little bit while the girls swam and visited with Mimi. We FaceTimed the girls and everyone called it an early night at both houses. 

FaceTimeing our little beauties

Ivy is always up for snuggles and a picture 

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