26 AprCOVID crisis continues

Monday was a good day for school and fun! Thankful this week is starting off a lot smoother than last week. Praying it continues. We started the day working and schooling then once it was done moved to the all out fun. Sara, Katie, and Stacy came over for about an hour to play and fellowship. We cleaned out the fridge for dinner  Sweet Ivy is always up for a picture or two; we asked Leia if she will let us have a Leia Tuesday picture.  

Tuesday was a good day. We knocked school out in the morning and headed to Mimi’s for some girl time

We left the girlies there for the evening with Mimi so both momma and dad could work

Sweet pictures Wednesday morning from mimi’s house. Love that she is teaching them to do yard work just like she taught their mommy when she was their age

It was not all work at Mimi’s, of course they had fun too

But they did a great job helping in the yard
When they got home that afternoon we did school work to catch up on assignments that they missed when they were at Mimi’s working in the yard … best part of home school is being able to alter the schedule and do it on our time line 

Thursday morning we knocked school out quick and got to have a bike riding, fun time kind of afternoon with our cousins. We were one bike short for everyone to join in on the fun so we got the golf cart out as well so everyone could explore the neighborhood together

I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice-cream

Fridays are our light school days and we just do a little school in the morning, reading and math only then transition to fun lessons or recess for the day. Blessed to have such a good week with these little loves of ours!  Loving this stage in life!!

As we were counting our blessings we looked in the fridge, pretty sure this is not what a fridge is suppose to do … not what we wanted but thankful we could get a repair man here quick. What we did not know was that there was more to it then we thought and it would take two weeks to repair since we had to special order the part

Family time and dinner fellowship following the fridge bad news makes life sweeter

Ending the week with a girl night movie bash watching “Trolls World Tour”

Saturday was a family day. The girls and Lisa went to Mimi’s to hang out with the Rhoads girls while Chris had sometime to himself to decompress and relax. That evening we had a little family game night at home, girls request. The girls learned Chris’s latest game obsession, Catan; hope this means a lot more family game times to come

Sunday was a R&R, church in the morning, get ready for the week ahead, chill out at home kind of day … no pictures just doing life in quarantine

Monday mommy and daddy had to work … maybe should have used the method below to get work done or maybe we were too cocky from last week running smoothly and did not pray over this week like the week before thinking we got this on our own. Really not sure what happened but one things was for sure and that is this week did not start smooth with work and school at all! 

Tuesday was smoother since work was taken out of the equation for Lisa but the day still was not completely smooth nor had mommy learned the lesson that we needed to pray for the Lord to help us through the week, every day; guess you could say she is a slow learner. However, there was laughter throughout the day, school work was completed, and we had nice family fellowship over dinner 

Wednesday was a BAD school/work day! No pictures, just yells, tears, and headaches … why did we not see the advice from a sweet friend on this day instead of a few days later? Mommy had already called it a day by lunch with a pounding headache from the stress of parenting, working , and teaching … the rest of the day was a blur from lunch to bed … maybe it is blocked out to try to forget it but pretty sure we called the school day early and just tried to make it through the day

Thursday mommy and daddy had to work but life still needed to happen in our house, school needed to be done and Thursday is also cleaning day at our house. Again, we tried doing it on our own without pausing to ask Jesus to  take the wheel. After a morning of getting yelled at with the girls not wanting to do school, mommy finally snapped. This was not the finest mommy moment but she decided she could not do it all on her own. She finally marched down to daddy’s office and pulled him into the school teacher role for the day. The girls were directed to ask their daddy any school related question after lunch and had a list of chores after school work was completed since mommy could not get it all done after the stress of the week. The house cleaning was not as the deep of a  clean as Lisa prefers on Thursday but it was done and stress to do it all removed from Lisa’s shoulders. That evening Lisa cooked dinner and no-one complained about the vegetables on their plate. We all ate and had our small talk but all seemed to be mentally and emotional drained 

After a LONG week we needed a Friday Funday …. the girls did their reading in the morning but that was it for school and focused on emotional health for the rest of the day. We talked, had a devotional, and prayed over our day and time.  Daddy still had to work and had several conference calls that day so the Comfort girls loaded up and headed to Mimi’s for a little fun with cousins so we would not disturb him with our loud mouths and noisy. The girlies ended up staying at Mimi’s for a 4 on 1 girl party while mommy came home for a date night with daddy. We all needed a little break after the week where there was as much peace in our home as any of us liked but so thankful for grace and forgiveness we can show to each other. Our family prayer is our home can always be a place of peace for our family and friends, where we all WANT to come go to escape the craziness of the world; Lord help our home be a place to run too, a place to escape that is filled with love, grace, and kindness to all who enter. Thankful our girls can have a escape to Mimi’s when our home needed a ‘checkup’ and Chris/Lisa can have time for a a date night during this crisis time to reconnect and recenter the balance in our home

The girls sent us a good morning text Saturday; love seeing the sweet snuggles and smiles on their faces. Mommy and daddy enjoyed coffee on the porch and sweet, connective conversation then they decided to try baking bread together for the first time together. One loaf looked a little flat since it was cooked in a larger pan while the other looked fabulous since it was cooked in a smaller pan but what really mattered was how they tasted (or what was on the inside) and both tasted great! Sweetest part of baking bread was doing something together and enjoying one on one time. Midday, Chris started working on tech stuff for the house while Lisa headed to get the girls. Traffic was horrid going to pick up the girls …. is the social distance measures lifted and we did not know it?!? Thankful not to be in the multi car pile up from the traffic jam. It was nice getting to Mimi’s and spending sweet time together with the  Mimi and Rhoads girls for the afternoon. However, it was not all chilled like we wanted and everyone had not received the decompression time needed. Mommy headed home early with Leia since we were still over stimulated to give her some chill time to decompress while Ivy stayed at Mimi’s to play and get receive her energy from socialization; we have a introvert and extrovert in the house and want both their needs met. I pray their needs are met and they both know they are loved, uniquely and deeply. 


Sunday we needed sweet family time!!! We worshipped and had church together, we snuggled, and had fun family time with lawn games and bubbles outside. Mommy snapped a few pictures of the bubble blowing time but the rest of our day together was electronic free, old-fashioned, simply being in the moment …. so refreshing for the soul and sweet time with our little family to reconnect, recenter, relax, and have fun together. Praying next week’s work/school week goes smoother than last and is filled with more grace and love
Daddy had to have a turn and the girls chased the one mommy made

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