30 MarSpring Break 2020 … COVID style

Well this is not a Spring Break that we ever imagined! Our 100 year old neighbor said the closest thing that he ever remembered to this time is when there was a Polio outbreak and you had to stay away from people who had it. Nevertheless, spring break is here and we are trying to make the most of it, quarantined style. Both Chris and Lisa decided not to take off any this week since we are quarantined at home but we are giving the girls a break from school and relaxing bedtime so we can have a little fun, family time through out the week. Thankful for time spent together and praying God’s protection over all our family, friends, community, state, country, and world.   

Monday, Mommy and daddy worked ALL day while the kids played, watched TV, and built forts; mommy is trying to front load her work time this week. Daddy fixed our lunch and we did get to enjoy it as a family. He was able to end his work day before mommy too so he sat on the porch and watched Ivy play in the rain on the swing. That evening the girls picked what they wanted for dinner and we had family veg-out time watching a new show aunt Stacy told us about, “Green House Academy” 


Tuesday, Mommy got up early to get her hours in at work to get to spend some fun time with our girls. Daddy had to work all day. The Comfort girls decided to take a mental break and go to Mimi’s for the afternoon. The Rhoads joined us too. Thankful for the immune boost as we relaxed and distressed a little. I do not think that any of us were quite ready to leave when we left since it was peaceful and more like the times before the CORID virus was discovered and fear started crippling the world; we rode bikes, walked around the neighborhood, girls rode the golf cart, and we sit outside with sweet fellowship. This time is precious together! God I pray we get more of it together with our loved ones. 

 So thankful for a carefree afternoon with Mimi and the Rhoads then the girls getting to FaceTime friends. So good for our souls and immune systems
Thankful for a family night with popcorn and movie

Wednesday was another long workday. The girls are amazing at entertaining themselves. Thankful they are a little older during this outbreak yet wishing they would stay little forever and we could protect them from all harm. We know that we alone can not protect them in reality. The only one who can truly do that is our Lord, God can so we pray God holds them in his arms and us during this uncertain time. That afternoon/evening we did venture to aunt Stacy’s to spend time with her before she has to return to the hospital to work. We all dread her going to the front lines but will claim Psalms 91:2-5 over her and the medical staff! 

Love this little ones imagination

After work we headed to the Rhoads for dinner. Stacy goes back to work at the hospital so we will be isolating ourselves afterwards … family sticks together but we also protect each other

Love my sister so much!!
Sweet dreams my loves. Praying health over you and all those you love

Thursday morning Lisa worked a little then had some veg time with the girls before we started deep cleaning the house. A hard reality was hit that morning reading Facebook. It made us want to really retreat and pray even harder for protection.

A raw prayer:
God we pray for your forgiveness for the World you created that has turned our backs on You. Lord, we pray for Your MERCY on us all! Heal your people from the virus that is crippling us, heal our lands, help our hearts to remember how You deliver us from death. Strengthen family units and help the church be the church outside the walls of a building. 

After praying and cleaning we mustard up the strength to get out of the house and go to Mimi’s. Mimi’s is a place we have retreated many times, three acres of freedom. Sara and Katie went with us since aunt Stacy was at work. Thankful for the childhood innocence and the joy little people bring when we life hard; love watching them have fun. We were also told via a state press conference that Alabama public schools will not be returning the traditional school classroom for the remainder of the year. Even though we somewhat expected this we still are figuring out what it means for school moving forward. God is in control and we are His clay. 

Hard reality hit thinking about this virus! God I pray protection!!

On our way to Mimi’s

Fun in Papa’s truck

Fun in the golf cart too

Friday morning it was our weekly grocery store run. The girls stayed with Mimi while Lisa went to go see what was on the store shelfs. We have not let the girls go to the store since the shelfs started getting empty and trying to protect there from germs. Thankful we were able to get most everything on our list for the week; we ordered a few other staples online. We planned on hanging out at Mimi’s until noonish but stayed a little longer since Stacy brought the girls out to talk with them too. 

Afternoon fun with buddy and the girls …. Leia did not want her picture taken
Movie night snuggles are the best!
The girls enjoyed sleeping in the tent they made

Saturday we had dedicated to purging the garage while the girls cleaned out the playroom. Lisa made a yummy filling breakfast to get us ready for the day of fun ;). Our plan was to start at 10 and work until it was finished. We worked until the trash cans were full and we were tired then came in to shower to get ready for our movie night. Loving the extra time to simply be together.  

Garage clean out … good dent in it but trash cans full so it is not finished. 

Loving out snuggle nights 

Sunday morning, we joined our church family online again then hung out at home for a little bit. Then Lisa and the girls headed to Mimi while Chris studied. Midday the Rhoads joined the fun and we all grilled out. Mark and Stacy headed home early while the girls played. They were having a great time riding the golf cart. Leia came up with the idea to throw water balloons but the other three was still wanting to ride so mommy joined the fun and threw them water balloons with Leia and at her. The little sisters joined the fun shortly afterwards followed by Sara a little later. Lisa took Sara and Katie home after the water fun while our girls spent the night with Mimi since both Lisa and Chris had to work Monday.

Mommy threw water balloons at Leia while the other girlies 

Sara finally joined the water balloon fun

Monday our girls got an extra day of spring break with Mimi. They helped water the flowers by transporting the water pitcher in the golf cart and helped Mimi cut the grass. Mimi picked up Sara and Katie mid day for them all to have a little fun together. They all stayed outside most the day enjoying the vitamin D from the sunshine and fresh air. Lisa headed to Gardendale to pick our girls up late that afternoon once the ‘work day’ was over. 

Morning walk with mimi

while mommy and daddy worked … they were having a lot more fun than us

We also made a special delivery to Grayson for her 10th birthday 
Sweet dreams my baby girl


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