22 MarWeek of Homeschool and Telecommuting due to CORID-19

It is Wednesday which makes it day 3 of school being out and Chris telecommuting but day 1 of both Lisa and Chris telecommuting went pretty well. There still is a lot of uncertainty around the virus that has forced businesses, schools, and restaurants to close but we are doing our part to #flatten the curve. We all stayed home all day. The girls both read and did math for 40 minutes each while Lisa and Chris worked. Other than those two subjects they pretty much played but some of the play was engineering related so that counted as science. We took a family walk in the afternoon before the girls asked if they could wash a car. The car wash turned into just playing in the hose but they had fun. We grilled out dinner then ended up having an early bedtime again tonight in our room. We know rest is good to keep our immune systems up so trying to make sure we all get plenty of it too. 

Thursday, we did much of the same. and stayed home all day. Ivy was getting a little stir crazy and started face-timing from the chair with daddy while mommy was on the couch. Leia was content to chilling out one more day. We enjoyed a family walk or two and rode bikes too. Ivy got to FaceTime a friends, Evelyn that evening; keeping connected to people is good for us. The girlies slept in our room again since they wanted too. 

Friday, we spent the morning playing outside and riding bikes. The girls were excited when the dog from down the street came down to visit; we kept our social  distance with the human but not the dog. Mid-morning the adults were all on edge and stressing ourselves out readying what we could get our hands on regarding CORVID-19 virus.  We decided it best if the girls headed to Mimi’s to see her while Chris worked since we all had been in isolation and had saw each other Tuesday. Stacy, Sara, and Katie ended up coming over too. We talked about what they were saying to the nurses and medical staff; our medical aunt told us one of the best ways to fight off disease is not to stress your body out. So we decided to all simply enjoy being a family and do normal things together like dinner. The Rhoads headed home after dinner but the Comfort girls stayed the night at Mimi’s. The girls loved playing in the basement, riding the golf cart, and chilling out at Mimi’s; it is one of our places we go to relax and mommas always make everything better no matter what age you are. 


The girls were excited to see each other! It is not the 6 feet of social distance at dinner but it was good for our souls to be together, normal, and not stressing out

Saturday, morning we chilled out watching a new to us Netflix show, Green House Academy. Then we decided to go on a walk while the girls rode the rockers then the adults rode bikes while the girls rode the golf cart. The Rhoads came back about lunch and we all had a little fellowship before a late lunch. Mark mentioned that we were suppose to be leaving for Helen, GA that day. It is strange how life can take you to unexpected places. Grateful we were together! We know to never take for granted a moment you have with a person you love. We had a great time just being together and fellowshipping. We came home as Chris was finishing his studying. Our little family got to enjoy some sweet time together too. Time is the most precious thing; thankful for this time with those we love. We had a light dinner together after the big lunch then just simply was together until bed time. 

Morning snuggles are always the best! 
Escorting the golf cart riding bikes and then enjoying a nice lunch before heading home 

Sunday morning mommy was the last one up so breakfast was late but she was up for a few hour during the night; God I pray better rest in the week ahead. It was a good morning to sleep in though since it was a rainy one. Chris worked on school and Lisa did a couple hours of work after breakfast. Our Sunday school met online. It was encouraging to hear from them and get to fellowship online. We FaceTimed with Deedee and Grandpa for a little bit. Ivy and Lisa went for a walk that afternoon when the sun came out then came back to paint nails then had an afternoon snack. Chris and Leia joined us outside after our snack. The girls rode bikes and swung in the swing. A couple neighbors stopped on their walks to say hi but no-one stepped off the roadway and we were in the middle of our yard so we kept a good social distance. We as humans generally crave connecting so it is odd having such distance but we know it is for the good of all. It is also strange not having a ton of things to do; the isolation is giving each of us time to just be together with minimal distractions. God I pray You still our spirits and we turn back to you as a nation under God again…heal our land, heal our hearts, forgive us for turning from you, save us Lord.  

Leia chilled with daddy while Ivy walked with mommy

Little spa time 

Enjoyed sweet snuggles with Leia while we watched TV before bed


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