17 MarLisa’s Birthday (2020)

Thankful we decided to start Lisa’s birthday celebration the weekend before her birthday. Grandpa and Deedee came to town and the adults went out to dinner on Friday to Ruth Chris to celebrate both Lisa and Chris’s birthdays together. We all enjoyed great fellowship and food then when we got home the girls had decorated the house (Mimi suggested it) for a little happy surprise. We also got to enjoy yummy carrot cake Deedee had made for our birthdays. Such a fun little celebration! 

Dinner our

Inside joke … is the green bottle mouthwash or soap
Fun celebrating our birthdays together
The girls did an amazing job decorating and we all enjoyed the yummy carrot cake 


Saturday was very low key! We were starting to hear more and more about a virus that was rocking our little world as talk of possible school cancelations with a CORID-19 virus threat and decisions of self-isolating so we elected to stay home for the most part. The guys did go golfing for an early tee time then we met them for lunch at Chili’s. After lunch the ladies headed to the library to let the girls pick out books in case school was closed. By the evening it was confirmed school would be closed, the library announced they would not re-open until farther notice, Chris was directed to start tele-commuting effective Monday, and Lisa was told her start date for tele-commuting would be Wednesday. Thankful we had gotten the girls both several books to tied us over. We had snuggle time and game time that evening at home; sweet family time. 

 Enjoying the morning outside with sweet friends and neighbors

Most store shelves were like this one, bare

A night at home

Sunday morning, Deedee started home school math with Leia while Grandpa picked up donuts for everyone. They left early to go by the store to see if they could get food for their house before heading home. Lisa and Ivy headed out to visit Mimi. We helped Mimi put a shelf together, rode the golf cart even though it was drizzly rain, had lunch, and just enjoyed sweet fellowship together. Leia went to visit her friend Grayson for a playdate which unbeknownst to us at that time would be the last playdate for our girls for the foreseeable future as the rest of the week unfolded. 


Monday, Lisa went to work. It was strange as there was only 5 or 6 on the floor where her desk is located. Although other floors were full. About lunch time she finally called it a day and headed home. One of the local stores were putting pottery paint kits together to do at home so we picked up Sara and Katie to go let them all pick out something for Lisa’s brithday celebration on her real birthday. We ended up swinging by Publix too since we had heard they had gotten a delivery of meat and Stacy said she needed some. By the time we got back home John and Joy had arrived. We ordered dinner in with the state of things and took their sweet new dog , Bento for a couple walks.  


Finally Lisa’s birthday arrived! We enjoyed a nice breakfast with John and Joy then took their dog on a walk before they headed home. Mimi arrived about 9:30 to hang out. Stores were continuing to close so we stayed at the house except when we ran to the jewery store to pick up a ring Mimi had resized for Lisa’s birthday. We ate left overs for lunch and sat on the porch just talking. After much debate we decided to forego Lisa’s birthday celebration that afternoon with Mimi and the Rhoad’s so Mimi headed home about 4. Chris took the Rhoads their pottery and they hung a HB sign and painted in celebration of Lisa’s birthday. We got to FaceTime to see the finished products though. Monday night Lisa did not sleep well so we decided to head to bed early since we knew that both Chris and Lisa had to work on Wednesday and we needed to start homeschool schedule with the girls. 

Birthday breakfast

Dancing with uncle John

Morning walk

Chris has decided everyone needs a 6 ft buffer with the virus going around

Thankful to spend the day with my momma and little family!

Present time … Lisa got a fun toy to play with, a New Generation ice-cream truck

Who would have thought that adults would want TP for their birthday but with the stores sold out it was a great gift

Chris went to pick up dinner so the girls all took a little walk. We made lots of wishes on blow flowers

The girls all got to paint their pottery for my birthday, even if it was not together

Finished products 
It was a different birthday being in self-isolation but thankful I got to have another birthday. Blessed to get to spend part of my day with my momma and little family, plus receive so many birthday texts, calls, and facebook posts from so many sweet friends and family members. My wish this year is health over us all. My prayer is for God’s peace that transcends all our understanding falls on each of us during this time of uncertainty. I plan to celebrate with more friends and family after this virus scare is over. 🙂

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