31 JanLong work week, ending in celebrating Sara’s 12th Birthday

It was a long work week! Thankful for friends and family to help us out on weeks like this!
On Monday, Kathryn let Ivy go home with Evelyn after girl scouts since Lisa ended up having to work later than planned and could not get to her. Chris and Lisa left about the same time so he grabbed Leia and Lisa picked up Ivy on the way home. Chris also picked up dinner for us so we did not have to think about that when we got home and had the evening to spend together

Tuesday, was another day where both Lisa and Chris had to work later planned so we could not get Ivy to gymnastics. It was Mimi  to the rescue kind of day. Unfortunately, Ivy’s nose was bleeding so she did not get to go to gymnastics but got sweet time with Mimi, sissy, and her cousins. Mimi treated us all to  dinner at Tazeki’s before she headed home too. 

Wednesday, Chris headed out of town on a work trip and Lisa went to work again with the same fate as the previous two days. She was ready to head out to get the girls after 8.5 hours but life happened and she had to work a little longer so called Stacy to get the girls. Thankful Stacy got the girls and had plenty of dinner for us all to join them since Lisa was starting to feel run down. By the time Thursday morning rolled around Lisa could not speak and throat was hurting. With over 30 hours logged in at work before on Thursday Lisa decided not to let work get in the way again this week and have let the next couples day have more R&R time. Thursday Lisa spent hanging out with Mimi and inviting the Rhoads over for dinner. Sweet time with family and Chris coming home that night made Thursday great!  


Friday was another low stress day for Lisa while Chris stayed home to do school work so he would not be stressed either. Lisa went to lunch with the girls so the house would be quiet. Chris stopped his school work just before it was time to pick up the girls then we had a home afternoon before heading to the Rhoads to celebrate Sara turning 12. It was the first time in years chris was in town for Sara’s birthday in several years so it was extra special. Best part was we all spent the afternoon together without work or school clouding out focus. 
 Lunch time with the girls
Sara’s birthday celebration

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