26 JanRequena-Comfort’s Visit

We had not saw Alicia, Adrian, and their parents since last year in October so we were long overdue for a visit to celebrate Leia’s birthday and Christmas together. They came over after Adrian’s basketball practice. The girls had asked several times when they would be there but had finally chilled out watching TV so were surprised when they walked in since mommy was sitting outside and they got to walk on in without ringing the door bell. We opted to stay in Saturday night so we had time just to visit. It was an evening full of indoor snowball fights, yummy food, and great fellowship. 

Surprise they are here

Leia got to open her last 10th birthday present

The kids were all excited to open the last of their Christmas gifts

We stayed in and grilled out that evening enjoying time by the fire table on the back porch then shared lava cakes for a special treat

These two were excited to decorate Christmas cookies together

These girls finish products were amazing

The older two joined in the fun for a few minutes 

Sunday Lisa woke up early to sweet snuggles from the three little princesses before cooking breakfast. We all chilled out a little bit before we decided to head to “Do It Yourself” to paint pottery. There was lots of creativity! Ivy and Adrian shared painting a dog, Alicia painted a unicorn, Leia did a goblet, Kelly painted a coffee mug, and Lisa created a birthday plate. Once we finished our creations we called Chris to meet us at Yummy Bowl for lunch. Kelly and Lisa headed out as soon as we were done while the guys took car of the checks to set up to do s’mores since we had told Alicia we could do them before they headed home. We had so much fun and the day flew by; thankful we will get to see each other again in a few weeks in Utah. 

Loved sharing breakfast together Sunday morning 
and snuggles on the couch, Buddy our bearded dragon even joined in

We took the kids to ‘Do It Yourself’ to paint pottery then lunch at Yummy bowl

Before they headed home we did s’mores and enjoyed a few more precious minutes together


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