18 JanMommy’s trip to TX

For Christmas we gave Mimi a mother-daughter trip to Austin and Waco, TX. It took a little prep getting there with Lisa working 11 hours Monday and several hours Tuesday between appointments and getting everything ready to go. Wednesday morning though we were ready and at the airport bright and early for our 6:15 flight.

Lunch with my favorite girls Tuesday before leaving Wednesday

Wednesday morning we were up and at the airport at 5 am. Early flight means we got almost a full day enjoying TX. The flights were smooth and we arrived earlier than planned which gave us plenty of time to get our rental car and make it to Waco for our lunch reservation at Magnolia Table. It was decorated as we expected from watching ‘Fixer Upper’. The burger and jalapeño jam was fabulous! The hash browns and bacon yummy too but the eggs were a little bland for our taste. Of course we took a few photo ops before leaving to head to the silos.

It was a little smaller than we expected but had a great atmosphere and green space to hang out. Of course, we visited the bakery too. Lisa took a picture of the bathroom floor per Leia’s request since she recalled them saying people would come in just to see the floor. As a surprise we also got cupcakes to take home to the girls. We went to Harp Design and original location of Magnolia Café which now housed, Little Shop on Bosque. They use it now as a clearance store.

Next on our tour of Waco was the Homestead Craft area. We walked thru pottery store and general store before Lisa was finally adamant she was going back and making pottery. We all made bowls. Can’t wait for them to ship the finished products to us after they are fired. They were each so unique. We stopped by a cave and cheese place to check it out and taste yummy cheese before going to a rooftop winery for a glass of wine and chill time then went to a local place for fajitas before finally going to the hotel and checking in for the night. Comically, Stacy noticed 9 other Mexican restaurants before we drive 2 miles to the hotel; I think they have a heavy Mexican influence. We called it an early night after the early morning wakeup call but looked forwarded to the adventures the next day held.

Checking out our rental. It was a step up from ‘Big Blue’ on the last trip

Welcome to Texas

Lunch at Magnolia Table. Thankful we were able to get a reservation and did not have a couple hour wait

Welcome to Waco

Visiting Magnolia Market at the Silos. The store was not quite as large as we expected but loved the outdoor area and the relaxing atmosphere

Of course we visited the bakery and took a pic in the bathroom per Leia’s request

So much fun doing pottery! This was a highlight of the trip. Loved doing something new and excited to see how they turn out after they are fired

Roof top wine bar in Waco was so relaxing and fun 

The server at the wine bar recommended a Mexican restaurant for dinner. Nice sharing fajitas and enjoying a good drink

Grandpa came to hang out with the girls while mommy was on her trip and daddy went to a plant for work. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE that Leia sent a selfie of them on the couch!!


Thursday morning upon waking Lisa looked around for Mimi since she was not in the bed. Surprisingly, Mimi was in the floor on the other side of the divider wall sleeping. She said that Stacy had woke her twice for snoring and she did not want to disrupt her sleep so she moved as far away as possible not to disturb Stacy. After that craziness we all went to the lobby to get a cup of coffee and work on our game plan for the day.

First stop was ‘Our Breakfast Place’ to fill our bellies before heading back to the hotel to pack up. As we were going back into the hotel parking lot we saw a tour bus then Mimi spotted a member from Oak Ridge Boys in the lobby. Afer we checked out we got a quick picture of Mimi and him in the lobby. Stacy requested we drive thru Camron Park so Lisa drove us thru it. Lisa suggested getting out and walking on a little but Stacy and Mimi didn’t want to sicne it looked like it could rain so instead we headed to the Dr Pepper museum.

We  knew when we started planning this trip and saw that Waco was the birth place of Dr Pepper and had a museum we had to go to it since that is the only soft drink Mimi drinks. It was cool to walk through it, to learn to be a “flavorist” you had to work minimum of 7 years, plus we got sampled it afterwards. Mimi and Stacy said the sample tasted watered down. Lisa said it tasted fine to her of course Lisa may drink a sip or two of soda a year so she is not a good judge. While we were in the ‘Pop Shop’ having our sample Lisa asked the attendant about a historical house to tour. The attendant quickly asked if we wanted a historical house or magnolia house then did a ‘cha-ching’ with her arm when Lisa said historical; apparently there is a lot of people who like to tour the houses remodeled by Chip and Joanne but we do not consider those to be historical in our definition.  

After our Dr Pepper tour we walked thru a couple stores before going to ‘East Terrace House Museum’ to tour a home that was built in 1872 by a successful business man named, John Wesley Mann. The home was beautiful and is being completely restored to reflect what it would have looked like after it was built. After that tour we decided to go try some Italian food at what was described as a authentic Italian restaurant, Barris. It was a good recommendation! The salad dressings were great and bread freshed baked. We started drive to Austin with full bellies.

Stacy requested we stop at Buckees since she could not believe the number of billboards advertising a gas station. It was a HUGE gas station with 127 pumps, a deli, bbq station and anything else you could want to eat, plus all types of specialty items. We spent 30 minutes there. The girls would have had a field day and might need an hour. Alas we were on our way though and opted to stop by ‘Blanton Museum of Art’ as we entered Austin. Stacy had looked it up and we lucked upon going on a day that had free admission.

We headed to the hotel from the museum and were greeted with a glass of wine upon check-in. We enjoyed feta and crackers with the wine. After sitting in the room a little bit we decided we should get out and enjoy the city to try to get a game plan for the next day. Turns out if you as anyone in Austin what to do everyone tells you the same thing: eat, shop, and bars at night. We walked around for a few minutes but itt started raining a little harder than we wanted so we stopped by a store to grab a bottle of wine and called it an early night as we retired back to the room all soaked. 

Yummy breakfast 

Dr Pepper muesum for my Dr Pepper loving family. Although both Mimi and Stacy said the bottled DP’s are better

Stopping by the biggest gas station we have every saw, Buccee’s
If we see one of these with the girls and have a hour to spare we will stop with them 

Getting our education on at the art muesum

Fancy hotel that gave us champagne at check in and brought water, chocolates, and candles in the evening

Exploring the city before it started pouring 


Despite the early retirement Lisa got minimal sleep. She was not tired when we first laid down and ended up playing on her phone until 10:45 listening to Stacy sleep talk telling us to stop snoring but the room was quite other than her talking. Finally deciding to call it a night Lisa was awaken at 10:55 with Stacy shaking her saying to stop snoring. So then it took another hour and a half to fall back asleep. Thankful that there is coffee set up on each floor at the butlers area when we all woke up the next morning.

We walked to grab coffee dressed in our ZaZa robes and chilled out in the room acting like ladies of leisure. It was after 8 before we got out of the room. We stopped by Mary’s for a ‘Green Grill Cheese’ which was not a item that we would of traditionally ordered if it had not been for a sweet, local lady in the restaurant who suggested it. After we filled our bellies we went to ‘Jourdan-Bachman Pioneer Farm’ to explore homes and structures from the 1800s that have been relocated for various surrounding areas.

We were thankful that it did not pour the entire time we toured the farm but pushed thru the rain to walk around the whole farm before driving back towards the hotel. We elected to stop by ‘Graffiti Park’ to see that landmark then drove down Rainy Street where houses had been transformed into bars for an entertainment area. We headed back to the hotel to escape the rain again and park the car since a city is not the best place to drive and Austin drivers are not use to driving in the rain; we had saw several wrecks that day and locals had said it did not rain that often there.

We ventured out after a little bit when the rain eased up to try Coopers Barbecue since Chris said it was really good barbecue. We found where we were going tonight then headed back to the hotel to people watch and find a movie on the TV since we had not found much to do other than eat and drink in Austin. Stacy had made a reservation at Cru for happy hour at 4 that afternoon. It was just around the corner from the hotel. The bartender was fabulous and we chilled out there a couple hours or so just enjoying being together. Next we headed to a local coffee shop called “The Hideout” since Lisa had reserved us tickets for a show, “The Knuckelball” that night. The show was described as a “Fast and Furiously Funny Comedy from Improv Pros”; none of us had ever been to a improv show so it was something new. We sprinted back to the hotel afterwards to pack our bags since our flight home was the next day.

Coffee bar for the win

Quick breakfast at Mary’s. It was comical Stacy picked the joint next to the hospital, guess she was missing work

Exploring Jourdan-Bachman Pioneer Farm. It might have been a little better if it were not so wet and muddy but we had fun just being together

Graffiti Park is closed since they are relocating it but we did want to see it although there was several no trespassing signs so we just snapped a picture from the road

Relaxing and exploring the hotel while it rained some more
Chris recommended Cooper’s Barbecue for lunch one day so we tried it. That night there was standing room only with the line out the door

We hung out in a wine bar for over two hours. How much fun just getting to spend time, fellowshipping with a couple of my favorite ladies
Enjoying a impromptu show. We were not sure what to expect but it was fun and funny


Saturday morning as we woke we noticed Stacy sitting in the chair on the opposite side of the room. Apparently, she had been up and down half the night unable to sleep. It maybe time to start getting two rooms :-/. Nevertheless, we all went to get coffee from the butler area and chilled a few minutes before going to “Snooze” for breakfast before heading to the airport to go home where we all hope to sleep better.

Enjoying the coffee bar on the way out

Breakfast in the city that likes to eat

 At the airport, ready to head home

There was a female pilot on our way home. Leia had mentioned on the planes we have rode on she had never saw a female pilot but that she might want to be one. So when we saw we had a female pilot I asked to get a picture of her but she insisted that I join her for the picture. I wish Leia would have been there to be in the picture! 

Loved my welcome home sign the girls made and Ivy’s dance

The rest of the weekend was low key! Other than cooking dinner at our house Sunday night with the Rhoads’ and Mimi, then having neighbors over Monday we chilled just us and our girls; thankful to have a long weekend!

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