31 Dec2019 turns 2020

House decorated and ready for the New Year celebration

Games ready for family time

Sweet neighbors and friends came by to say hello 

We said it was 12 o’clock somewhere and took a NYE picture

The girls started game time while mommy and daddy was cooking and we were waiting on Mimi and Al to arrive for our night of celebration

We enjoyed a yummy dinner together

The girls made brownies to accompany our homemade ice-cream for dessert while the adults finished eating dinner 

Toasting in the New Year playing games is always fun

The girls entertained us with shows after game time

We said it was 12:00 somewhere and celebrated the New Year a little early with Mimi and Al before they headed back to Gardendale

We even toasted in the ‘New Year’ together 

The girlies ended up falling asleep while they were waiting on midnight but we woke them to watch the ball drop on eastern time before we called it a night

Celebrating a new year with poppers. Praying this year brings blessings to our family and friends

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