07 JanJanuary 2020 Week One

This New Year kicked off the beginning of a new decade and new year. It is always exciting to start a new year and dream of what will happen. Both Daddy and Mommy were off for a couple weeks at the end of 2019 so we got to focus more on our sweet little family, spend more time together, and loved every minute of it; it might have spoiled us a little bit. Once the excitement of the new year settles down though, it hits that school and work is starting back very soon and with that the normal, hectic, everyday life. Mommy may dread the school and work starting back more than anyone else in the house knowing that we won’t have as much time just to be with homework, after school activities, and normal stuff but we try focusing on the moments we have until work and school starts back but we savor the last few days of no set schedule as we ease into 2020. 

New Year’s Day we rode the golf cart while the rest of the gang cheered on Alabama to victory then had our traditional New Year’s lunch of peas and greens during half time at Mimi’s house with the Rhoads’,  Mimi, and Al. Alabama has won all their games this year … they only have had one game in 2020 and beat Michigan in the Citrus Bowl

As soon as we got home we put the sensor bar up for the Wii so the girls could discover they loved the dance game Mimi gave them for Christmas

Chris started back to work on the second of January; easing our way back into the grove. The girls woke up and their day was normal until they noticed the time and thought daddy should be up can we go wake him and mommy had to tell them he was at work. They were shocked he was working since they were stlll off. Throughout the morning they asked a few times when he’d be home. Of course that was between them showing off their dance moves playing ‘Dance Now’. They happily stopped playing though when Mimi called to ask us to go to lunch with her, Sara, and Katie

Lisa headed back home after lunch while Mimi took all 4 grand-girls to Urban Air. Aunt Stacy met them there to pick up Sara and Katie since they had spent Wednesday night with Mimi. Thursday night was Leia and Ivy turn to spend the night so mommy and daddy both could go in early Friday morning. Our girls picked their evening entertainment at Mimi’s choosing to go to Target to spend some of their Christmas gift cards, eating dinner at Moe’s, and then ending it simply hanging out at Mimi’s house playing and watching a movie together

So thankful Mimi sends good morning pictures!!! She said she offered to go anywhere they wanted that morning too but they elected to just hang out and play at the house. I think they are smart girls to chill out with school starting back soon. Mommy wished she was not back at work already but thankful it was only a half day and it was Friday; easing into it.  

Ivy told Mimi when they started to head back to the house at 11 that she was starving and could not even make it back to Vestavia without eating so they stopped in Gardendale on the way home

There’s our big girls sweet smile

When we got off work we loaded the car to head to Newnan so we could celebrate Grandpa’s birthday with him. We got there by 4 EST so the girls had a few minutes to play before we went to Carrabbas for dinner then back to the house for cookie dough ice-cream cake that evening. 

Little Ivy loved opening his gifts for him. Both our little monkeys enjoyed helping light the candles and blowing them out πŸ™‚

Saturday morning, Deedee and Grandpa fixed a big breakfast with sous chefs, Leia and Ivy. After breakfast Chris and Lisa volunteered to clean up the table while the girls and Deedee headed upstairs to set up a restaurant. We all joined them once it was set up for a little fun before getting dressed to go to “Bubbles and Brushes”. The girls painted pretty pictures then we all hung out a little while at the house before we headed home to unpack and start our New Year’s closet cleanups before the girls started back school Monday.
Our girl loves pictures! She wanted to pose while they were at Bubbles and Brushes πŸ™‚ 

Then that evening we went to dinner then hosted game nights with our friends and neighbors. WE also let Buddy our dragon try on his new leash. Thankful for the evening of laughter with sweet friends! 

Sunday morning we woke up to the temperature below 30 but the sun was out and it looked beautiful looking outside. We let everyone in the house get up at their own leisure knowing this was the last day of the girls Christmas break. They ordered their breakfast and mommy headed to the kitchen to make sausage balls, little round sausages, biscuits, pancakes, and eggs as ordered. To her delight the girls joined her. Leia rolled out half the sausage balls while Ivy cooked the pancake. It was nice having them in the kitchen helping and make mommy smile; so blessed to have such sweet girls! We all sit to enjoy our meal together. Chris mentioned the temperature so the girls started talking about how they wish it would rain so the roads would ice and they couldn’t go to school tomorrow.  As soon as we were finished the girls scurried off to the playroom in hopes of having a home morning while mommy and daddy worked on a few things that needed fixed in the house. When they did come back up we reminded them school started again so they got the rest of the reading finished we were all laxed on over the break.

Monday was the day Ivy dreaded, they started back to school. While Ivy totally dreaded it and said she could just see her friends away from school, Leia was in-different to it. The day went off without a hitch with the girls back at school and daddy/mommy at work despite the fact that Chris dropped them off early and mommy was still at work when daddy left so he picked them up too; it was a long first day back to school! That evening though mommy grabbed them Chick-Fil-A on the way home and we all got to snuggle and relax watching one of the girls shows, just what this momma needed. 

Tuesday marked the end of the first full week in 2020. We were all settled back into school and work. We still miss the days we all were home, having fun together without the worries of school or work but they give us the opportunity to do some pretty amazing things together. We treasure any time we get with each other, friends and family. We are counting down to MLK Day since we are all off and can have an extra day to just relax (hopeful Chris will not have too much homework). This year is going to be a great one! Chris will graduate in May and we  have a few adventures already planned. We hope this year takes us on many adventures, planned or spontaneous to make precious memories with family and friends! 

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