25 DecChristmas Day (2019)

The sweet girls were up at 5:30 ready to see what Santa brought. Mommy held them off from waking daddy a few minutes but then thought, nah let’s wake him; the girls were excited and wanted to see what Santa brought. So we were out in the den seeing the goodies from Santa a few minutes before 6. We loved watching their sweet faces get excited looking through their stockings, flipping over the gymnastics bar, tearing into the legos, riding the Hoover board, and enjoying their sweet life. Once the girls were enjoying their toys mommy and daddy made a cup of coffee to sit back and take in a few minutes of the pure joy; it was nice not hurrying and having a few minutes to chill watching the girls enjoy their new toys. 

They were so excited to see what Santa had brought 
Cupcake left a sugar angel and note. Mommy thought it was funny that Leia was the first one to hop up on the bar for a trick
Love the excitement looking through the stockings

Sweet Ivy gave us a special present, a book she wrote at school

They had some fun playing 

Our lego queen
Daddy got a few snuggles and mommy/daddy got a quick picture 

The girls said grandpa said they could wake them at 7 but Deedee got up a little before and gave them the go ahead to wake grandpa. The girls separated the gifts as Deedee made tea and grandpa got his coffee. We all enjoyed watching the girls open their gifts then the adults opened their gifts and spent a few morning soaking it all in before getting stuff together to head to Mimi’s house for brunch. 

Sorting presents

The girls paused opening gifts to model their new items

Oh the shows we will see with their new microphones 

Love the sweet hugs Ivy gave

Fun after opening gifts
Girls relaxing 

Grandpa tried Ivy’s hoover board. Thankful the chair was there when he lost his balance. 

On our way to Mimi’s

We arrived a few minutes before the Rhoads and started cooking. We all enjoyed a yummy breakfast together then the little elves started separating presents   In the den. Mimi told them before anyone opened presents she wanted to hear a couple carols so the girls sang for us then we all opened gifts. Mimi sent them on a scavenger hunt for the last gift, a golf cart. It was fun watching them look for it and the excitement on their faces when they saw it. 

We arrived and Mimi’s and mommy started playing like she was a kid again

Family brunch

Singing carols to open presents

The girls and their loot at Mimi’s

Opening surprises

Getting instructions to look for a surprise

The search is on for the last present. It was comical listening to them try to  come up with what it was going to be and where it would be since we did not give them much to go on

Their sweet faces as they saw Mimi sitting on the golf-cart

We spent the rest of the day relaxing while the girls rode the golf cart. Best gift of the day was simply the time together. Time is so precious and we are thankful to get to share Christmas Day with our parents, sister Stacy and her sweet family. The boys grilled steaks for lupper and we enjoyed a yummy meal before heading home to pack and un-decorate the house for Leia’s delayed birthday trip adventure. Thankful Deedee and Grandpa were there to help so we got it all done before crashing for the night to do a new something and head out of town the day after Christmas.


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