19 DecLast half day of school in 2019, fun with friends, and Zoo Light Safari

Our girls had to go to school for a half day today but it was the last time they will be going in 2019. Mommy picked them up from park and walk to kick off our start of break fun. We packed in a ton of fun for a half day! We headed home to make brownies then took Ivy to a ginger bread house decorating gathering with one of her sweet friends. She got to stay for about an hour and half or so then we grabbed Leia and all headed to the Bailey’s for family cookie decorating fun and cups of cheer. From there we headed to meet daddy from at our house and go to aunt Stacy’s to meet up with sweet family to go to zoo light safari. It was chilly but full of good family fun. Love kicking off a school break with the girls and creating fun memories. 

Ivy had a blast at her friend Emma Grace’s doing ginger bread houses, ornaments, and playing

We all had fun at the Bailey’s decorating cookies and sweet fellowship
We got daddy and meet up with family for pizza at Stacy’s before Zoo Light Safari
Our zoo membership [aid for itself tonight we all got in for ‘free’, kids got arm bands and adults got train tickets, winning

First stop Jingle Bell carousel

The girls slid down the polar bear plunge

Pics at slide waiting for the last princess to come down and fun on the way to the train

Selfies waiting for the train. The line was long but we entertained ourselves waiting in it

Candy Cane Train

Girls tradition is to ring the bell after the train ride so of course they ran to do it as we were exiting

Giving Mimi sweet hugs
My forever date

The Rhoads left since it was cold but we stayed to ride the carousal a few more times    

This child cracks us up! She is so full of life and joy!! She found some new pants when we got back home complete with a pee pee hole … her expressions, humor, and laughter she adds to our family amazes us all


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