17 DecSanta Visit

We heard that the big man himself, Santa was going to be at Chick-Fil-A so we decided to go pay him a little visit. We had a great time! Turned our that they were having reindeer food, craft time, and a ice-cream and hot cocoa bar. Chris met us up there for dinner then headed home since he was not feeling great and the girls and mommy stayed for more of the festivities. We stayed for over a hour and half we were having such a great time. Love creating these precious memories together.

 Our sweet girls were the first ones that got ot see Santa then make reindeer food

Story time with Santa

Ivy was as excited to see her sweet friend, Violet and the moo moo cow as she was to see Santa
Ivy asked Santa if she could have a pic by herself and one wit Mrs Claus too

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