31 OctHalloween (2019)

Halloween fell on a Thursday so the girlies had to go to school and mommy/daddy both went to work. The girls both got to have special treats since it was Halloween though at school. Ivy got to vampire donuts; Leia got to read in the dark with flashlights and be a detective. The school and work day went rather quickly. Mimi picked the girlies up from school to run afternoon activities, taking the girls to baton and doing their daily reading with them.

Once the daily have too’s were completed we all headed home. Lisa and Chris beat the girls and Mimi back home so Lisa had started warming up the soups. The Rhoads arrived not too long after the rest of our gang. Lisa had gotten halloween cookies to decorate so the girlies had entertainment while moms/mimi finished fixing dinner. After we ate Lisa snuck off went and put on her costume. She secretly bought a sloth one too so she could surprise the girls and dress up this year.

We all headed out trick or treating on the coldest night of the season. Everyone we passed was shivering but having fun. The cold got to Ivy though so headed home early with Chris. After another street or two the rest of us were about ready to call it a night too. We called Stacy who had traded out with Mimi handing out candy at the house to pick us up to go to the ‘candy man’ then we all headed back home. The girls came back with a ton of candy and did their annual candy swap before we called it an early night since they had school Friday too. We are looking forward to Halloween being on a Friday next year and the mischief it can bring. 

Decorating cookies while the moms cook

The girls did a great job

Love these ladies
Our girls all dressed up

Mommy dressed up too; Ivy liked to photo bomb Katie’s picture op 
Trick or treating fun

Annual candy swap

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