27 OctWeekend spend the night guest, cleaning, and family

Friday evening, Ivy spent the night with her sweet friends Evelyn while Leia had Harris spend the night with her at our house. Both of them said they had a blast but missed each other bunches; mommy’s heart was happy to hear that and burst watching them snuggle up together when they were reunited. Their reunion was later than we had expected on Saturday. Originally they had a baton performance but with the rainy weather it was cancelled so both girlie got to play longer with their sweet friend. Mommy took advantage of the free day by purging the laundry room and daddy did school work. Hands down, the girls day was more fun than the parents. Thankfully Sunday was a day enjoyed any all. We got sweet, precious  family time with the Rhoads and Mimi. It is fun all cooking together, laughing, and simply enjoying being together. 

The girls got to pick their dinner of choice, Marcos Pizza

Trash popcorn when they came upstairs for movie time

A little fun to get rid of more energy

Sweet dreams and morning time fun

Ivy got home and our girls immediately started playing and telling each other all about their nights 

This monkey is always entertaining us 

Sunday family time on the porch

And enjoying the kids playing 

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