03 NovWeekend Fun: Date Night, Leia’s Cake Decorating Class, Pottery

Friday evening the girls spent the night with Mimi so Chris and Lisa could have a date night. Of course we did not get a picture since we ended up shopping for ovens since ours was giving us trouble incase it was determined it needs to be replaced; we (or Lisa) likes having a plan. Even though the girls weren’t home Saturday morning Lisa was up early and able to enjoy quiet time with coffee by the fire and get some upcoming travel plans made…quiet time is nice but sure did miss our girls chatter and snuggles

Our sweet girls slept in longer than mommy. Mimi sent a picture when Lisa texted to check on them
Of course Leia got up before Ivy so Mimi got sweet snuggles 

Saturday afternoon, Leia got to go to a cake decorating class with her friend Madelyn and several other 4th to 6th graders. Ivy got to go paint pottery with mommy since she was not old enough to do the decorating class. 

They both did a great job decorating a fall cake
Leia’s cake on the left and Madelyn’s on the right

Ivy gave it a thumbs up on the taste test

Mommy took the girlies painting pottery on Sunday while daddy did school and feed his new phone 

Thankful to finish the evening making s’mores with neighbors and friends

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