24 OctVHEW Carnival 2019

VHEW had their annual fall fundraiser, carnival. It is a day that the kids love! They start the day stopping by  the bake sale to get treats. They also get a special treat in their classroom that afternoon too. After school our girls had baton practice so we got a good parking spot since we were there super early. Ivy joined her friend Evelyn when they were walking into carnival while mommy waited for Leia to get out of baton. Leia and mommy headed straight to carnival when she got out. They loved getting to roam the school playing fun games and running into ton of friends. Mommy enjoyed watching our girlies enjoy themselves but was thankful when they were ready to head home for the evening. Blessed to get to watch our girlies grow into beautiful ladies! 

The girlies picked out treats from the bake sale on their way into school

Fun at carnival


Photo op before we left

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