09 SepIvy’s 8th Birthday

There will never be enough words to describe how much we love our sweet Ivy! She is our cuddly snuggler, go with the flow, fun loving, happy-go-lucky, witty and silly, sweet as a pie, gymnastic loving, and energetic kiddo. She brings so much joy to our little family and her smile can light up a room. We are thankful to call her ours. We pray blessings on your this year and you follow the plans God has designed just for you, sweet Ivy. Happy 8th Birthday!!! 

Mommy and daddy always try to stay home a little later on birthdays to have a family breakfast together and celebrate together 

Ivy was all smiles with her special order, a smiley face pancake for her 8th birthday breakfast 
After breakfast Ivy opened a few presents before school

Love how she pauses to play as she opens things 

Mommy checked her out for a special time together just before her lunch time. She picked lunch at Arby”s and to get a pedicure then wanted to go home to play with a few of her new toys  

Mimi and aunt Stacy surprised her with a balloon at the pedicure place then hung out with us at our house before the other girls got out of school

Ivy met up with cousins at the Roll Up ice cream place for a treat
Chris was home when we got back so she opened the rest of her presents 

Then played with them all

Ivy picked seafood for her birthday dinner and liked to steal Chris’s crab legs and shrimp

The treated her to a special dessert and then she drove us home

She got to see one of her favorite pups too on her birthday 

Then we snuggled up and had a little family time celebrating the end of sweet Ivy’s 8th birthday   

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