14 SepTwice as nice spend the night fun

Friday night our girls were suppose to go to Alex Ann’s to spend the night while mommy and daddy went on a date but Alex got sick on the way to school so our plans changed. Mommy went to lunch with the girlies to tell them the news and see what they wanted to do instead. The news was not well received by everyone but Leia asked if they could have spend the night guest instead. Unfortunately, Leia’s friends either had family in town, were sick, or other plans but Ivy’s sweet friend Evelyn could come. Ivy and Evie had a great time! Leia was a little sad but cheered up when she got to paint daddy’s nails, played with sister and her friend, and have a sleep over in mommy and daddy’s room.  

Lunch with our girls

Evie arrived and Ivy said it’s time for fun

Dance party with lots of laughter 

Late night play room fun and game time these girls had a good time

Daddy to the rescue to cheer up Leia since her friends got sick and could not come. He was not a fan of the polish choice but a good sport while the girlies were there

The eight year olds joined in the paint party too
Piillow fight before bed time and morning chill time after playing, donuts and more 

Saturday was another unusually hot September day but full of fun and cool friends. That morning the girls played with Evie until her mom got her close to lunch. The girls opted to stay home in the cool air-conditioning while mommy braved the 100 degree day at the soccer fields to meet up with Mimi and Sara to cheer on one of our favorite soccer stars, Katie while her parents were at the beach. When Lisa got home a neighbor had texted to see if we were home and the girls ended up having Emma and Maddie over for a few hours to play while their parents ran a errand. Then that evening our girls went to Alex’s to play with her while Lisa and Chris went on a dinner date then the 3 girlies headed back to our house to spend the night together since they missed it on Friday night. 

 Aunt Lisa supporting/watching Katie do her thing 
Saturday evening the girls had a play date with Alex Ann and got sweet snuggles with one of their sweet little friends they kept for a couple days

The girls came back to our house to spend the night together
Sweet friends! 

Sunday we went to Sunday school then mommy and Ivy headed to Mimi’s for her to play in the pool with her cousins while daddy and Leia braved the heat at the fair to meet Peyton List. Leia had declared that Peyton was her second favorite actress after Dove Cameron. That evening mommy and daddy switched and Chris took Ivy to dinner while Lisa and Leia had dinner and game time in. Of course when Ivy got home she took mommy’s spot on game time

Sunday morning we had quite the spread with our sweet neighbor and friend
These three monkeys had fun playing in the pool

Meeting her second favorite actress, Peyton List and getting a autograph. 

Riding rides with dad is always fun

Of course he had her do some by herself so he did not go round and round 

Game night at home got intense

Monday, mommy showed up a little early to girl scouts after work so got to see the girls do what they do

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