08 AugFirst day of 4th and 2nd grade

Our girls are growing up fast and time is flying! Here we are and they are starting the 4th and 2nd grade. Both of them are so, so smart and amazing. I pray they know how much they are loved and how incredible they are all the days of their lives. We are blessed to get a first row seat watching these two little girls grow into beautiful ladies, inside and out. Praying this school year brings strengthened friendships, increased knowledge, delightful dreams, and a stronger sense of who they are and want to be…May our girls soar to reach their dreams and have roots that go deep to always remember who they are and where they came from all the days of their lives. 

Leia was ready for the first day of school pictures and was all smiles
Sisster finally joined us for some picture action

Love that the girls wanted first day pics with mommy and daddy

Love more that they wanted a family selfie and the four of us got to enjoy breakfast together

The girls were all smiles after school! We went to get a treat with Mimi, Katie and aunt Stacy (Sara went with her friends) then Lisa and the girls went to get after school surprises at “Five and below”, picked up dinner to take home, enjoyed a few lazy minutes at home, took a nice walk around the neighborhood, and then it was time for bed again since we are under the school night bedtime again


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