07 AugLast hooray before school starts

Monday, the girls were super excited to have Mary babysit them one more time before school started. They talked her into getting donuts for breakfast then going to the zoo for a little fun. When mommy got home sweet Ivy was snuggled up with Mary and of course did not want her to leave but she needed to get home and we decided to go see Mimi for a evening of fun. No one ever got in the pool though. We simply visited then had dinner, Leia and Ivy sit up game time in the dining room, then rode in Papa’s truck before we headed home for the night. 

The girls decided we should have game night at Mimi’s Monday night 

Tuesday, we decided to have a FUN Comfort girls day since it was the last totally free day we had this summer. Leia had said she wanted to go to Chuckecheese while Ivy wanted to paint pottery so we did both and got to meet Chris for lunch before Ivy and Leia went to gymnastics that afternoon. Love sweet, hassle free summer days and nights; oh how I will miss the easy summer days



Wednesday, the long awaited day to figure out who was in our class and who would be the teachers for 2nd and 4th grade arrived. It is the a bitter-sweet day since we find the reality summer is over and a new school year is beginning in less than 24 hours. This year is going to be great. Everyone has a couple friends in their classes and teachers seem to be fabulous. Leia is going to do fabulous in fourth grade and Ivy is going to have a sweet year in second grade! 

Sweet Ivy will be in Mrs Coleman

Leia’s homeroom teacher, Mrs Garcia is on the left and swap teacher, Mrs Adams on the right

Leia also got to meet her new GRC teacher and go by to see Mrs Kennamer from 3rd grade and Mrs Grote from 2nd grade, sadly all of Ivy’s teachers moved to a new school with the re-org so she did not get to go say hi to them

After meet the teacher we went with Holly and Alex to get breakfast at Panera and pampered with mani and pedi’s. Thankful to have such sweet neighbors and friends! 


Sara and Katie came over later that afternoon to join in on the fun too. Love hearing the laughter, chatter, and noisy of little ones playing and having fun as we soaked in the last summer day before school starts

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