11 AugTreasured Weekend

School starting back makes us treasure weekends more again! We started our ‘fun family Friday nights’ back with pizza, family movie time, “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory”, and home popped popcorn with real butter for the first weekend. Ivy had been asking to watch this movie most the summer but we always forgot about it when we started to pick a movie out. We actually watched the newer version Friday night and the older version on Sunday after church; maybe we were making up for not watching if when Ivy fist asked. The majority of us liked the older version better; Leia was the only one who preferred the newer one. We all loved our family fun time together! 

Saturday, we enjoyed fun time at Mimi’s pool with our neighbors, the Talley’s. Mimi is always one of the best host! Thankful she lets us still bring our friends over to play in the pool or her backyard oasis.  We enjoyed a epic water gun fight adults verses kids … although Leia really was a double agent and we thought she was on our side but the truth came out. Thankful for laughter and fun shared with special friends and neighbors 

Sunday the girls got to move up to their new Sunday School classes. Both of them liked their new classes :). We spent most of the afternoon around home soaking up time at home before the new work/school week began. Lord, I pray sweet rest each night and blessings over our children all the days of their lives as they walk in the paths you prepare for their lives. 


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