04 AugThe Requena-Comfort Family is back in the US

The Requena-Comfort family is back in the US after 27 months in Spain. They actually came back 9 days ago. Our girls were counting down and asked regularly when we would get to see them. We chose to wait to see them since we knew they had quite a bit to get done when they returned like getting new phones, cars, and unpacking from their move. They texted mid week and asked about coming to Birmingham instead of us coming there and of course we said YES! Leia and Ivy started planning right away … they planned to go swimming, rock climb, explore the zoo, jump at Urban Air, play a round at Top Golf, hike at Oak Mountain Park or play on the inflatable water slides, go to Splash, see the Enchanted Forest, discover new exhibits at McWane, and ice skating. We reminded them that we would only have roughly 24 hours so we needed to pair the list down this visit but that hopefully they would come back soon so we could do more on the list. they got here at lunch time so we made tapas at our house and chilled out before heading to Mimi’s to swim. The kids swam while we visited then uncle Mark grilled out. The Rhoads headed home shortly after eating but the adults hopped in the pool afterwards for a evening swim. Once we were all water logged we headed home for baths before heading to bed. Saturday, Leia, Ivy and Lisa were up early. The girlies wanted to wake their cousins but thankfully controlled themselves. Alicia woke up about 8:30 and Lisa started cooking. Uncle C and aunt Kelly got up before we finished cooking so we all sat down to a big, southern breakfast. Uncle Diego joined us too but Adrian kept on snoozing; aunt Kelly had to wake him since it was getting close to time to go to Urban Air. Before we left to let the kids get a little energy out aunt Lisa played like she was a barber and cut Adrian’s hair a little. Urban Air here does not compare to the jump place in Newnan so in a couple weeks we will have to take the littles there to play but they seemed to find some things to enjoy. We had planned on ice skating but timing did not work out; we wish they had not had a hockey thing all weekend but we will prioritize it next time to get to go skate. We took them to one of our favorite mediterranean laces, Pita Stop before they had to head home to get ready for the kids to start school the next day.  It was a short visit but we loved getting to be with them and look forward to seeing them again very soon again. 

We finally got to give Adrian and Alicia their birthday presents this year since we forgot to take them when we went to Spain

Oh what fun in Mimi’s pool

The kids also had fun in Mimi’s wonderland riding the zip line

Sweet girls Saturday morning watching Descendants 3 while Lisa cooked 
Adrian got a home trim before school and the little sisters played with uncle Diego

Urban Air  …. next time we will try the newer jump place we haven’t gotten to go to yet


Lunch and a couple photo ops before the Requena-Comfort’s headed home

Sunday night family game night 😀 


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