08 JulUSA Wins the World Cup

Our niece, Katie is a huge soccer fan and got Chris and Leia into it when we were at the beach a week ago. USA women soccers team was in the final so we invited the family over to watch it Sunday morning then to have lunch and hang out a little bit. It was a low scoring game in the first half with a score of 0-0 but in the end USA pulled a 2-0 victory over Netherlands to defend their title. It sounded like a football Saturday with the cheers and excitement in front of the TV. After it was over Chris grilled steaks and we all got to enjoy a nice meal on our new porch while the girls played. What a fantastic weekend with family, friends, and sweet fellowship! 

Saturday we bought a compressor to blow up the girls new toy

They had fun in it with the neighbors ALL day long and had all types of ideas for when their cousins came over too

During the game Ivy, Mimi, and Lisa worked on prepping lunch 

Our viewing party

Celebration that USA pulled out the victory
Grilling in the rain

Playing in the rain
Fun all around! 

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