05 JulFourth of July Fun

Grandpa and Deedee came in town a couple days early for the 4th of July and took the girls to Splash Adventure on the 3rd for a day of fun. They were there when it opened and stayed until the rain shut it down. They said that for the first couple hours there was very few people in the park and it never got too crowded. Grandpa led the charge going down the new straight down slide then Katie followed suite, Leia overcame her fear early in the day, and Sara did it not long before they closed. Ivy wanted to do it but she did not meet the weight or height requirement so will have to wait until she gets a little bigger. Chris and Lisa both were released early from work that day too so we took advantage of the evening by having a early dinner date. 

Date night while girls were at Splash with Grandpa and Deedee

We decided to have a late lunch at Mimi’s to celebrate the 4th of July. We spent the morning at home relaxing then mid morning Grandpa and Deedee took Leia and Ivy to Urban Air to jump a little bit and met back up with us at Mimi’s house. It was great having a pool to cool off in the July heat, hang out with family a little while, and celebrate America’s birthday. Thankful that Kristi and Stacy took pictures since we did not this year. Everyone went their separate ways that evening. We planned on heading home for a chill night but Ivy was insistent that she wanted fireworks so Chris found a few in the basement to shoot and some morning glories. It was a short, little firework show but we enjoyed it and the time together.

Blessed to get some 4th of July morning snuggles 

When we got to Mimi’s they were taking pics so Lisa jumped in too

Leia’s first time holding baby Kavanaugh
We got to meet baby Xander who was a week and day old

Great way to beat the heat

So sweet when sisters have babies close together so cousins can grow up together

Sweet baby snuggles before baby Xander headed home

One last picture before we left 

  Ivy talked Chris into shooting a few fireworks 


 The next day we all went to Top golf for a game or two before Grandpa and Deedee headed home and we had a lazy afternoon before meeting Mimi and the Rhoads at Pita Stop for dinner  


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