13 JulCreated for a Purpose Camp Week

This year we finally got the girls into Created for a Purpose Camp by way of Lisa volunteering a couple of her off days. The camp is only 9 to 1:30 so Lisa and Stacy switched up days when they worked and when it over lapped Mimi came to the rescue. Everyone has said it is the best camp so we wanted our girls to try it out. 

Mimi took the girls to breakfast and to play at the park before the first day of camp

 Love, love, love that she got pictures of them when they found their table 
The camp provides lunch but apparently it was not that good since our girls as well as several others said they needed chickfila. Afterwards they all headed to cool off in the pool at Mimi’s house until Lisa came to pick them up

Tuesday Lisa was taking the girls to camp and offered to go to the park after breakfast but the girls said they preferred to stay at the house to play until camp so they played here. All four were excited to get back to camp and said they had a great day. We ended up going to Yogurt Mountain during their happy hour then a few stores to entertain ourselves before taking Ivy to gymnastics. Not long after gymnastics was over uncle Mark showed up to get Sara and Katie so our play day was over but we got to have a little family time that evening. 

Ivy was very excited to see ME on the way in and leaped into her arms. Mommy took them for a sweet treat after camp to get a hug 😉

Ivy loved having an audience at gymnastics

Ivy can do a back hand spring but needs her coach for confidence

After mommy and Ivy’s even walk cool off

Wednesday was Lisa’s work day so daddy took the girls to aunt Stacy and uncle mark’s to go to camp. They had fun playing and making slime before mommy got there to take Ivy to meet Ivy Bailey for a little spend the night fun. Mommy and daddy gave Leia the choice of what she wanted and she said date with mommy and daddy then decided later she wanted the best of both worlds and had a short family date then Alex Ann came to spend the night too. 

We met Mimi and the Rhoads for dinner then Leia requested to go to the pet store to pet the rabbits; she loves going there to see the animals. Thankful for a little one on one time with our first daughter 

Alex arrived about 7:30 but that had a ton of fun with popcorn and part of a movie, imagination play, dancing, and sitting on the bed chatting like teenagers. Blessed to have such a sweet neighbor and friend 

Good night pretty girls

Thursday morning Leia and Alex requested donuts for breakfast so we all loaded up in the car to go then came back home to enjoy breakfast on our back porch. They only had a couple of hours before we loaded up to go pick up Ivy and head to camp. Lisa got to go to camp too since she volunteered a couple days.

Breakfast on the porch with two little cuties

Lots of laughter 

Fun at CFAP

While we were serving lunch aunt Lisa got to see Sara and Katie dancing on the stage

I also got to sneak a couple pics of our littles. Blessed to get to watch all four interact with friends  and have fun worshiping our God

Thursday evening we had a cousin dinner and swim at Mimi’s. As luck would have it, it started raining but we got sweet Xander snuggles and the girls had fun playing with their cousins so it was a win
Ivy is always a great helper and snuggles with Leia is so sweet

We love our Mimi! 

Friday was the last day of camp. Leia’s group was coming through the cooking day so Lisa was thankful to get to work with a few girls she knew and get to watch Leia have a little fun. The girls also got to share the verses and a couple dances they learned before revealing their awesome art they created throughout out the week. That evening was another fun filled evening for our girls as Leia went to a friends spend the night party and Ivy went home with another friend for a play date which ended in spend the night party at our house too. They are living their best life! 

Snuggles before camp is the best!
The girls loved serving everyone at camp the food they made 

While we were serving lunch Ivy’s group danced on the stage 
Lisa walked by Leia’s group at the perfect time to snap a picture of her sweet group 
The fabulous 4 showed mommy and Mimi their awesome art work they created throughout the week

Love love love that Neely’s mom/dad sent a couple pictures of their playdate and that Evie joined in their fun

Neely and Ivy said hello to Buddy when they got to our house before seeing what all they could get into for the evening
First on their agenda a warm bubble bath

Ivy braided their hair so they could be braid twins

They danced and gave their favorite stuffed animal friends milk 

Before dancing their way to bed

Saturday morning came early as our friend woke up and we were all awake a few hours. These girls had fun dancing, ordered their yummy breakfast then modeled for us before heading outside for a little fun before the rain arrived and Neely’s mom came to get her

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