05 JunEarly Father Day Celebration and more

Thursday morning Leia went to see Aladdin again so mommy and Ivy went to the library to sign up for the summer reading program

Thursday afternoon playdates. Leia went to Anna Claire to make slime and Ivy had Nelly over 

Ivy decided to play runway; I think we are in trouble when she gets older

Buddy found a great hiding place in his tank but loved chilling with Leia and silly Ivy too

Loved spending the Saturday morning sitting on the porch with Leia then Ivy joined us 
 Saturday night family fun at the pool. The girls shot daddy with their new water guns to say Happy Father’s Day (a little early since he will be traveling)

Sunday morning, Daddy had help opening his gifts then had breakfast made to order. We enjoyed our new porch most of the rest of the morning then went to lunch and the store before chilling out at home the rest of the afternoon. That evening Mimi came over and we all went to dinner so she could celebrate an early Father’s Day celebration with Chris too

Sweet Ivy liked trying on Daddy’s new clothes
Chris’s breakfast he ordered 

 Girls excited our porch hammock arrived; we are going to be spending many hours on our back porch 
Mimi took the girls to Chuck-E-Cheese after VBS
It must have been stressful day of playing for Katie 

Family dinner before daddy headed to Korea bright and early in the mornign

Let’s climb on daddy for a little fun

Snuggles before bedtime

Sweet dreams my loves 

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