29 MayMiMi Fun Day

The dad’s and momma’s had to work Wednesday so the grand-girls all had a fun day with Mimi. It all started Tuesday evening when Mimi came to get them and they all decided they preferred a dinner with Mimi and the grands instead of everyone so it was date nights for the dads and moms and a quad date for Mimi. The girls elected to grab a quick dinner on the way back to Mimi’s so they could swim that evening then they had movie night before bed time. Wednesday morning started with a breakfast buffet on the back porch before they started planning how they wanted to decorate the “She-Shed”. Mimi took them to the dollar store and Walmart for supplies and they took off decorating. It was not a workday all day decorating though as they also got to  swam, go to Moe’s for lunch, get some R&R watching a redbox, and played throughout the day too. Everyone was in high spirits when Lisa arrived to pick them up and no one was ready to leave so we hung around a little longer for the girls to show Lisa their club house, play a little more, and have dinner. Thankful Mimi is always willing to help us out by watching the girls, Mimi also sends us pictures, and that the girls have a blast with Mimi. 

What a spread for breakfast with a gorgeous view

Morning snuggles are so sweet

Girls pick for lunch while they were out shopping for supplies

The She-Shed is decorated 

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