11 MayFun Saturday with Neighbors

The Talley parent’s went on a weekend trip and their granny was staying with them but she needed to go to a funeral so Alex and Max came and spent the day with us. The girls had fun waiting for them to arrive swinging in their new swing we hung up this week. The swing was a big hit and entertained them most of the day. After lunch Leia went to a friends house while Lisa went to get face painting supplies for Ivy and Alex to play while Max napped. After they finished up decorating each other with paint we let them put their creative sides to creating mother day crafts for grandmas and mommas. Think all the littles enjoyed their day together, just chilling out and having fun.  

Girls are loving the new swing!

They all took turns in the swing when Max and Alex arrived throughout the day
Max wanted to play soccer; we told him soccer was played with his feet but Alex was great  at defending the goal 

More fun in the swing …. wonder how long it will take for the new to wear off

Sweet Max did awesome taking his 3 hour nap …. did our girls ever take 3 hour naps?!?
These goofies started off facepainting each other then decided to try to see who could make the other look silly

Craft time

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