12 MayMothers Day 2019

Mother’s Day is a sweet day set aside to thank sweet moms that work hard all year round and tell them how special they are to us. Thankful to spend the day with our little family and Mimi. Deedee was in Spain so we did not get to see her on Mother’s Day but plan to celebrate when she returns. Lisa “went to sleep early” so she could wake up and be surprised on Mother’s Day morning sine the girls were up late decorating. Mommy loved her decorations then got to snuggle on the couch. Chris fixed breakfast then we sat on the porch sipping coffee and talking while the girls played in the tree swing before heading to Mimi’s so spend sweet time with her. This was the first year that both Lisa and Stacy was not with Mimi on Mother’s Day. Stacy and Mark had taken a long weekend trip to Exuma with a few friends so Chris was on grill duty by himself to spoil Lisa and Mimi. The pool had been opened that week so the girls enjoyed swimming in the pool despite it being 72 degree water. We all enjoyed a yummy lunch together before the girls enjoyed a little more swim time and we got to visit with Mimi. We headed home so Mimi could take Sara and Katie to the mall then enjoyed the rest of the evening at home enjoying sweet time together. Ivy joined mommy on our evening walk around the neighborhood then the girls played while Lisa planted her flower Mimi gave her. Blessed to have our girls and get to be a momma! 

Waking up to sweet decorations

Ivy was so excited for me to open her gift she made and Chris used his 3D printer to make me a special mom heart for my desk at work

My kind of morning! Loved my morning snuggles! Then got to sit on the porch with Chris sipping coffee and watching the girls play in the swing and rain …. this is the perfect morning

Happy Mother’s Day to Mimi! So thankful to get to spend part of our day with my sweet momma

First time in the pool this year. Katie said no thank you to the freezing water 
Katie was the only little monkey that came outside to eat with us

It was a yummy lunch! 

Lisa planted her plant Mimi gave her while the girls played that afternoon before our evening walk before we played salon and got to park in the garage again for the first time since we started the driveway repair 
So thankful to be these two’s momma! Thank you God for trusting me with them

We missed aunt Stacy on mother’s day but thankful they had a fun trip and we got to get together Tuesday evening to enjoy dinner, hear about it, and enjoy sweet fellowship

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