09 MayLeia’s Mental Health Day

Time about fair play … since Ivy had a mental health day last week, Leia wanted one too.  The day looked similar to little sisters day except Leia never got dropped of at school. After we dropped off Ivy, Leia went back home to chill in her PJs and watch TV. After a little bit mommy did a few things she needed to do around the house while Leia chilled on the couch and played then we ran to the store to kill time before Chuck-e-Cheese opened. Leia won close to 2,000 tickets but saved three-quarters of them. After we finished playing the games we went to lunch to Moes before hitting the pet store and back home for more chill out time watching TV. Thankful for a one-on-one day with Leia and that she got to have her day just the way she wanted it. 

Selfies in the car since we were a few minutes early despite trying to kill time in the store

Fun at Chuck-e-Cheese

Silly girl said she was taking a pic of me but took a selfie instead of a pic of mommy

Fun at the pet store

Leia learned to feed the gecko too

The kitty tried escaping today when Leia tried petting her 

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