16 MarIvy’s School Musical, BibleClub 2019, Girls Mcwane Sleepover, and Leia’s first Volleyball

Before the girls musicals Mimi and Mommy met the girlies for lunch Thursday 

Ivy was so excited to perform in her first grade musical. We scored first row tickets and Ivy loved seeing us when she walked in to perform. 

Her class did a great job performing to “Shake a Papaya Down”

Thank you Mimi and aunt Stacy for joining Chris, Lisa and Leia to support sweet Ivy 

Friday afternoon we had our last Bible Club for this year. Enjoyed getting to hang out with these girls for a few weeks and the excitement they had to come each week
Ivy got to represent 1st grade girls in brain-drain
Just a little fun at bible club

Last week the 3rd graders were honored and given a special devotional

Last day of Bible Club picture

Leia and Ivy were both so excited to go to the McWane sleepover with girl scouts. Lisa had to hang out with Ivy’s troop since they required Daisy Troop’s to have a one-to-one ratio but Leia joined us close to bedtime and slipped with us since we just had one air mattress and that concrete floor would have felt rough on our backs. 


 A quick biscuit breakfast before heading to Leia’s first volleyball game

Leia had her first volleyball game after her sleepover, sleep deprived and all. Leia made a couple good hits and served for a point or two in the game. Her team won the first set but lost the next two but for a first game with sever first time players, they did a awesome job and had a great attitude

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