17 MarLisa’s Birthday (2019)

Second birthday celebration of the month was for mommy. Everyone in the house was up by 7 am thanks to our wakeup call from the contractors hammering; Lisa chose to think they were hammering a happy birthday tune ;). Chris cooked breakfast then went out to let Steve know about a couple decisions we made but Lisa and the girls went ahead to start eating since cold eggs are not good. We snuggled the morning away and the girls helped Lisa open gifts before we headed to Stacy’s for a birthday lunch and some family time. Lunch was great and we enjoyed the sweet time together before the Rhoads had to head to the soccer field and we came home to chill and check on the porch progress before Leia’s volleyball practice. After volleyball we went to Firebirds for burgers which ended up being a extra long dinner since our server was having some issues but we all were thankful for the table talk while we sat waiting. We headed home as soon as we were able to get baths, snuggles, and bed to get ready for work the next day. Nothing really happened extra ordinary in the day but it was perfect day getting to spend it with loved ones; days spent with loved ones are the best days!  

Breakfast by 

Morning time snuggles, presents, and fun

Lunch with Mimi and the Rhoads
Mommy and Daddy’s big present to each other

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